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Farmers Fishers Bakers

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  • American (New), Local/Organic, Seafood, Sushi
  • 3000 K St NW Washington Harbour, Washington 20007 38.90255 -77.05831
  • (At Thomas Jefferson St NW)
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  • (202) 298-8783
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First Bake

English Muffin today's preserves, whipped butter    1.25
Cinnamon Roll     2.50
FFB Donuts     1.50
Breakfast Taco     2.50
Breakfast Taco with applewood smoked bacon    3.50
Birds In A Nest poached eggs, three chili cheese bread    2.50
Steel Cut Oatmeal vanilla bean cream, almonds, raisins    3.50
Granola & Milk     4.00
Baker's Toast cranberry orange & honey butter, chocolate cherry & dulce de leche butter, 7 grain & cinnamon butter, brioche & chocolate butter, apple walnut raisin & cinnamon sugar cream cheese.    2.00

Coffee, Tea, & Juice

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice     2.50
FRG Custom Blend Coffee     1.75
Macchiato     2.50
Cortado     3.50
Gibraltar     2.50
Double Espresso     2.50
Cappuccino     2.75
Café Latte     2.75
Mocha     2.75
Café Americano     2.75
T Salon Teas     1.75

Starters - Mussel Pots $16

Spicy Sausage Provençal   
Creamy Mushroom   
Bacon Basil Blue Cheese   
Coconut Curry & Cucumber   
Sweet Chili   
White Wine & Garlic   
Red Manhattan   

Starters - Share Plates & Soups

Whirley Pop Kettle Corn Pot     5.00
Brick Oven Pretzels pimento cheese, bbq mustard, sour cream & onion dip    5.00
Thick-Cut Onion Rings     8.00
Crispy Duck Fat Chicken Wings     10.00
Tableside Guacamole     12.00
Baby Cheeseburgers *   (choose 3) 10.00 (choose 6) 15.00
New England Clam Chowder     7.00
Today's Soup     6.00
Spicy Steamed Shrimp     14.00
Virginia Cracker Calamari     10.00
Hot Maryland Crab Dip     12.00
Bread & Broths roasted garlic, shanty butter, romesco.    8.00

Fishers Catch

Simply Seared Sushi Grade Tuna * cracked pepper, lemon, beans, heirloom tomatoes.  
Rock Sole Française * green peas confit, grits  
Glazed Cedar Plank Salmon * apricot, ginger, sorghum syrup, succotash, potatoes  
Daily Fishers Catch *  
Fishers Fry fries, peanut-cider slaw, street corn    16.00

Seafood Classics

Cioppino shrimp, crab, white fish    19.00
Chowder Bucatini shrimp, mussels, calamari    19.00
Shrimp Scampi spinach, gnocchi    18.00
Diver Scallops Meunière * butternut risotto    24.00
Crab Cakes farm-a-roni, succotash    29.00
White Fish & Vegetable Pot fennel, canellini    19.00
Spaghetti & Littleneck Clams romesco    19.00

8 Buck Salads

Fried Brussels Sprouts & Blue Cheese apple, cucumber, red onion, wonton  
Escarole, Egg & Gruyere potato, green onion, relish, olives, cannellini bean  
Pickled Veggies & Feta romaine, fennel, tomato  
Purple & Black Kale hazelnuts, dates, radish, pecorino  
Watermelon Caprese Carpaccio heirloom tomato, compressed watermelon, ricotta, basil  
Drag Through The Garden tomato, green beans, carrot, radish, bell pepper, fennel jicama, cucumber  
Shaved Cauliflower & Asian Pear sunflower seeds, celery, raisins  
Spinach, Mushroom & Fennel bacon, beets, basil  
Sweet Corn Cake Ranchero poblano pepper, jicama, cilantro, cheddar, cotija  


