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Daikaya Izakaya

  • $$
  • Japanese
  • 705 6th St NW, Washington 20001 38.898603 -77.019589
  • (At G St NW)
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  • (202) 589-1600
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To Start $3

Miso Soup   
Chilled Pea Soup with yogurt  
Salad with house or carrot dressing  

Rice Bowls

Make It A Meal. Add Soup Or Salad For $1.50.

Hawaiian Loco Moco hambagu, red wine sauce, and fried sunny-side up egg    13.00
Chicken Bowl - Yakitori teriyaki chicken, toasted coconut akes and an onsen egg    11.00
Vegetable Curry Bowl sweet japanese curry with potatoes, carrots and peas    10.00
Pork Katsu Kare breaded and fried pork loin, topped with curry sauce, tonkatsu sauce, shredded cabbage and pickled daikon    14.00
Salmon And Ikura sashimi salmon tossed in soy-sesame dressing and marinated salmon roe    14.00
Pork Belly confit braised pork belly, kimchee and fried egg    13.00
Filipino Sisig filipino sizzling pork hash, onsen-egg, kalamansi lime and side of rice    11.00
Okinawan G.I. Taco Bowl pork taco meat, cheddar cheese, cabbage, scallions and sour cream    12.00


Hiyashi Chuka cold ramen - soy or spicy sesame with chashu, egg, corn, cucumber, kombu, tomatoes, beansprouts, arugula, carrots, ginger, shredded nori.    14.00


Hawaiian Burger angus burger, teriyaki braised spam, lettuce and pickled pineapple with fries    11.00
Salmon Sandwich grilled salmon, slaw, special sauce    12.00
Katsu-Sando breaded and fried pork cutlet, kewpie mayo, tonkatsu sauce and japanese mustard with fries    12.00


Vanilla Soft Serve crushed wasabi peas, calpico yogurt, and chocolate crisps or chocolate-ichimi sauce and hazelnut or avocado and lime sauce with toasted coconut    3.00


Yuzu-Lemonade yuzu, lemon, a pinch of sugar    5.00
Rhuhai uncle dad's granny smith apple soda    6.00
Arnold Palmer ginger iced tea, lemon, yuzu    4.00
UCC Canned Iced Coffee     2.75
Calpico japanese uncarbonated yogurt soft drink    3.50
Green Tea    can 3.00
Sodas coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale    2.50
House Made Iced Tea black tea, ginger and mint syrup    3.00
Japanese Green Hot Teas sencha genmaicha hojicha    6.00
Qualia Coffee french press   (for 1) 4.00 (for 2) 12.00


Sesame Street beniotome sesame shochu, fever tree ginger beer, yuzu, angostura bitters    8.00
Draft Moscow Mule vodka, house ginger beer, lime    7.00
Karl Melon uncle dad's watermelon tonic and choice of beefeater gin or absolute elyx    10.00
Improved Old Fashioned bird dog bourbon (improved), house tinctures, gomme syrup, lemon peel    12.00
Eldrick 'Tiger' Woods shochu, ginger iced tea, lemon, yuzu    8.00


"Chicken And Waffles" chicken kara-age and red bean taiyaki with wasabi butter and maple syrup    7.00
French Toast soaked overnight in cream and soy milk and dusted with kinako    7.00
Poached Egg And Chesapeake Korokke with warm brown butter mayo and tonkatsu sauce on an english muffin    7.00
"Hapa Loco Moco" japanese hambagu, fried egg and rice with gravy    10.00
Cold Steamed Chicken Breast Salad succulent skin-on whole chicken breast with sesame tofu sauce and arugula    12.00
"Lox And Onigiri" smoked salmon, salmon sashimi, ikura, pickled onion, cream cheese and everything onigiri    8.00
Burrata Salad with dashi gelee, arugula and roasted cherry tomatoes    12.00
Slow Cooked Steel Cut Oatmeal with calpico-yogurt and fresh seasonal fruit    6.00
Sisig filipino braised pork hash skillet with onsen egg, liver mayo, and kalamansi lime    7.00
Croissant with uni butter, white shoyu "broken" egg    8.00

