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Full Kee

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  • Chinese, Noodles, Vietnamese
  • 5830 Columbia Pike, Falls Church 22041 38.849332 -77.13244
  • (Btwn Courtland Dr & Leesburg Pike)
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  • (703) 575-8232
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Mon Khai Vi


Vegetable Roll    (2) 3.25
Spring Roll    (2) 3.25
Fried Wonton    (6) 2.50
Steamed Or Fried Dumpling    (6) 6.50
Crab Rangoon    (4) 3.75
Beef Or Chicken On Stick    (4) 4.75

Mon Do Nguoi

Cold Appetizers.

Gio Nguoi boneless pig's knuckle    6.95
Goi Sua cold jelly fish    6.95
Muc Pha Lau marinated cuttlefish    6.95
Ruot Heo Pha Lau marinated intestines    6.95
Pha Lau Thap Cam marinated combination    6.95
Da Heo Cu Cai Trang pig skin turnip    6.95
Huyet Vit Hanh Gung ginger scallion duck blood    6.95
Da Heo Xao Huyet Vit pig's skin with duck blood    6.95
Bo Kho beef brisket    6.95
Ruot Heo Chien Don deep fried intestines    7.95
Goi Sua Va Thit Vit Quay jelly fish with duck meat    12.95
Goi Sua Va Gio Nguoi jelly fish with pig's knuckle    12.95
Luoi Vit Pha Lau marinated duck tongue    13.95


Hot & Sour Soup *    1.75
Egg Drop Soup     1.75
Wonton Soup     1.75
Soup Ga Bap Ngot chicken corn soup   (for 2) 7.95
Soup Tau Hu Thit Heo Spinach spinach with pork & tofu soup   (for 2) 7.95
Soup Do Bien Tau Hu seafood tofu soup   (for 2) 9.95
Soup Thit Bo Bam minced beef with cilantro soup   (for 2) 8.95
Soup Mang Cua crab meat asparagus soup   (for 2) 12.95
Soup Bap Ngot Bong Bong Ca fish maw sweet corn soup   (for 2) 12.95
Soup Cua Bong Bong Ca crab meat fish maw soup   (for 2) 12.95
Soup Cua Vi Ca crab meat shark fin soup   (for 2) 25.95

Ga, Vit Quay Hong Kong

Hong Kong Style BBQ.

Ga Hap Muoi ginger scallion chicken   (1/2) 10.50 whole 19.95
Ga Xi Dau soy sauce chicken   whole 19.95 (1/2) 10.50
Vit Quay roast duck   whole 20.95 (1/2) 11.00
Xa Xiu roast pork   lbs 10.50
Bo Cau Ro-Ti (1) roast squab  
Peking Duck    (1/2) 14.95 whole 24.95
Heo Quay roast pig   (1lb) 10.95
Vit Nuong Chao butterfly duck   (1/2) 12.95 whole 22.95

Com Dia $6.95

Meal On Rice.

Com Dia Tom Sot Hot Ga baby shrimp & egg on rice  
Com Dia Cai Ngot Thit Bo sauteed beef & vegetable on rice  
Com Dia Thit Bo Bam minced beef on rice  
Com Dia Bo Kho beef brisket on rice  
Com Dia Ga Xi Dau soy chicken on rice  
Com Dia Vit Quay roast duck on rice  
Com Dia Xa Xiu roast pork on rice  



Chao Then Chay congee with minced beef, squid, pig skin & peanut    6.50
Chao Trang Nguyen congee with meat ball, pig's tripe, kidney & liver    6.50
Chao Thit Bo Bam congee with minced beef    6.50
Chao Thit Nat Trung Bach Thao congee with preserved egg & pork    6.50
Chao Thit Bo congee with sliced beef    6.50
Chao Gang Va Cat Heo congee with pig's liver & kidney    6.50
Chao Huyer congee with duck blood    6.50
Chao Ca Canada congee with canadian cod fish    9.50

Mi, Hu Tieu Nuoc

Hong Kong Style Noodles Soup.

Mi Ca Do Vien fish ball noodle soup    6.50
Mi Hoanh Thanh Tom shrimp wonton noodle soup    6.50
Mi Sui Cao shrimp dumpling noodle soup    6.50
Mi Xa Xiu roast pork noodle soup    6.50
Mi Thit Heo Do Vien meat ball noodle soup    6.50
Soup Hoanh Thanh Tom shrimp wonton soup    6.75
Soup Sui Cao shrimp dumpling soup    6.75
Mi Bo Kho beef brisket noodle soup    6.95
Mi Ga Xi Dau soy chicken noodle soup    6.95
Mi Vit Quay roast duck noodle soup    6.95
Mi Long Bo beef tripe noodle soup    6.95
Bun Nuoc Cai Tuyet Man pickled cabbage vermicelli soup. choice of duck, chicken, pork    12.95

Hu Tieu, Mi Xao Don & Bun Xao

Chow Foon & Pan Fried Noodle.