Original Tomato     10.00
Original Tomato add calamari    3.00
Meatball roasted red pepper, ricotta    13.00
Spicy Sausage & Red Pepper chili pepper, smoked mozzarella, red onion    13.00
Classic Thin Crust     10.00
Classic Thin Crust add pepperoni    3.00
St. Louis Extra Thin     10.00
Detroit Deep Dish     10.00
Detroit Deep Dish add sausage, pepperoni, or meatball    3.00
Tomato Basil Mozzarella     10.00
Roasted Brussels Sprout garlic sauce, butternut squash, balsamic    12.00
Gardener's Campari asiago, goat, pancetta, escarole, peppadew    13.00
Prosciutto Honey Fig     13.00
Littleneck Clam garlic cream, pancetta, sweet corn relish    14.00

Seafood Salads

Shrimp Louie Salad onion, tomato, avocado    19.00
Shrimp Louie Salad add sub crab    2.00
Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke Salad onion, bell pepper, sesame seed, avocado, basil, cilantro    18.00

Burgers & Sandwiches

All-American Double *    10.00
Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger *    12.00
Bacon-Onion Blue Cheeseburger *    12.00
Meatball Parmesan *    10.00
Charred Pit Beef *    14.00
Crab Cake Sandwich     18.00
Fried White Fish Sliders     12.00
Seared Ahi Tuna Salad     12.00
Chicken Salad Club     10.00
Beer Braised Sausage     12.00
Roasted Vegetable, Avocado & Brie apple walnut raisin bread    12.00

Open Range Meats

Steak Frites * whiskey sauce, mushroom, green peas confit   (16oz) 19.00
Maui Ribeye * corn pudding tamale, rapini    28.00
Eye Of Rib * twice-baked root veggie potato, succotash   (10oz) 28.00
The Butcher's "Butter" Rib Cut * pickled vegetables, onions, new potatoes, goat cheese, spinach & rapini, arugula pesto    19.00
Farmers Spice Entrecôte * twice-baked root veggie potato, succotash   (7oz) 24.00
Danish Bbq Pork Ribs peanut-cider slaw, fries    22.00
Marinated Daily Steak * corn pudding tamale, succotash, cotija cheese   (8oz) 19.00
Cracklin' Pork Shank street corn off-the-cob, peanut-cider slaw    19.00


Honey Pot Fried Chicken shrimp, sausage, tomato chow-chow    18.00
Seafood Chesapeake scallops, mussels, shrimp, sausage    22.00
Mad Pig belly, sausage, pulled pork, bacon, pickled corn    19.00

Farmers Chicken $16

Big Crispy Tenders street corn, thick-cut onion rings  
Honey Pot Fried Chicken green peas confit, grits  
Lemon Herb Brick Chicken citrus griddled onions, farm-a-roni, succotash  


Mushroom Gruyere Reuben     12.00
Rice & Bean Burger with smoked tofu    13.00
Cranberry & Brie Vegetable Burger     13.00
Many Vegetable Mushroom Loaf     16.00
Mushroom Meunière & Risotto     17.00
Cauliflower Steak & Risotto     16.00


Tinga Chicken     10.00
Fried White Fish     10.00
Pork Belly     12.00
Marinated Steak     12.00
Pulled Pork     12.00
Beer Braised Beef     12.00
Plancha Tuna *    15.00

Tasting Plates

Citrus Salmon crème fraîche, ponzu    10.00
Happy Belly honey-ginger pork, cabbage, kimchee apple, fennel, bacon    12.00
Big Eye Tuna french feta, beets, green onion, ponzu    12.00
FFB Tuna watermelon, grapefruit    12.00
Scallop Ceviche cucumber, yuzu, serrano    10.00
Tiki Jack pineapple, mango, chili, ponzu, cilantro    10.00
Serrano Jack orange, cilantro    9.00
Tuna Tartare avocado, ponzu, rice crisp, pistachio    12.00
Crudo yuzu, crispy kale, berries    10.00
Carpacci san bai zu, orange, ginger    10.00


