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Founding Farmers

  • $$$
  • American (New), Vegetarian
  • 1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington 20006 38.900211 -77.043912
  • (Btwn 19th & 20th St NW)
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  • (202) 822-8783
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Whirley Pop Kettle Corn Pot     5.00
Jonny's BBQ Spiced Nuts     3.00
Pickled Seasonal Vegetables     4.00
Glazed Bacon Lollis     10.00
Devil-Ish Eggs: Classic     5.00
Devil-Ish Eggs: Seafood Combo     15.00
Garlic Black Pepper Wings     10.00
Fried Green Tomatoes     8.00
Blue Cheese Bacon Dates     10.00
Spicy Sausage Pei Mussels     14.00
Baby Cheeseburgers Choose 3 or 6    10.00  15.00

Soups & Salads

Today's Soup     6.00
Roasted Tomato Soup     6.00
Farmers Salad Avocado, dates, tomato, grapes, almonds, romano, olives    8.00  15.00
Blue Cheese Wedge Tomato, chives, ciabatta    8.00
Spinach Bacon Blue Egg, apple, balsamic onion, crispy shallots    8.00  15.00
Many Vegetable Avocado, egg, cannelini, peanuts, onion, romano    15.00
Chicken Salad Herbed mayo, almonds, blueberry, avocado, beets    15.00
Shrimp Louie Cobb Cucumber, mango, avocado, egg, potato, green onion    18.00
Fried Chicken Bacon, cheddar, avocado, onion, tomato    15.00
Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke Avocado, cabbage, onion, herbs, bell pepper    18.00

Handmade Pasta

Ham, Apple & Peas Mac & Cheese     15.00
Lobster Mac & Cheese     28.00
Creamy Vegetable Bacon Bucatini     15.00
Butternut Squash Mascarpone Ravioli     16.00
Seafood Bucatini Lobster, shrimp, cod, mussels    29.00
Sausage Mushroom Gnocchi     17.00
Chicken Bolognese Bucatini     18.00
Goat Cheese Ravioli With chicken cutlet    17.00
Shrimp & Sundried Tomato Bucatini     19.00

Sandwiches & Burger

Choice of fries, farmers chips or a crop list side

Cheeseburger     11.00
Chili Cheeseburger     13.00
Avocado Bacon Burger     13.00
Blue Cheese Balsamic Bacon Burger     13.00
Goat Cheese Burger     13.00
Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Ham add $2.00    11.00
Roasted Vegetable & Avocado     13.00
Shaved Pork Loin     12.00
Prime Rib Dip     18.00
Turkey, Gruyere & Honey Mustard     14.00
Farmers Slaw Reuben     14.00
Egg Salad     11.00
Butcher's Hot Dogs & Rolls Choose 3: Tomato chow-chow, blue cheese bacon, chili, chicken salad, crab add $2.00, shrimp add $2.00, pastrami add $2.00    13.00


Farm Breads Prosciutto fig mascarpone balsamic, pimento pickled tomato horseradish pimento cheese, brie onion jam crisp apple brie, pesto tomato chow-chow ricotta pine nuts, candy corn mascarpone apple chutney radish    9.00
Skillet Corn Bread Sea salted honey butter    5.00
Breads, Chips, Crisps Romesco, pimento cheese green goddess, onion dip    10.00

From the Range

Choice of two crop list sides

Long Roasted Pork Chop     19.00
BBQ Pork Ribs     22.00
Boneless Ribeye     24.00
Slow-Braised Beef Short Rib     26.00
Center Cut 8oz Filet     29.00
Meatloaf & Gravy     16.00
Land & Sea 8oz filet, choice of crab cake or lobster tail  
Salt Crusted Prime Rib    10oz 24.00 14oz 28.00
Butcher's Daily Cuts   


Mushroom Swiss Reuben     12.00
Rice & Bean Burger With Smoked Tofu     13.00
Cranberry & Brie Vegetable Burger     13.00
Many Vegetable Mushroom Loaf     16.00
Mushroom Meuniere & Risotto     17.00
Cauliflower Steak & Risotto     16.00


Chicken Pot Pie     15.00
Yankee Pot Roast     16.00
Chicken & Waffles Mac & cheese, rop list side    16.00
Shrimp & Grits, Andouille     19.00
Steak & Enchiladas     19.00
Rotisserie Chicken Drip pan potatoes, crop list side    16.00
Seasonal Chili     14.00
Farmhouse Platter Baby cheeseburgers, chili dog pork ribs, potato salad, corn    20.00

From the Sea

Today's Fish 2 crop list sides  
Simple Style Salt, pepper, lemon, butter  
Meuniee Butter, shallots, garlic, lemon  
Napa Provencal Capers, olives, cucumbers, onions  
Glazed Cedar Plank Salmon 2 crop list sides    24.00
Crab Cakes 2 crop list sides    30.00
Diver Scallops Meuniere Butternut risotto    24.00
Crispy Shrimp Cornbread, slaw, fries    19.00
Fish & Chips White beer    15.00

Crop List Sides

Cucumber & Snow Peas     6.00
Mint Watermelon Sea salt    6.00
Green Beans Candied lemon    6.00
Pearl Pasta Zucchini, raisins, pine nuts    6.00
Red Potatoes Double whipped    6.00
Potato Salad Pickled veggie    6.00

