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Andy's Restaurant & Sushi

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    $$$$$18.01 - $25
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    $Less than $7
  • Chinese, Sushi, Sandwiches
  • 9326 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring MD20910 39.007838 -77.040308
  • (Btwn Seminary Rd & Rte 390)
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  • (301) 588-5988
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Egg Roll Appetizer  (1) 1.20(2) 2.30
Shrimp Roll Appetizer  (1) 1.30(2) 2.50
Spring Roll Appetizer  (1) 1.10(2) 2.00
Shrimp Toast Appetizer   (8pcs) 4.25
Fried Cheese Wonton Appetizer   (8pcs) 4.35
Steak Cheese Egg Roll Appetizer  (1) 1.60(2) 3.00
Fried Wonton Appetizer   (10pcs) 3.50
Meat Dumplings Appetizer   (8pcs) 5.20
Vegetable Dumplings Appetizer   (10pcs) 5.20
BBQ Spare Ribs Appetizer  (6) 6.50(10) 12.00
Chicken Teriyaki Appetizer   (4pcs) 4.95
Beef Teriyaki Appetizer   (4pcs) 5.45
Boneless Spare Ribs Appetizer  sm 5.90lg 9.80
Pu Pu Platter Appetizer chicken wings, fried wonton, bbq ribs, spring roll, teriyaki beef and shrimp toast   8.95
Chicken Nuggets Appetizer   (10pcs) 4.75
Apple Pie Appetizer  (1) 1.75(2) 3.25

Japanese Appetizers, Soups And Salads

Miso Soup    1.50
Edamame    3.50
Green Salad    4.50
Seaweed Salad    4.50
Avocado And Mango Salad    5.95


Sm / Lg.

Wonton Soup   1.75 2.95
Wonton Noodle Soup   1.95 3.35
Egg Drop Soup   1.75 2.95
Chicken Noodle Soup   1.85 3.25
Chicken Rice Soup   1.85 3.25
Vegetable Soup   1.95 3.30
Hot And Sour Soup *  1.85 3.25
House Special Soup   2.55 4.95
Bean Curd With Vegetables Soup   2.00 4.55
Seafood Soup   lg 5.95

Lo Mein

Sm $5.35 / Lg $7.65.

Vegetable Lo Mein   4.65 7.25
Roast Pork Lo Mein    
Chicken Lo Mein    
Beef Lo Mein    
Shrimp Lo Mein    
Combination Lo Mein   5.85 8.35
Crab Meat Lo Mein    
Lobster Lo Mein   6.30 9.35

Fried Rice

Sm $5.35 / Lg $7.65.

Vegetable Fried Rice   4.65 7.25
Roast Pork Fried Rice    
Chicken Fried Rice    
Beef Fried Rice    
Shrimp Fried Rice    
Combination Fried Rice   5.85 8.35
Crab Meat Fried Rice    
Lobster Fried Rice   6.30 9.35

Chow Mein

Sm $5.35 / Lg $7.65. Served With White Rice.

Vegetable Chow Mein   4.65 7.25
Roast Pork Chow Mein    
Chicken Chow Mein    
Beef Chow Mein    
Shrimp Chow Mein    
Combination Chow Mein   5.85 8.35

Chow Fun And Chow Mei Fun

Pork Noodles choice of chow fun (flat noodle) or chow mei fun (thin noodle).   7.35
Chicken Noodles choice of chow fun (flat noodle) or chow mei fun (thin noodle)   7.35
Beef Noodles choice of chow fun (flat noodle) or chow mei fun (thin noodle)   8.05
Shrimp Noodles choice of chow fun (flat noodle) or chow mei fun (thin noodle)   8.05
House Special Chow Fun    8.35
Singapore Chow Mei Fun *   8.35

Egg Foo Young

Served With White Rice.

Vegetable Egg Foo Young    7.05
Roast Pork Egg Foo Young    7.05
Chicken Egg Foo Young    7.05
Beef Egg Foo Young    7.35
Shrimp Egg Foo Young    7.35
Combination Egg Foo Young    7.35


Sm $5.85 / Lg $8.85. Served With White Rice.

Hunan Chicken *   
Moo Goo Gai Pan    
Kung Pao Chicken *   
Chicken Snow Peas    
Chicken With Cashew Nuts    
Szechuan Chicken *   
Chicken With Garlic Sauce *   
Chicken With Chinese Vegetables    
Chicken With Black Bean Sauce    
Curry Chicken *   
Chicken With Broccoli    
Chicken With String Beans    


Sm $5.85 / Lg $8.85. Served With White Rice.

