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Harmony Cafe

  • $$
  • Chinese, Noodles, Vegetarian
  • 3287 1/2 M St NW, Washington 20007 38.905388 -77.065389
  • (At 33rd St NW)
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  • (202) 338-3881
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A1. Spring Roll (2)     4.25
A2. Vegetable Spring Roll (2)     4.25
A3. Japanese Dumplings (4)     4.95
A4. Nippon Tofu     4.25
A5. Fried Wonton (10)     4.50
A6. Lettuce Wrap Vegetable with chicken    5.95
A7. Crispy Shiitake Mushroom     5.00
A8. Steamed Wonton In Hot Szechuan Sauce (10)     4.50
A9. Satay Tofu     4.25
A10. Sesame Tofu Tangy Sauce     4.25
A11. Steam Rice Roll (2)     4.25
A12. B.B.Q Pork     6.95

Cold Appetizer $6.95

CA1. Tangy Shredded Chicken, Szechuan Style*   
CA2. Boo Boo Chicken   
CA3. Summer Roll Or Vegetable Summer Roll (2)   


SK1. Chicken Yakitori     6.95
SK2. Beef Teriyaki     6.95
SK3. Lemongrass Chicken or Beef Vietnamese Style     6.95
SK4. Satay Malaysian Style*     6.95
SK5. Vegetarian Skewer     5.50

Soup $4

Vegetarian Version Available

SP1. Wonton Soup veggie wonton soup  
SP2. Hot & Sour Soup veggie hot & sour soup  
SP3. Miso Tofu Seaweed with vegetable soup  
SP4. Chicken Corn Soup veggie soup  
SP5. Egg Drop Soup   


SL1. Garden Salad Four Season     4.95
SL2. Oriental Chicken Salad     6.95

Combination Special $6.95

11:30 AM - 3:30 PM, Vegetarian Version Available, Served With Rice, Spring Roll and Salad

1. Orange Flavored Chicken*   
2. General Tso's Chicken*   
3. Sesame Chicken   
4. Kung Pao Chicken*   
5. Chicken With Cashew Nuts   
6. Chicken Four Season   
7. Beef Broccoli   
8. Roast Pork with string bean  
9. Vegetable Four Season   
10. Crispy Tofu Tomato Sauce   

Fried Rice $8.50

Vegetarian Version Available

FR1. Roast Pork Fried Rice   
FR2. Shrimp, Beef and Chicken Fried Rice   
FR3. Vegetable Fried Rice   
FR4. Chicken Curry Flavored Fried Rice   

Noodle, Rice Noodle & Udon

Vegetarian Version Available

N1. Nabeyaki Udon shrimp, chicken, fish, vegetable in rich broth    15.95
N2. Wonton Noodle Soup hong kong style    8.95
N3. Lo Mein vegetables and noodles with choice of meat    8.95
N4. Golden Pan Fried Noodle crispy noodle with shrimp, chicken, beef, mushroom and vegetable on top    12.95
N5. Beef With Broccoli Chow Fun, Hong Kong Style stir fried flat noodle topped with beef broccoli, oyster bean sauce    8.95
N6. Beef Chow Fun sliced beef flat rice noodle, bean sprout, onion, scallion, stir fried with cantonese sweet soy sauce hong kong favorite    8.95
N7. Malaysian Spicy Chow Fun     8.95
N8. Singapore Curry Vermicelli     8.95
N9. Noodle In Hot Spicy Pepper Soup noodles with shrimp, chicken beef, onion, spring onion and napa cabbage in - hot spicy pepper soup hot    8.95
N10. Cold Noodle chilled noodle with shredded chicken & vegetable, served with sesame peanut sauce    8.95
N12. Spicy Mince Chicken Noodle     8.95
N13. Spicy Rice Noodle with beef, shrimp, chicken    8.95
N14. Drunken Noodles     8.95
N15. Pad Tai     8.95

Pork - Vergi Pork

Lunch / Dinner, Served With Rice, Vegetarian Version Available

P1. Moo Shi Pork stir fried shredded vegetable & pork, served with 4 crepe and home made hoisin b.b.q. sauce    8.95  5.50
P2. Roast Pork with String Bean sliced roast pork stir fried with brown sauce    8.95  5.50
P3. Shredded Pork Peking Style     8.95  5.50
P4. Tinkling Bells with Roast Pork & Shrimp hong kong style fried wonton, green pepper, onion, sauteed in tomato sweet and sour sauce    9.95  6.95
P5. Pork In Garlic Sauce*     8.95  5.50