Made Daily 100% From Scratch

House-Churned Ice Cream or Sorbet Choose: Vanilla bean deep chocolate strawberry flavor of the season today's sorbet    3.00
Warm Cookies Shortbread, macaroon, chocolate chunk peanut butter, snickerdoodle    5.00
The Very Best Milkshake Choose: Vanilla bean deep chocolate strawberry bananas foster    6.00
Farmer Ellen's Carrot Cake Cream cheese frosting vanilla bean ice cream    8.00
Red Velvet Cake Cocoa, cream cheese frosting vanilla bean ice cream    8.00
Seasonal Fruit Crisp Brown sugar-oat crumble vanilla bean ice cream    8.00
Triple Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake Devil's food cake, strawberry ice cream semi-sweet chocolate ganache    8.00
Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Vanilla bean ice cream    8.00
Chocolate Mousse Bowl For Two Hazelnut crunch, whipped cream caramel sauce    10.00
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Seasonal compote topping    8.00
Uncle Buck's Beignets Raspberry coulis, caramel sauce semi sweet chocolate sauce    8.00

Coffee, Espresso and Tea

Coffee     4.00
Iced Coffee     4.00
Macchiato     3.00
Cappuccino     4.00
Cafe Latte     4.00
Mocha     4.00
Afe Americano     3.00
Cortado     4.00
Gibraltar     4.00
Hot Chocolate     4.00
Double Espresso     4.00

Compass Coffee French Press

Compass Coffee French Press    2 Cups 6.00 4 Cups 9.00

T-Salon Teas

Farmers Custom Blend     4.00
Chelsea Breakfast     4.00
Chelsea Chai     4.00
Morrocan Mint     4.00
Coconut Green Tea     4.00
Queen of Earl     4.00
Balance     4.00
White Whispering Heaven     4.00
Upaya     4.00
Chamomile Lavender     4.00



Share Plates

Serves 2 or 3

Uncle Buck's Beignets Raspberry, chocolate & caramel sauces    8.00
Peanut Butter Banana Toast Marshmallow creme chocolate pearls    8.00

Fresh Start

Oatmeal With Fixings     5.00
Berry Yogurt & Granola     8.00
Bourbon Batter French Toast     7.00

Stuffed French Toast

With vanilla pastry cream

Maple Cinnamon Syrup     8.00
Fresh Strawberries & Cream     10.00
Bananas Foster     10.00

Farmhouse Waffles

Maple Cinnamon Syrup     6.00
Fresh Strawberries & Cream     8.00
Bananas Foster     8.00

Buttermilk Pancakes

Original     7.00
Whipped Blueberry Butter     9.00
Bananas Foster     9.00
Red Velvet     8.00
Carrot Cake     8.00

Founding Farmers Breakfast

Founding Farmers Breakfast Two eggs, seasonal preserves: Choice of meat, breakfast pork sausage chicken apple sausage applewood smoked bacon. Choice of bread, english muffin multigrain toast grilled buttered ciabatta. Choice of side leek hash browns, grits farmers salad seasonal fruit tomatoes bacon upgrade add $3.00 thick cut bacon. Choose specialty glaze black pepper maple texas BBQ sauce hot sauce sweet & sour side upgrade add $2.00 substitute additional side for bread    9.00

Farmhouse Fare

Breakfast Chicken & Waffles Scrambled eggs white gravy    12.00
Breakfast Meats A La Carte Thick cut bacon pork sausage chicken sausage maple cured ham    6.00

From The Range

Leek hash browns, tomatoes, choice of bread

Maple Cured Ham & Eggs     12.00
Ranch Steak & Eggs     14.00


Choice of one side

Traditional With Ham     10.00
Tomato Florentine     10.00
Crab     14.00
Sausage & Gravy     12.00

Pan Scrambles

Choice of bread and one side

Sausage, Mushroom & Spinach     12.00
Roasted Vegetable Onion, carrot, broccoli, bell pepper, spinach    10.00

Poached Egg Hashes

Choice of bread

Beef Pastrami Onion, bell pepper, hollandaise    10.00
Goat Cheese & Beet Onion, bell pepper, hollandaise    12.00
Hangover Hash Chili, pimento cheese, chedd    12.00

Eye Openers

Southside Beefeater gin, bitters mint, lemon    10.00
Strawberry Fizz American harvest vodka, lime strawberry, egg white, vanilla    10.00
Bloody Mary Infused pepper vodka FF spicy bloody mary blend    12.00
Bellini Pureed white peaches prosecco, peach cordial    12.00
Mimosa Orange juice, prosecco    12.00
Ramos Gin Fizz Beefeater gin, egg white milk, citrus, vanilla    14.00
Pimm's Cup Pimm no 1, curacao FF ginger beer, lime cucumber, mint    12.00
Corpse Reviver Bombay gin, kubler absinthe cointreau, lillet blanc, lemon    12.00

Coffee & Tea

Compass Coffee French Press    2 Cups 6.00 4 Cups 9.00

Espresso & Chocolate

Coffee     4.00
Iced Coffee     4.00
Macchiato     3.00
Cappuccino     4.00
Cafe Latte     4.00
Mocha     4.00
Cafe Americano     3.00
Cortado     4.00
Gibraltar     4.00
Hot Chocolate     4.00
Double Espresso     3.00

T Salon Teas

Farmers Custom     4.00
Blend Queen of Earl     4.00
Chelsea Chai     4.00
Morrocan Mint     4.00
Coconut Green Tea     4.00
Chelsea Breakfast     4.00
Balance     4.00
White Whispering Heaven     4.00
Upaya     4.00
Chamomile Lavender     4.00


New York Egg Cream Chocolate syrup, milk jerk soda classic, vanilla    4.00
Today's Rickey Lime juice, jerk soda today's syrup    4.00
Scratch Soda Grapefruit, lemon lime orange, ginger, hibiscus vanilla, seasonal    5.00
Manhattan Soda Coffee, espresso, agave jerk soda, whipped cream    5.00
Today's Phosphate     4.00
FF Lemonade     4.00
FF Arnold Palmer     4.00
Farmers Tea     4.00


Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Btwn 19th & 20th St NW
(202) 822-8783
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