Szechuan Pork *   
Roast Pork With Broccoli    
Roast Pork With Mixed Vegetables    
Roast Pork With Mushrooms    
Roast Pork With String Beans    
Roast Pork With Curry Sauce *   
Roast Pork With Cashew Nuts    


Sm $6.05 / Lg $9.05.

Beef With Broccoli    
Beef With Mixed Vegetables    
Beef With Mushrooms    
Beef With String Beans    
Beef With Black Bean Sauce    
Beef With Curry Sauce *   
Pepper Steak With Onion    
Hunan Beef *   
Szechuan Beef *   

Lamb $9.95

Lg. Served With White Rice.

Kung Pao Lamb    
Curry Lamb    
Lamb With Scallions    


Sm $6.90 / Lg $9.90. Served With White Rice.

Shrimp With Broccoli    
Shrimp With Snow Pea    
Shrimp With Mixed Vegetables    
Shrimp With Mushrooms    
Shrimp With String Beans    
Shrimp With Black Bean Sauce    
Shrimp With Curry Sauce *   
Shrimp With Cashew Nuts    
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce    
Hunan Shrimp *   
Szechuan Shrimp *   
Shrimp And Scallops With Vegetables   lg 9.90

Sweet And Sour

Served With White Rice

Sweet And Sour Chicken    
Sweet And Sour Pork    
Sweet And Sour Shrimp    

Moo Shu $8.25

Moo Shu Tofu    
Moo Shu Vegetable    
Moo Shu Chicken    
Moo Shu Pork    
Moo Shu Beef    
Moo Shu Shrimp    
Moo Shu Combination    

Vegetable $7.95

Green Delight    
Broccoli In Garlic Sauce *   
Eggplant In Garlic Sauce *   
Szechuan Green Bean *   
Tofu With Vegetables    
Orange Tofu    
Sesame Tofu    
Kung Pao Tofu *   
Crispy Tofu    
Vegetable Brown Rice    

Special Diet Menu

Steamed Mixed Vegetables    7.85
Steamed String Beans    7.85
Steamed Broccoli    7.85
Steamed Chicken With Mixed Vegetables    9.25
Steamed Beef With Mixed Vegetables    9.55
Steamed Shrimp With Mixed Vegetables    10.80
Steamed Shrimp And Beef With Broccoli    10.99
Steamed Triple Delight    10.99
Steamed Shrimp With Snow Peas    10.80

Hunan Szechuan And Chef's Specials

Triple Delight *   9.95
Happy Family    12.95
Seafood Delight    13.95
Four Seasons    10.65
Lemon Chicken    8.85
Orange Beef *   10.45
Orange Chicken *   9.15
General Tso's Shrimp *   10.45
Crispy Chicken *   10.45
Crispy Beef *   10.45
Sesame Shrimp    10.45
General Tso's Chicken *   9.15
General Tso's Bean Curd *   7.95
Vegetable Delight    7.95
Kung Pao Delight *   9.95
Combination Broccoli    9.25
Double Sauteed Pork    8.85
Beef With Scallions    9.15
Sesame Chicken    9.15
Scallops In Black Bean Sauce    10.55
Scallops In Garlic Sauce    10.55

Vegetarian Menu $9.95

Triple Delight combination of vegetarian chicken, shrimp and beef   
Vegetarian General Tso's Chicken * made of soybean protein   
Vegetarian Chicken With Broccoli made of soybean protein.   
Vegetarian Chicken With Mixed Vegetables made of soybean protein   
Vegetarian Moo Goo Gai Pan made of soybean protein   
Vegetarian Kung Pao Chicken * made of soybean protein   
Vegetarian Sesame Chicken made of soybean protein   
Vegetarian Hunan Chicken * made of soybean protein   
Vegetarian Moo Shu Chicken made of soybean protein   
Vegetarian Beef With Mixed Vegetables made of gluten   
Vegetarian Beef With Broccoli made of gluten   
Vegetarian Hunan Beef * made of gluten   
Vegetarian Szechuan Beef * made of gluten   
Vegetarian Sesame Beef made of gluten   
Vegetarian Kung Pao Beef * made of gluten   
Vegetarian Orange Beef * made of gluten   
Vegetarian Kung Pao Shrimp * made of white yam   
Vegetarian Shrimp With Broccoli made of white yam   
Vegetarian Hunan Shrimp * made of white yam   
Vegetarian Szechuan Shrimp * made of white yam   
Vegetarian Shrimp In Garlic Sauce * made of white yam   
Vegetarian Shrimp With Mixed Vegetables made of white yam   9.95

