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Cafe Assorti (CLOSED)

  • $
  • Bakery & Pastries, Chicken, Crepes, Russian, Seafood
  • 1800 Wilson Blvd, ARLINGTON 22201 38.893567 -77.079332
  • (Btwn N Quinn & N Rhodes St)
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  • (703) 465-0036
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Bakery - Muffins & Cupcakes

Assorted Muffins And Cupcakes     2.45


Crepes Blinchiki 3 plain crepes with your choice of, sour cream, jam, honey, syrup, butter.    5.95
Crepes with Sweet Apples 2 crepes with your choice of sour cream, jam, honey, syrup.    6.25
Crepes With Strawberries And Cream      6.45
Sweet Cheese Pancakes  3 sweet cheese pancakes with your choice of sour cream, jam.    8.95
Assorti Pancakes  3 plain pancakes with your choice of sour cream, jam, honey, syrup, butter.    6.95
Assorti Blueberry Pancakes  3 blueberry pancakes with your choice of: sour cream, jam, honey, syrup, butter.     7.95
3 Egg Omelet 3 eggs made-to order with your choice of one of the following: sausages, bacon, turkey bacon, tomatoes and bell peppers.     8.95
Poached Eggs 2 poached eggs served in a tartlet with cheese sauce.    7.95
2 Eggs Any Style 2 eggs made to order with your choice of side: bacon, turkey bacon, sausages.    7.95
Kasha (Porridge)  Add berries 2.95.    (Oatmeal) 4.95 (Rice) 4.95
Yogurt Low-fat yogurt with your choice of: strawberries, oatmeal.     4.95
Home Fries  Freshly cut fried potatoes with spices.    4.95

Bakery - Cakes

Pirozhok with Apples     1.45
Bun with Jam     1.45
Cinnamon Swirl     2.45
Vatrushka With Fruit     2.45
Vatrushka With Sweet Cheese And Raisins     3.55
Assorted Croissants     3.45
Napoleon Cake  Layered cake with light cream.     4.95
Chocolate Cake  Chocolate sponge cake with butter cream and dark chocolate frosting.    4.85
Marmalade Cake  Sponge cake with bananas, butter cream, decorated with oranges and kiwi in jelly.     4.55
Charlotte Cake  Short crust with butter cream, chocolate and walnuts.     4.85
Homemade Cake  Short crust with layers of strawberries and custard, decorated with white chocolate and strawberries.     4.25
Royal Cake  Sponge cake with light cream, chocolate and walnuts.     4.55
Fruit Layered Cake  Sponge cake with light cream and layers of fruit.     4.25
Tropical Cake  White chocolate sponge cake, whip cream and pineapples.     4.25
Orange Chocolate Cake  Mix of chocolate and orange sponge cakes, with chocolate cream and oranges.     4.55
Almond Cake  Sponge cake with almonds, light cream and meringue.    4.25
Metropolitan Cake  Sponge cake and meringue, with light coffee cream, decorated with walnuts, white and dark chocolate.     4.25
Cherry Cake  Sponge cake and whip cream with cherry and chocolate.     4.85
Strawberry Yogurt Cake  Sponge cake with yogurt cream and strawberries.     4.85
Kiwi Cake  Sponge and souffle cake with kiwi.     4.55
Coffee Cake  Sponge cake with light coffee cream.     4.25
Honey Cake  Thin layers of sponge cake infused with honey and cream.     4.25
Truffle Cake  Thin layers of chocolate sponge cake decorated with original truffles and chocolate cream.     4.85
Kiyev Cake  Chocolate meringue cake with walnuts and chocolates.     4.55
Souffle Cake  Sponge cake and light souffle covered in thin chocolate crust.     4.55

Bakery - Pastries

Eclair     2.95
Rose Pastry with sweet cheese and meringue.     2.95
Twist with Walnuts      2.85
Vol-au-Vent with Sweet Cheese      2.95
Tart with Fruit, Berries and Cream      4.85
Chocolate Tart      4.85
Almond Cookie      3.25

Bakery - Pies

Lemon Pie     3.75
Apricot Pie     3.75
Orange Pie     3.75
Plum Pie     3.75
Tropical Pie     3.75
Cherry Pie     3.75
Apple Pie     3.75
Strawberry Pie     3.75
Sweet Cheese Pie     3.75
Pecan Pie     3.75

Soft Drinks

Bottled Water 20 Oz     1.75
Evian Water 20 Oz     3.95
San Pellegrino    (Sm) 3.95 (Lg) 5.95
Assortment Of Juices     2.95
Milk     2.95
Coca-Cola 20 Oz     1.75
Coca-Cola Diet 20 Oz     1.75
Sprite 20 Oz     1.75
Sunkist 20 Oz     1.75
Root Beer 20 Oz     1.75
Nestea Iced Tea     1.75
Milkshakes Vanilla, chocolate, berry.    7.00
Smoothies Tropicana, berry, peach.    7.00
Cafe latte    (Sm) 2.45 (Med) 3.00 (Lg) 3.50
Cappuccino    (Sm) 2.45 (Med) 3.00 (Lg) 3.50
Mocha    (Sm) 2.75 (Med) 3.40 (Lg) 3.95
Iced Latte    (Sm) 2.55 (Med) 3.10 (Lg) 3.50
Iced Mocha    (Sm) 2.75 (Med) 3.40 (Lg) 3.95
Hot Chocolate    (Sm) 2.20 (Med) 2.45 (Lg) 2.60
Americano    (Sm) 1.75 (Med) 2.05 (Lg) 2.40
Espresso Single shot, double shot, triple shot.   (Single) 1.40 (Double) 1.65 (Triple) 1.95

Assorti Specialty Drinks

Kisel (Berry Jelly drink)     2.45
Kompot (Homemade Berry Drink)     2.45

Hot Drinks

Regular Coffee     2.95
Decaf Coffee     2.95
Assortment of Tea     2.95

Fruit Desserts

Fruit Salad     4.95
Fresh Berries Add whip cream.    5.95

Ice Cream

One scoop, three scoops.