Mi Xao Don / Hu Tieu Xao Do Bien seafood pan fried noodle or chow foon    12.95
Mi Xao Don / Hu Tieu Xao Thap Cam assorted pan fried noodle or chow foon    12.95
Mi Xao Don Chay / Hu Tieu Xao Chay vegetarian pan fried noodle or chow foon    11.95
Mi Xao Don Thit Bo / Hu Tieu Bo Cai Lan beef chinese broccoli pan fried noodle or chow foon    11.95
Hu Tieu Thit Bo Xao Kho dry stir fried beef chow foon    11.95
Hu Tieu Trieu Chau "good deal" chow foon    11.95
Bun Xao Singapore * vermicelli singapore style    11.95
Bun Xao Phuco Kien vermicelli har mon style    11.95
Bun Xao Dai Bang vermicelli tai pang style    12.95
Mi Chay Xao Kho dry fried vegetables egg noodle    11.95
Mi Quang Dong Xao Thit Cua crab meat cantonese style e-mein    14.95
Mi Quang Dong Xao Chay vegetarian cantonese style e-mein    11.95

Full Kee House Special

Do Bien Ngo Sen Xao Xot X.O seafood combo w. x.o. sauce    16.95
Can Tim Don Tom Tuong Den eggplant stuffed shrimp paste in black bean sauce    12.95
Tau Hu Don Tom Tuong Den bean curd stuffed shrimp paste black bean sauce    12.95
Ba Mon Don Tom Tuong Den stuffed tofu, eggplant, pepper black bean sauce    13.95
Tom Boc Scallop Tuong Den scallop stuffed shrimp paste in black bean sauce    15.95
Cai Chua Xao Ruot Heo sour cabbage w. intestine    12.95
Cai Chua Xao Thit Bo sour cabbage w. beef    12.95
Cai Chua Xao Muc Tuoi sour cabbage w. squid    12.95
Bong He Thit Ga Xao Ca Man salt fish chicken w. chive flower    12.95
Tau Hu Tay Thi tofu balls in crab meat gravy    12.95
Bit Tet Tieu Den Trong Dia Nong sizzling steak w. black pepper sauce    14.95
Suon Bo Tieu Den Trong Dia Nong sizzling short rib in black pepper sauce    14.95
Bit Tet Quang Dong Trong Dia Nong sizzling steak cantonese style    14.95
Bo Luc Lac diced of beef w. broccoli in black pepper sauce    14.95
Thit Bo Xao Cai Lan Tau chinese broccoli w. beef    12.95
Bo Xao Mang & Dong Co beef w. bamboo shoot & black mushroom    12.95
Sucon Chua Ngot H.K. sweet & sour pork chop h.k.    11.95
Suon Heo Kinh Do pork chop kingdom style    11.95
Suon Heo Rang Muoi crispy spicy pork chop    11.95
Tau Hu Chien Don Rang Muoi crispy spicy bean curd    11.95
Cua Lot Rang Muoi deep fried spicy soft shell crab    15.95
Muc Rang Muoi crispy spicy squid    12.95
Tom, Muc & Scallop Rang Muoi crispy spicy shrimp, scallop & squid    13.95
Tom Bu Nguyen Con Rang Muoi deep fried spicy prawn    20.95
Tom Chien Don Rang Muoi deep fried spicy jumbo shrimp    15.95
Tom Rang Muoi * deep fried spicy head on shrimp    11.95
Tom Luot Cham Tuong steamed head on shrimp    11.95
Tom Hap Toi steamed head on shrimp w. garlic    11.95
Tom Tieu Den Dia Nong sizzling shrimp in black pepper sauce    15.95
Scallop Tieu Den Dia Nong sizzling scallop in black pepper sauce    15.95
Oc Huong Tieu Den Dia Nong sizzling conch in black pepper sauce  
Oc Huong Xao Tuong Den conch in black bean sauce  
Oc Huong Xao He Vang stir fried conch w. yellow chive  
Tom Hat Dao Xot Me Ne fried walnut shrimp in mayonnaise sauce    16.95
Bao Ngu Dong Co Cai Be Xanh abalone black mushroom w. green mustard    38.95
Ca Canada canada cod fish fillet. steamed deep fried, crispy spicy    20.95
Ca Luoi Trau whole flounder w. choice of cooking. steamed, deep fried  
Ca Luoi Trau whole flounder fillet stir fried w. vegetables over crispy bone  

Do Bien Loi Nuoc

Live Seafood.