Hot Submarine Sandwiches

Sm (6") $4.75 / Lg (12") $8.50. Most Sandwiches Include Lettuce, Tomato, Mayonnaise, Onion And Pickles

Chicken And Cheese Sandwich    
Steak And Cheese Sandwich    
Steak And Egg Sandwich    
Steak With Egg And Cheese Sandwich    
Steak And Mushroom Sandwich    
Steak And Ham Sandwich    
Steak With Ham And Cheese Sandwich    
Ham Sandwich all lean sliced thin.   
Ham And Egg Sandwich   4.75 8.50
Ham With Egg And Cheese Sandwich    
Crab Cake Sandwich    
Fish Fillet Sandwich    
BBQ Beef Sandwich    
Turkey Sandwich    
Turkey Burger    
Gyro    5.25

Cold Submarine Sandwiches

Half (6") $4.75 / Whole (12") $8.25. Most Sandwiches Include Lettuce, Tomato, Mayonnaise, Onion And Pickles.

Cold Cut Sandwich    
Ham And Cheese Sandwich    
Cheese Sub    
Tuna Fish Sandwich    
Turkey Sandwich    

Submarine Combo $7.25

Served With French Fries And Choice Of Bottled Soda, Iced Tea Or Lemonade.

Steak And Cheese Submarine Combo    
Fish Fillet And Cheese Submarine Combo    
Chicken Fillet And Cheese Submarine Combo    
Cheeseburger Combo    
Hamburger Combo    
Ham And Cheese Submarine Combo    
Cold Cut Submarine Combo    
Tuna Fish Submarine Combo    
Gyros Submarine Combo    
BBQ Beef Submarine Combo    
Turkey Submarine Combo    

Seafood Dinners

Fried Crab Sticks   (7pcs) 7.95
Fried Jumbo Shrimp   (8pcs) 7.95
Fried Fish Fillet   (3pcs) 7.95
Fried Crab Cakes   (3pcs) 7.95
Fried Scallops   (10pcs) 7.95
Fried Seafood Platter    8.95
Shrimp In The Basket   (25pcs) 7.95


Whole Chicken Wings (3) 3.50(4) 4.45(5) 5.25(6) 6.15(7) 7.00(8) 7.85(9) 8.70(10) 9.55

Everyday Specials

Served With French Fries Or Fried Rice.

Wings Special (3pcs) 4.75(4pcs) 5.70(5pcs) 6.45(6pcs) 7.25
Spare Rib Tips Special     6.10
Chicken Teriyaki Special     7.25
Buffalo Wing Special     7.25
General Tso's Chicken Wing Special     7.25
Chicken Nugget Special     7.25
Old Bay Wings Special     7.25
Lemon Pepper Wings Special     7.25
Chili Pepper Wings Special     7.25

Nigiri Sushi


Fried Bean Curd Nigiri inari   3.95
Tuna Nigiri maguro   4.25
Yellowtail Nigiri hamachi   4.75
White Fish Nigiri    4.00
Shrimp Nigiri ebi   4.00
Octopus Nigiri tako   4.50
Squid Nigiri ika   4.50
Salmon Nigiri sake   4.00
Smoked Salmon Nigiri    4.50
Eel Nigiri unagi   4.50
Crab Cake Nigiri kani   3.95
Egg Nigiri tamago   4.00
Flying Fish Roe Nigiri tobiko   4.50
Salmon Roe Nigiri ikura   4.50