California     10.00
Crunchy Tuna     12.00
Spicy Tuna     12.00
Chesapeake     10.00
Salmon     10.00
Pork Belly     10.00
Garden Roll     10.00

Nigiri $3

Pork Belly   
Yellow Tail   

Warm Welcome

Fluffy Biscuits & Cinnamon Rolls with butter & larder jam  

Butchers Table

Honey Pot Fried Chicken   
Breakfast Jambalaya   
Chicken Tacos   
Beef Or Pork Tacos   
Cheesy Grits   
Grilled Ciabatta Bread   

Gardeners Table

Brûléed Pink Grapefruit   
Granola & Yogurt   
Purple & Black Kale Salad   
Spinach Mushroom Fennel Salad   
Drag Through The Garden Salad   
Cucumber Salad   
Chef's Salad Of The Day   
Grilled Vegetables   
Dips & Bread onion, pimento, hummus, maryland crab & artichoke.  

Carving Table

Sweet Bread French Toast macerated berries, bananas foster fresh fruit compote  
Egg Scrambles   
Slow Roasted Chuck Eye   
House Cured Ham   
Grilled Thick-Cut Bacon   

Carving Table

Dessert Bar cakes, pies, & other sweet treats made from scratch daily.  

Traveling Trays

Eggs Benedicts   
Fishers Fry   


FF Bloody Mary infused pepper vodka founding farmers bloody mary blend    10.00
Bellini seasonal puree, cava brut    12.00
Today's Brunch Bowl    (serves 2-4) 20.00
Sparkling Punch punch, tableside cava brut   (serves 2-4) 20.00
Mimosa orange or grapefruit juice cava brut    8.00
Ramos Gin Fizz breakfast libation invented in new orleans circa 1888    14.00
Pimm's Cup pimm's no. 1, curacao, lime, ginger beer, cucumber, mint    12.00
Corpse Reviver bombay gin, cointreau, lemon, lillet blanc, kubler absinthe    12.00


New York Egg Cream chocolate, milk, jerk soda choose classic or vanilla    4.00
Today's Rickey lime, jerk soda, today's syrup    14.00
Scratch Soda grapefruit, orange, lemon-lime, ginger, hibiscus, vanilla, seasonal    5.00
Manhattan Soda coffee, espresso, agave, jerk soda, whipped cream    5.00
Today's Phosphate     4.00
FF Arnold Palmer     4.00
FF Lemonade     4.00

Coffee & Tea

Intellegentsia French Press    (4 cups) 9.00 (2 cups) 6.00
FF Double Espresso     3.00
Macchiato     3.00
Cappuccino     4.00
Café Latté     4.00
Café Americano     3.00
Cortado     4.00
Mocha     4.00
Gibraltar     4.00
T-Salon Teas farmers custom blend, chelsea breakfast, coconut green tea, white earl grey, balance jasmine silver needle, before & after yoga, mint chai, upaya, chamomile lavender.    4.00

Fried Dough $8

Uncle Buck's Beignets raspberry coulis, hot fudge sauce, bourbon caramel sauce  

Pie $8

Virginia Peanut Butter Mousse   
Boston Cream   
Key West Lime pecan graham crust, whipped cream  

Cake $8

Floating Smith Island in hot chocolate  
Sooze's Chocolate Cake vanilla bean ice cream  
Hummingbird spiced whipped cream  
Butternut pecan butter brickle ice cream  

Americana $8

Bananas Foster vanilla bean ice cream  
Seasonal Fruit Crisp vanilla bean ice cream  
Banana Pudding Trifle   
Pineapple Rice Pudding   

Ice Cream $8

Super Banana Split   
Death By Chocolate Brownie Sundae   
Ice Cream Sandwiches   

Ice Cream Scoop $3

Vanilla Bean   
Malted Dulce De Leche   
Pecan Butter Brickle   
Today's Sorbet   

Ice Cream Scoop $3

Intelligentsia French Press single origin coffee blends   (2 cups) 6.00 (4 cups) 9.00