Cold Dishes

Cucumber Salad with rayu vinaigrette, crispy garlic, ground sesame seed and chili thread    6.00
Yamaimo with sweet soy vinegar, basil, marinated salmon roe and arbequina olive oil    6.00
Tuna Poke with seaweed, pine nuts and sesame oil    10.00
Assortment Of Sashimi please ask for today's selection  
House Fermented Japanese Vegetables sake lees daikon   (3) 5.00
House Fermented Japanese Vegetables napa cabbage, nukazuke   ea 2.00
Wasabi Octopus with granny smith apple, celery, california arbequina olive oil and wasabi sprouts    6.00

Braised And Fried Dishes

Pork And Brussels Sprouts Skewer "okonomiyaki-style" with kewpie mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes and aonori    6.00
Pork And Beef Stuffed Cabbage with yuzu-kosho and shiso    8.75
Miso Braised Saba with pickled mustard seed and japanese mustard (please enjoy the soft bones!)    7.25

Rice Dishes

Mentaiko Mini Domburi fish roe, green onion, nori, soy and kewpie over a bowl of rice    5.00
Onigiri rice balls. kombu soy and seaweed filling abura-miso pork and sweet miso filling   ea 3.00

Grilled Dishes

Baked Rappahannock Oyster with teriyaki sauce, butter and parmesan cheese   ea 3.25
Grilled Rappahannock Oyster with sake and housemade oyster salt   ea 2.75
Japanese Eggplant with sesame-lamb sauce, greek yogurt and mint    5.50
Grilled Avocado with housemade ponzu, fresh wasabi and nori salt    6.50


Zucchini with lemon and thyme    2.00
Chicken Thigh     3.00
Chicken Liver     3.00
Chicken Wing     3.00
Beef Tongue with jalapeño kosho    4.00
Beef Tenderloin     5.00
Quail     9.00


Black Sesame Panna Cotta with honey balls and whipped cream    5.00
Purin with caramel ice, orange, purin espuma and burnt orange zest    5.00
Chocolate Aisu-Kurimu with miso-banana caramel, chocolate crisps and crushed banana chips    5.00
Soft Serve ask for daily flavors and toppings!    3.00


Rhu-Hai uncle dad's rhubarb soda    6.00
Yuzu Lemonade yuzu, lemon, soda    5.00
Japanese Green Tea green tea, roasted green tea, "brown rice tea"    6.00
French Press Coffee qualia coffee, washington dc   sm 4.00 lg 12.00


Daikaya Bloody Mary house bloody mix nori-infused vodka    8.00
Rhubarb Chu-Hai iichiko shochu, uncle dad's rhubarb soda    8.00
Sesame Street beniotome sesame shochu, ginger beer, yuzu, angostura bitters    8.00
Tokyo Mule mizu shochu, house ginger beer, lime    8.00
Rickey Nixon beefeater gin, house alphine tonic, lime    10.00
Eldrick "Tiger" Woods ginza no suzume, ginger iced tea, yuzu    8.00