Special Roll


Dragon Roll avocado, crab meat and cucumber with eel on the top   10.95
Futomaki shrimp, crab meat, avocado, cucumber, kampyo, yellow radish, inari and egg   10.95
Veggie Futomaki avocado, cucumber, kampyo, inari, yellow pickled radish and egg   9.95
Crunchy Roll shrimp tempura, crab meat, avocado, cucumber and crunchy coating   9.95
Ninja Roll eel, fresh crab meat, cucumber and avocado inside with tobiko outside   10.95
Super Philadelphia Roll cream cheese, avocado and asparagus inside with king salmon on the top.   10.95
Rainbow Roll crab meat, avocado and cucumber inside with tuna, salmon, yellowtail and white fish on top.   11.95
Spider Roll soft shell crab, cucumber and lettuce   8.95
Volcano Roll crab meat, avocado, cucumber and spicy tuna on top   11.95
Double Dragon Roll shrimp tempura inside topped with eel, avocado and tobiko   12.95
Crispy Rainbow Roll cooked tuna, salmon and yellowtail   11.95
Kamakazi Tuna Roll cooked tuna, scallions and spicy sauce on top   5.50
Chicken Teriyaki Maki shredded chicken and avocado with teriyaki sauce on top   5.50
Rock In Roll shrimp tempura,crab, cheese, fish egg and cucumber inside   7.50
Tempa Bay tempura red snapper, cream cheese and cucumber with eel sauce   7.95
Kani Salad Roll crab salad, avocado,cucumber and cream cheese with ponzu sauce   7.95
House Roll fish egg, crab,tuna,salmon, cucumber and cheese   9.95
EST Roll spicy tuna and crunch roll with salmon on top   9.95
Crystal Roll spicy salmon and crunch with white tuna, spicy mayo and fish egg on the top   9.95
Andy's One spicy tuna inside, avocado and fish egg on top   10.95
Andy's Two spicy kani salad inside, salmon, tuna,white fish and avocado on the top   10.95
Caterpillar Roll spicy crab and cream cheese in the roll with avocado and seaweed salad on top.   10.95
Ocean Roll eel and avocado inside, topped with avocado and mango   10.95
Monster Roll shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado with tempura crab, eel sauce, crunch, spicy mayo and fish egg on top.   11.95

Sushi And Sashimi Combination

California Roll And 6 Piece Sushi Combo    12.95
California Roll And 10 Piece Sushi Combo    15.95
Vegetarian Roll Combo six pieces each of avocado and cucumber roll, yellow pickled radish rolls, kampyo roll and asparagus roll.   12.00
Sushi Without Raw Fish tamago, shrimp, crab stick, eel, inari and six piece california roll   13.95
Sashimi Combo 12 pieces of raw fish   15.95
Salmon Special Combo six pieces of sashimi, six pieces of nigiri and a six piece maki   22.95
Tuna Special six pieces of sashimi, six pieces of nigiri and six piece california roll   24.95

Noodle Lover $9.95

Pad Thai soft wide rice noodle stir fried with egg and bean sprouts. topped with crushed peanuts and scallions. served with your choice of protein   
Drunken Noodle * soft wide rice noodles sauteed with chili, garlic, fresh basil, onion and tomatoes.   

Combination Platter

Served With Pork Fried Rice And Egg Roll

Chicken Chow Mein Combination Platter    7.25
Shrimp Chow Mein Combination Platter    7.25
Pork Chow Mein Combination Platter    7.25
Moo Goo Gai Pan Combination Platter    7.25
Chicken With Vegetables Combination Platter    7.25
Sweet And Sour Chicken Combination Platter    7.25
Sweet And Sour Pork Combination Platter    7.25
Kung Pao Chicken Combination Platter *   7.25
Chicken With Garlic Sauce Combination Platter *   7.25
Chicken With Broccoli Combination Platter    7.25
Pork Lo Mein Combination Platter    7.25
Chicken Lo Mein Combination Platter    7.25
Shrimp Lo Mein Combination Platter    7.25
Pork With Broccoli Combination Platter    7.25
Pork With Garlic Sauce Combination Platter *   7.25
Hunan Pork Combination Platter *   7.25
Hunan Chicken Combination Platter *   7.25
Double Sauteed Pork Combination Platter *   7.25
Beef With Broccoli Combination Platter    7.25
Pepper Steak Combination Platter    7.25
Szechuan Beef Combination Platter *   7.85
Szechuan Chicken Combination Platter *   7.85
Beef With Garlic Sauce Combination Platter *   7.85
Chicken With Cashew Nuts Combination Platter    7.25
Sweet And Sour Shrimp Combination Platter    7.85
Shrimp With Cashew Nuts Combination Platter    7.85
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce Combination Platter    7.85
Shrimp With Garlic Sauce Combination Platter *   7.85
Hunan Shrimp Combination Platter *   7.85
Szechuan String Bean Combination Platter *   7.25
Broccoli In Hot Garlic Sauce Combination Platter *   7.25
Curry Chicken Combination Platter *   7.25
Sesame Chicken Combination Platter    7.85
General Tso's Chicken Combination Platter *   7.85
Orange Chicken Combination Platter    7.85
Triple Delight Combination Platter    7.85
Shrimp With Broccoli Combination Platter    7.85
Shrimp Egg Foo Young Combination Platter    7.85

Maki Sushi Roll

One Roll Per Order Cut Into Six Pieces.