Intelligentsia Coffee

Farmers Custom Blend Coffee     4.00
Double Espresso     3.00
Macchiato     3.00
Cappuccino     4.00
Café Latté     4.00
Café Americano     3.00
Cortado     4.00
Mocha     4.00
Gibraltar     4.00
Hot Chocolate     4.00

T-Salon Teas $4

Farmers Custom Blend   
Chelsea Breakfast   
Mint Chai   
Jasmine Silver Needle   
Coconut Green Tea   
White Earl Grey   
Before & After Yoga   
Chamomile Lavender   


New York Egg Cream chocolate syrup, milk, jerk soda, classic, vanilla    4.00
Today's Rickey lime juice, jerk soda, today's syrup    4.00
Scratch Soda grapefruit, orange, lemon-lime ginger, hibiscus, vanilla, seasonal    5.00
Manhattan Soda coffee, espresso, agave, jerk soda, whipped cream    5.00
Today's Phosphate     4.00
FF Lemonade     4.00
FF Arnold Palmer     4.00
Farmers Sweet Tea     4.00


Farmers Smash founding farmers rye. bitters, citrus ginger syrup.    12.00
Ward Eight founding farmers rye. citrus, vermouth.    12.00
Farm Sour founding farmers rye. citrus, orgeat.    12.00
Farmers Sazerac founding farmers rye. remy vsop, absinthe demerara, bitters.    14.00
Park Your Vesper In The Barn farm gin. absolut elyx cocchi americano    12.00
Farm Daisy farm gin. green chartreuse lemon, lemongrass.    14.00
Ernesto The Farmer farm pisco. lime, star anise syrup, peruvian bitters, ginger.    12.00
Captain, My Capitán farm pisco. averna, maraschino bitters    14.00

Daiquiris $12

Cloak 'N Dagger   
La Floridita   

Caribbean Swizzles

Queens Park   
FF Rye   
Ti Punch   


Circa 1946 mount gay black barrel, beefeater gin la diablada, citrus, orgeat    14.00
Chief Mix Style 2012 beefeater gin, el dorado, remy vsop lemon hart 151, citrus, orgeat    15.00
Cradle Of Life bacardi 8yr, chairmans reserve spice citrus, orgeat, angostura, green chartreuse   (serves 2-4) 25.00


Circa 1934 blend of 3 rums, falernum, lime grapefruit, grenadine, absinthe    15.00
Circa 1964 blend of 3 rums, falernum, lime grapefruit, cinnamon, ff zombie mix    14.00
Zombie Punch in a scorpion bowl   (serves 2-4) 25.00

Mai Tais

Don The Beachcomber Circa 1937 appleton v/x, bacardi 8yr, el dorado lime, grapefruit, honey, ginger, falernum, bitters.    14.00
Trader Vic Circa 1943 flor de caña 12yr, citrus, curacao, rhum clément 3yr reserve orgeat, bitters.    14.00
Mai Tai Punch in a scorpion bowl   (serves 2-4) 25.00

Throwback Tiki

Rum Buck pyrat xo, lemon, ginger, selzter    11.00
Kon-Tiki Tropical Itch bacardi heritage, beefeater gin mango, cinnamon, lime, orgeat    12.00
Tiki Bubbles rhum clément (canne blue or select barrel), lemon, honey, cava brut    12.00
Painkiller pyrat xo, tanteo cocoa tequila pineapple, coconut milk orange demerera 151, nutmeg (shaken or blended)    12.00
Suffering Georgetowner beefeater gin, wild turkey 101, lime ginger, bitters, seltzer    14.00
Bahama Mama mount gay black barrel, demerara 151 mahina coconut, lemon, pineapple    14.00
Islay Swizzle dewar's 12yr, mahina coconut, lemon passionfruit, bitters, lagavulin 16yr    14.00
Smoke On The Water el silencio espadin, lime, averno pamplemousse, pernod    14.00