Ramen Menu

Shio Ramen this ramen most shows off the unique nuance of our chintan stock. it is our most delicate and aromatic ramen.    11.75
Shoyu Ramen in keeping with sapporo ramen tradition, we use very dark rich soy sauce in our shoyu ramen. the soup has toasted garlic and slight caramel tones. topped with 1/2 egg: nitamago    12.00
Mugi-Miso Ramen our barley miso ramen has bright, savory aromatics and is lighter than a traditional miso. miso ramen is native to sapporo, but using mugi miso is special to daikaya. this ramen contains peanuts    13.00
Spicy Miso Ramen our spicy miso ramen broth has balance, depth and complexity. it is not just simply spicy. we use shiro-miso, which is white miso, for this ramen. this ramen contains peanuts    13.25
Vegetable Ramen not strictly traditional, this is a 100% vegan ramen. the vegetable shio broth is finished in the work which adds roasted depth to the soup. topped with brussel sprouts, bean sprouts, snow peas, carrots, onions, wood ear mushrooms and braised shiitake mushroom    13.25
Extra Noodles more is more    2.50
Nitamago soy & ramen stock marinated soft-boiled egg    1.50
Chashu roast pork    1.75
Menma soy & ramen stock simmered bamboo    1.75
Wakame seaweed    0.50
Bata butter    0.35
Canned Corn harvested at its peak    0.50
Nori dried seaweed   (3) 0.50
Bakudan Spice Bomb     1.00
Extra Veggies brussel sprouts, snow peas, carrots, wood ear mushrooms    2.50


Grilled Rappahannock Oyster with sake and housemade oyster salt    2.75
Baked Rappahannock Oyster with teriyaki sauce, butter, and parmesan cheese    3.25
Chawanmushi steamed egg and dashi custard with braised shiitake, parmesan, and enoki mushrooms    7.75
Yamaimo japanese mountain yam with sweet soy vinegar, basil, marinated salmon roe, and ca arbequina olive oil    6.00
Fermented Japanese Vegetables housemade sake lee daikon or napa cabbage or nukazuke    2.00
Fermented Japanese Vegetables assortment of three    5.00
Fried Garlic with kimchee-miso sauce and pickled garlic    3.00
Wasabi Tako raw marinated octopus with granny smith apple, celery, ca arbequina olive oil, and wasabi sprouts    6.00
Sauteed Edamame with garlic, extra virgin olive oil, chili and lemon    4.25


Grilled Avocado with housemade ponzu, fresh wasabi, and nori salt    6.50
Seared Enoki Mushrooms topped with miso butter    9.00
Smashed Pee Wee Potatoes fried and topped with irish butter, soy sauce, scallions, and spicy cod roe    6.50
Burrata Salad arugula, cherry tomatoes, dashi gelee, and ponzu vinaigrette    12.00
Japanese Eggplant with sesame-lamb sauce, greek yogurt and mint    5.50
Warm Napa Cabbage Salad with apples, kewpie-yogurt, and marinated salmon roe    6.50
Chilled Cucumber with rayu vinaigrette, crispy garlic, ground sesame seed, and chili thread    6.00


Tuna Poke raw marinated tuna with seaweed, pine nuts, and sesame oil    10.00
Assortment Of Sashimi please ask for today's selection  
Miso Salmon with pea puree and pea tendrils    9.50
Crab Croquettes with old bay, corn, tonkatsu sauce, and nori salt    8.00
Miso Braised Saba with mustard "caviar". please enjoy the soft bones!    7.75


Zucchini with lemon and thyme    2.00
Chicken Thigh     3.00
Chicken Liver     3.00
Chicken Wing     3.00
Beef Tongue Jalapeño - "Yuzu Kosho"     4.00
Beef Tenderloin with wasabi butter    5.00
Quail     9.00
Pork And Brussels Sprouts "okonomiyaki-style" with kewpie mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito akes, and aonori    6.00


Cold Steamed Chicken Breast with sesame tofu sauce and mustard greens    12.00
"Hambagu" Japanese-Style Beef Hamburger Steak with red wine-worcestershire sauce    10.00
"Hambagu" Japanese-Style Beef Hamburger Steak add sunny side up egg for    1.00
Chicken Kara-Age with chili-kewpie sauce    7.50
Pork And Beef Stuffed Cabbage with yuzu-kosho and shiso    8.75