Avocado Roll    3.75
Asparagus Roll    3.75
Cucumber Roll    3.75
Oshiko Roll    3.75
California Roll    4.00
Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll    4.50
Spicy Crunchy Salmon Roll    4.50
Spicy California Roll    4.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll    4.75
Spicy Octopus And Cucumber Roll    4.50
Spicy Crab Roll    4.50
Spicy Shrimp And Cucumber Roll    4.25
Tuna Roll    4.00
Salmon Roll    4.00
Yellowtail Roll    4.25
Crab Roll    4.00
Tuna Avocado Roll    4.25
Salmon Avocado Roll    4.25
Eel And Cucumber    4.25
Eel And Avocado Roll    4.25
Philadelphia Roll smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese   4.25
Salmon Skin Roll    4.25
Shrimp Tempura Roll includes cucumber and lettuce   4.95

Lunch Specials

Served With Spring Roll And Choice Of Fried Rice Or White Rice

Chow Mein Lunch Special    5.25
Moo Goo Gai Pan Lunch Special    5.25
Chicken With Vegetables Lunch Special    5.25
Sweet And Sour Lunch Special    5.25
Kung Pao Chicken Lunch Special *   5.25
Chicken With Garlic Sauce Lunch Special *   5.25
Chicken With Broccoli Lunch Special    5.25
Lo Mein Lunch Special    5.25
Pork With Broccoli Lunch Special    5.25
Pork With Garlic Sauce Lunch Special *   5.25
Hunan Lunch Special *   5.25
Double Sauteed Pork Lunch Special *   5.25
Beef With Broccoli Lunch Special    5.25
Pepper Steak Lunch Special    5.25
Szechuan Lunch Special *   5.50
Beef With Garlic Sauce Lunch Special *   5.50
Chicken With Cashew Nuts Lunch Special    5.25
Sweet And Sour Shrimp Lunch Special    5.50
Shrimp With Cashew Nuts Lunch Special    5.50
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce Lunch Special    5.50
Shrimp With Garlic Sauce Lunch Special *   5.50
Hunan Shrimp Lunch Special *   5.50
Szechuan String Bean Lunch Special *   5.25
Broccoli In Hot Garlic Sauce Lunch Special *   5.25
Curry Chicken Lunch Special *   5.25
Sesame Chicken Lunch Special    5.50
General Tso's Chicken Lunch Special *   5.50
Orange Chicken Lunch Special *   5.50
Triple Delight Lunch Special *   5.50
Shrimp With Broccoli Lunch Special    5.50
Shrimp Egg Foo Young Lunch Special    5.50

Sushi Lunch

Any 2 Rolls Lunch choose 2 rolls: california roll, salmon roll, tuna roll, yellowtail roll, cucumber roll, asparagus roll, avocado roll   7.50
California Roll And 4 Piece Sushi Lunch    9.50

Side Orders

Sm / Lg.

French Fries   1.85 3.50
Onion Rings   2.00 4.00
Rib Tips    5.00
White Rice   1.50 3.00
Fried Rice   2.00 4.00
Brown Rice   2.00 4.00


Bottle Of Coke   (20oz) 1.69
Bottle Of Diet Coke   (20oz) 1.69
Bottle Of Pepsi   (20oz) 1.69
Bottle Of Diet Pepsi   (20oz) 1.69
Bottle Of Orange Soda   (20oz) 1.69
Iced Tea   (32oz) 1.75
Lemonade   (32oz) 1.75
Homemade Ice Tea    2.00
Homemade Lemonade    2.00
House Coffee    1.50
Hot Tea    1.50
* Hot & Spicy.
Andy's Restaurant & Sushi
9326 Georgia Ave
Btwn Seminary Rd & Rte 390
(301) 588-5988
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