Ice Cream Ice cream with pecans and chocolate ice cream with fruit and berries ice cream with syrup or jam.   (1) 3.25 (3) 5.45




Borsch Sour cream optional.    6.25
Okroshka  Cold soup with beef and vegetables.    6.25


Original Salad  Chicken, potatoes, eggs, kosher dills, and carrots.    5.95
Fantasy Salad  Chicken, potatoes, fresh cucumbers, carrots, cauliflower, and cheddar cheese.    5.95
Eastern Salad  Spicy carrots, fresh cucumbers, cabbage, garlic, greens, canola oil and vinegar.    3.95
Vitamin Salad  Carrots, fresh cucumbers, bell peppers, cabbage, apples, olive oil and lemon juice.    3.95
Carrot Salad  Spicy thinly sliced carrots, garlic, chili peppers, canola oil and vinegar.    3.95
Beet Salad  Beets, walnuts, and garlic.    4.95
Vegetarian Salad Vinegret  Beets, potatoes, kosher dills, marinated cabbage and carrots.    5.95
Home-style Salad Olivie Cooked vegetables, beef, eggs, fresh cucumbers, and green peas.    6.25
Greek Salad Romaine lettuce, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, feta cheese and calamata olives with greek dressing.    8.45
Caesar Salad Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, sesame sticks with caesar dressing add chicken $1.95    7.00
Salad With Shrimp Mix of field greens with shrimp, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and balsamic dressing.    8.45

Savory Pastries And Crepes

Assorti Pie  Savory pastry filled with beef, eggs, tomatoes and cheese.    5.85
Samsa  With beef with chicken and mushrooms.    3.55
Rasstegai With beef and potatoes, With Vegetables, with Fish.   (Beef) 3.55 (Vegetables) 3.55 (Fish) 3.95
Pirozhok - With Beef      1.95
Pirozhok - With Cabbage     1.55
Pirozhok - With Eggs And Green Onions     1.55
Pirozhok - With Potatoes     1.55
Assorti Hot Dog  (Medium size).    3.25
Crepes With Beef  2 Crepes with beef topped with mushroom sauce.    9.95
Crepes With Chicken  2 Crepes with chicken filling and topped with cheese sauce.    9.95
Crepes Blinchiki  3 Plain crepes with your choice of sour cream, jam, honey, syrup, butter.    5.95
Crepes With Sweet Apples  2 Crepes with your choice of sour cream, jam, honey, syrup.    6.25
Cheburek - With Beef      3.55
Cheburek - With Spinach And Cheese      3.55

Hot Entrees With Beef

Manti  3 Steamed large beef dumplings served with red or pink sauce.    12.95
Beef Stroganoff  Tender strips of beef fillet in a sour cream sauce served with rice, mashed potatoes or french fries.    12.95
Plov Traditional rice and vegetable pilafcooked with beef and spices.    12.95
Escalope Tenderized sirloin beef topped with a mix of five cheeses, served with rice, mashed potatoes or french fries.    13.95
Cabbage Rolls Golubci  Baked cabbage rolls stuffed with a mixture of beef and rice add sour cream.    12.95
Pelmeni 15 Small dumplings with beef filling, served with sour cream or broth.    12.95
Home-Style Cotelette  2 Tender cutlets from minced beef cooked with delicious cream sauce, green peas and carrots, served with choice of rice or mashed potatoes.    12.95
Home-style Steak Grilled choice new york strip steak with a choice of: rice, mashed potatoes or french fries.    18.95
Crepes With Beef 2 Crepes with beef topped with mushroom sauce    10.95

Hot Entrees With Chicken

Breton Chicken  Tenderized chicken fillet with savory walnut sauce, served with rice, mashed potatoes or french fries.    12.95
Pasta With Chicken  Fettuccini topped with fresh tomato sauce and chicken in creamy alfredo sauce.    12.95
Crepes With Chicken 2 Crepes with chicken filling and topped with cheese sauce.    10.95
Herb Marinated Grilled Chicken herb marinated grilled chicken with a vegetable medley and a rosemary brown sauce, served with: rice, mashed potatoes or french fries.    14.95

Hot Vegetarian Entrees

Manti With Vegetables  3 Steamed large dumplings with vegetable filling served with red or pink sauce.    12.95
Pasta With Vegetables  Fettuccini with mushrooms, zucchini and squash, topped with a creamy sauce.    10.95
Vareniki 15 Small dumplings with your choice of potato or cabbage filling.    11.95

Hot Wntree With Seafood

Shrimp Pasta  Pasta tossed with shrimp in pink sauce.    12.95
Tilapia With Mushrooms  Baked tilapia fillet topped with champignons, served with rice or mashed potatoes.    12.95
Shrimp Pasta Pasta tossed with shrimp in pink sauce.    13.95

Additional Side Dishes

White Rice      3.85
Mashed Potatoes      3.85
French Fries      3.85
Mixed Vegetables      5.80


Cafe Assorti
1800 Wilson Blvd
Btwn N Quinn & N Rhodes St
(703) 465-0036
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