Mules lime, ginger beer    11.00
Juleps mint, bitters, sweetner    12.00
Crustas lemon or lime juice, cointreau    12.00
Cobblers muddled fresh fruit, citrus    12.00


Missionary's Downfall bacardi heritage, remy vsop, honey, peach cordial, mint, pineapple, lime    12.00
Cucumber Delight american harvest organic vodka, domaine de canton, cucumber, cantaloupe, lemon    12.00
Lava Flow bacardi heritage, mt gay black, coconut milk, pineapple, banana, strawberry, bitters    14.00
Today's Blended    gl 12.00 (bowl serves 2-4) 25.00

Beer Cocktails

Greyhawk white beer, raspberry, american harvest vodka.    11.00
Seasonal     12.00

Bubbly $9

Côté Mas Crémant De Limoux languedoc, france  
Biutiful Cava Rosé requena, spain  


Barn White from farm to cork. our proprietary blend, created in collaboration with brooklyn oenology, is a light, crisp & refreshing match for just about anything on our menu.    12.00
Anton Bauer "Gmörk" Gröner Veltliner wagram, austria, 2013    8.00
Josef Bauer 'Hengstberg' Riesling wagram, austria, 2012    11.00
Joseph Cattin Riesling alsace, france, 2012    9.00
Mar De Vinas Albariño rias baixas, spain, 2012    11.00
Esporao Verdelho alentejano, portugal, 2013    10.00
Raats Chenin Blanc stellenbosch, south africa, 2012    10.00
Acrobat Pinot Gris eugene, or, 2012    8.00
Alois Lageder Pinot Bianco alto adige, italy, 2012    9.00
Domaine Du Tariquet Sauvignon Blanc gascogne, france, 2013    8.00
Esk Valley Sauvignon Blanc marlborough, new zealand, 2011    11.00
Duckhorn Decoy Savignon Blanc napa valley, ca, 2013    11.00
Gavala Santorini santorini, greece, 2013    11.00
Stag's Leap Hands Of Time Chardonnay napa valley, ca, 2012    12.00
Vasse Felix Chardonnay margaret river, australia, 2012    12.00
Trefethen Chardonnay napa valley, ca, 2012    13.00


Domaine Du Tariquet Rosé gascogne, france, 2013    8.00


Franco Serra Dolcetto D'Alba alba, italy, 2012    8.00
Acrobat Pinot Noir willamette, or, 2012    12.00
Duckhorn Migration Pinot Noir russian river, ca, 2011    15.00
Domaine Armelle Et Bernard Rion burgundy, france, 2010    15.00
Martray Brouilly Vieilles Vignes Gamay rhône, france, 2006    9.00
Artesana Tannat canelones, uruguay, 2012    11.00
Avantis Syrah evia, greece, 2009    11.00
Andre Brunel Côtes Du Rhône rhône, france, 2011    8.00
Duas Quintas Tinta Roriz-Touriga Nacional douro, portugal, 2009    10.00
Kermit Lynch Côtes Du Rhône rhône, france, 2011    10.00
Viña Los Valles Tempranillo rioja, spain, 2011    8.00
Casa L'Angel Ecologic Syrah/Tempranillo valencia, spain, 2011    11.00
Terra D'Oro Zinfandel amador, ca, 2011    10.00
Federalist Zinfandel dry creek, ca, 2011    13.00
Finca Perdriel Colección Malbec perdriel, argentina, 2009    10.00
Duckhorn Decoy Merlot napa valley, ca, 2012    13.00
Cantarelles Cabernet Sauvignon costières de nîmes, france, 2011    10.00
Nxnw Cabernet Sauvignon columbia valley, wa, 2011.    15.00


Farmers Fishers Bakers
3000 K St NW
At Thomas Jefferson St NW
(202) 298-8783
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