Ca Phi tilapia. steamed or sweet sour or deep fried  
Tom Hum / Cua Bu Canada lobster / dungeness crab. cooking: ginger scallion, fried w. pepper, spicy ground pork  
Ech frog. ginger scallion or chives, spicy deep fried    16.95
Ngheu baby clam. black bean sauce    12.95
Ngheu thit bam    14.95
Hao Nguyen Con Hap Tuong Den steamed jumbo oyster with black bean sauce  

Noi Nong


Noi Do Bien Tau Hu seafood tofu casserole    15.95
Noi Do Bien Ca Tim seafood eggplant casserole    15.95
Noi Hao Hanh Gung oyster ginger scallion casserole    15.95
Noi Ca Tim Suon Bo Sate eggplant short rib in sate sauce casserole    15.95
Noi Tom Tau Hu Nam Kim Cham shrimp w. tofu & golden mushroom casserole    13.95
Noi Tau Hu Thap Cam assorted meat & seafood tofu casserole    13.95
Noi Dac Biet Full Kee full kee special casserole    15.95
Noi Rau Thap Cam Bun Tau vermicelli vegetable casserole    11.95
Noi Thap Cam Long Bo beef tripe combo casserole    14.95
Noi Bo Kho Cu Cai Trang beef brisket w. turnip casserole    12.95
Noi Thit De Hu Ky lamb w. bean curd thread casserole    13.95
Noi Ga Ca Tim Sate eggplant chicken sate casserole    13.95
Noi Ga Ca Tim Man chicken eggplant salt fish casserole    13.95
Noi Ga Tau Hu Ca Man chicken tofu salt fish casserole    13.95
Noi Ca Tim Thit Bam eggplant ground pork casserole    13.95
Noi Ech Mang Dong Co frog w. bamboo shoot black mushroom    16.95
Noi Ca Canada Tau Hu canadian cod fish tofu casserole    20.95
Noi Bo Sate Nam Kim Cham beef mushroom in sate sauce hot pot    13.95

Rau Cai


Rau Xao Thap Cam mixed vegetables   dinner 8.95 lunch 5.95
Xao Dau Que sauteed string bean   dinner 8.95 lunch 5.95
Ca Tim Xao Cay U-Siang eggplant in garlic sauce   dinner 9.95
Rau Xao Cuon Banh Trang moo shu vegetables   lunch 5.95 dinner 8.95
Tau Hu Chien Xao Cai Xanh fried bean curd w. vegetables   dinner 10.95
Do Chay Xao Tau Hu buddha delight w. tofu   dinner 10.95
Do Chay La Han buddhist's delight   dinner 10.95
Xao Cai Lan stir fried chinese broccoli   dinner 10.95
Xao Cai Spinach stir fried spinach   dinner 10.95
Xao Rau Muong stir fried chinese watercress   dinner 11.95
Xao La Dau Hoa Lan stir fried snow pea leaves   dinner 12.95
Xao Bong He stir fried chive flower   dinner 11.95
Dong Co Tiem Cai Xanh black mushroom w. vegetable   dinner 12.95
La Dau Hoa Lan Nau Trung Bach Thao snow pea leaves w. preserved egg   dinner 14.95


Lunch $6.95 / Dinner $11.95.

Shrimp Hunan Style *  
Shrimp In Garlic Sauce *  
Shrimp In Lobster Sauce   
Sweet & Sour Shrimp   
Shrimp with broccoli  
Triple Delight   
Scallop Peking Style   
Shrimp & Scallop Peking Style    dinner 12.95
General Shrimp *   dinner 12.95
Shrimp Szechuan Style *   dinner 13.95
Seafood Combo w. mixed vegetables   dinner 13.95


Lunch $6.50 / Dinner $10.95

Beef Hunan Style *  
Beef Szechuan Style *  
Beef w. broccoli  
Beef w. snow peas  
Beef w. green pepper  
Beef & Scallop w. mixed vegetables   dinner 12.95
Orange Beef *   dinner 12.95
Sesame Beef    dinner 12.95


Lunch / Dinner.

Chicken Hunan Style *    8.95  6.25
Moo Goo Gai Pan     8.95  6.25
Kung Pao Chicken *    8.95  6.25
Chicken Cashew Nut     8.95  6.25
Szechuan Chicken *    6.25  8.95
Chicken & Scallop w. mixed vegetables    10.95  6.50
Sweet & Sour Chicken     6.50  10.95
Lemon Chicken     6.50  10.95
General Tso's Chicken *    6.50  10.95
Orange Chicken *    6.50  10.95
Sesame Chicken     6.50  10.95


Lunch $6.25 / Dinner $8.95.

Pork Hunan Style *  
Sweet & Sour Pork   
Moo Shu Pork   
Roast Pork Snow Peas   
Pork Szechuan Style *  
Double Cooked Pork *  
Ma Po Tofu *  

Fried Rice, Lo Mein & Chow Mein

Soft Noodle. Crispy Noodle On Top. Choice Of

Vegetables chicken/roast pork/beef   dinner 7.95 lunch 5.75
Shrimp Or Combination shrimp, beef & chicken   dinner 8.95 lunch 5.95
Com Chien Duong Chau yang chow fried rice    9.95
Com Chien Ga Ca Man chicken salt fish fried rice    10.95
Com Chien Tay Thi chef's special seafood fried rice    13.95


Full Kee
5830 Columbia Pike
Btwn Courtland Dr & Leesburg Pike
(703) 575-8232
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