Gohan To Men Rui

Mentaiko Mini Domburi fish roe, green onion, nori, and soy-kewpie over a bowl of rice    5.00
Onigiri Rice Ball kombu soy and seaweed filling    3.00
Onigiri Rice Ball abura-miso pork and sweet miso filling    3.00
Onigiri Rice Ball ume    3.00
Cod Roe Spaghetti with nori, chervil, and cream sauce    9.25

House Classic Cocktails

Draft Mule vodka, house ginger beer, apple, lime, seasonal spices    9.00
Sesame Street beniotome sesame shochu, ginger beer, yuzu, angostura bitters    8.00
My Oaxacan Grandmother housemade hot cocoa, green chartreuse whipped cream, mezcal    12.00
Improved Old Fashioned bird dog bourbon (improved), house tinctures, gomme syrup, lemon peel    12.00
Dai-Drops sakebomb! - sake sphere and sapporo   (for 6 or 7) 35.00

Mocktails $5

Yuzu Lemonade   
House Ginger Beer   

Hoping to Become Classics

Alpha Predator nikka taketsuru 12, cruzan blackstrap, dry curacao, wigle mole bitters    14.00
Splendid Little War barbadillo amontillado sherry, michters american, meletti    11.00
Flavor Type - Gorgeous del maguey vida, cocchi chinato barolo, fresh grapefruit, luxardo cherry brandy    14.00
King Of The Monsters nishiyoshida "kintaro" shochu, cocchi americano chinese five spice bitters    12.00
Big Angry Yellow Bird mizu shochu, fresh lime, galliano l'aunthentico, dimmi    11.00
Waka Waka cocoa nib-infused singani, house-made ginger beer    12.00
Du He Tao paul beau vs, fermented walnut syrup, peychaud, fee bros. walnut bitters    12.00

Draft Beers

Stone lucky bastard, anniversary blend of arrogant bastard ale, oaked arrogant bastard ale and double bastard ale. american strong. ca   (10oz) 12.00
Boulevard Brewing Co harvest dance wheat wine aged in french and american oak. mo   (10oz) 11.00
Atlas Brew Works la saison des fêtes, with notes of banana and nutmeg. belgian farmhouse ale. dc    10.00
Green Flash road warrior. racy rye malts dry-hopped w/mosaic and amarillo. imperial rye ipa. ca   (10oz) 10.00
Maine Beer Co peeper, american pale ale (apa). me    9.00
DC Brau stone of aborath, spicy malt and caramel, creamy mouthfeel. wee heavy ale on nitro. dc    10.00

Can & Bottle Beers

Coedo beniaka, sweet potato amber, japan    14.00
Echigo stout, japan    11.00
Echigo red ale, japan    11.00
Orion rice lager, japan   (21.4oz) 16.00
Ryujin Oze No Yukidoke brown weizen, japan    13.00
Ryujin Oze No Yukidoke hefeweizen, japan    13.00
Yoho tokyo black, porter, japan    11.00
Yoho wednesday cat, witbier, japan    12.00
Hitachino xh shochu cask-aged strong ale, japan    13.00
Hitachino espresso stout, japan    13.00


Cava Brut Rosé biutiful, isaac fernandez, sp, nv    9.00

White & Rosé

Pinot Grigio fantinel, friuli, it 2013    12.00
Godello adràs, ribeira sacra, sp 2012    11.00
Kerner abbazia di novacella, trento, it, 2012    15.00
Charm City Meadworks mead with rosemary    10.00
Sauvignon Blanc st supery, napa, ca 2013    11.00
Chardonnay mossback, russian river, ca, 2012    11.00


Carignano cantina santadi, sardegna, it, 2012    10.00
Garnacha acentor, i. fernandez, calatayud sp, 2013    9.00
Sangiovese fantini, abruzzo, it 2013    10.00
Cabernet Sauvignon uno, antigal, argentina, 2012    11.00
Tempranillo ¡ea!, la mancha, sp, 2012    12.00


Daikaya Izakaya
705 6th St NW
At G St NW
(202) 589-1600
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