Clay Pot $15.95

Served With Rice, Vegetarian Version Available

CP1. Assorted Meat & Seafood with Fried Tofu roast pork, shrimp, chicken shiitake mushroom, bamboo shoot, snow peas, sauteed with ginger and garlic brown sauce  
CP2. Special Szechuan Beef Tofu In Clay Pot* sliced beef fresh tofu, napa, bamboo shoot, mushroom, celery braised with spicy szechuan peppercorn sauce  
CP3. Vegetarian Flavor Clay Pot fried tofu eggplant, shiitake, mushroom, vegetable and vermicelli with light brown bean sauce  
CP4. Supreme Curry Clay Pot carrot, onion, green pepper, coconut milk, spices, herbs and chef's curry paste, your choice of chicken beef or shrimp  

Seafood - Veggie Shrimp

Lunch / Dinner, Served With Rice, Vegetarian Version Available

S1. Kung Pao Shrimp shrimp, water chestnuts, peanuts, pepper with specials spicy chili sauce hot    8.95  10.95
S2. Shrimp With Cashew Nuts shrimp with green pepper, water chestnuts, mushroom with garlic sauce    8.95  10.95
S3. Jumbo Shrimp Garlic Sauce jumbo shrimp, green pepper, water chestnuts, mushroom with garlic sauce    10.95  8.95
S4. Jumbo Shrimp Four Season broccoli, baby corn, mushroom, bamboo shoot, snow peas, carrot, water chestnuts, with house special sauce    8.95  10.95
S5. Salmon With Szechuan Tomato Sauce light fried salmon filet with diced green peppers, water chestnuts, shiitake onion, and szechuan sweet and sour sauce on top, spicy available   dinner 12.95
S6. Crispy Salmon, Hunan Style deep fried salmon fish filet with hot hunan bean sauce   dinner 12.95
S7. Vegetarian Crispy Fish sweet & sour sauce   dinner 8.95
S8. Salmon Teriyaki salmon fish with homemade teriyaki sauce with vegetable   dinner 12.95
S9. Sesame Salmon fish filet deep fried sauteed in a sweet and brown sauce   dinner 12.95
S10. Shrimp Szechuan Style    dinner 10.95
S11. Sweet & Sour Shrimp    dinner 12.95
S12. Jumbo Shrimp Curry     10.95  8.95
S13. Sweet & Sour Salmon    dinner 12.95

Chicken - Veggie Chicken

Lunch / Dinner. Served With Rice, Vegetarian Version Available

C1. Kung Pao Chicken* red pepper peanuts, with special spicy chili sauce. hot    8.95  6.95
C2. Chicken with Cashew Nuts     6.95  8.95
C3. Chicken Four Season broccoli, baby corn, mushroom, bamboo shoots, snow peas, carrot, water chestnuts with brown sauce    8.95  6.95
C4. Chicken with Garlic Sauce* shredded chicken, water chestnut, celery green pepper, mushroom, bamboo shoots and garlic sauce    6.95  8.95
C5. Chicken and String Bean slice chicken stir fried with brown sauce    8.95  6.95
C6. Orange Flavored Chicken* crispy chicken sauteed hot spicy sauce    9.95  7.50
C7. General Tso's Chicken* crispy chicken with special chili tangy sauce    9.95  7.50
C8. Sesame Chicken crispy chicken with sesame sweet tangy sauce    7.50  9.95
C9. Sweet & Sour Chicken     7.50  9.95
C10. Singapore Chicken Curry* chicken with potato onion, carrots, herbs and spicy chef's curry paste    8.95  6.95
C11 Hunan Chicken*     6.95  8.95
C12. Mongolian Chicken*     8.95  6.95
C13. Moo Shi Chicken    dinner 8.95
C14. Chicken In Plum Sauce     6.95  8.95

Chef's Specialties

Served with Rice Except Noodle Dishes

1. Spicy Salted Crispy Shrimp*     16.95
2. Ginger Chicken*     11.95
3. Jumbo Shrimp and Salmon Imperial shrimp, salmon fillet, broccoli, mushroom, baby corn, bamboo shoot and snow peas brown sauce    15.95
4. Steam Jumbo Shrimp Tofu with broccoli    12.95
5. Crisp Tofu with shrimp bean szechuan style    9.95
6. Supper Spicy Chicken* w/bamboo shoots    9.95
7. Jumbo Shrimp, Beef And Chicken With Mixed Vegetables     12.95


Lunch / Dinner, Served With Rice, Vegetarian Version Available * Hot And Spicy.

V1. Kung Pao Tofu*     8.95  6.95
V2. String Bean Szechuan Style*     6.95  8.95
V3. Ma Po Tofu (or with Eggplant)* a spicy chinese favorite featuring bean curd and bean sauce    8.95  6.95
V4. Bean Curd with Vegetable, Home Style fresh fried bean curd with vegetable sauteed in brown bean sauce   dinner 8.95
V5. Broccoli Mushroom with Snow Peas stir-fried with brown sauce    6.95  8.95
V6. Crisp Tofu Tomato Sauce crispy fried tofu with green pepper, carrot and onion sauteed in tomato, sweet and sour sauce    6.95  8.95
V7. Seaweed Tofu with Mushroom & Vegetable     12.95  9.95
V8. Eggplant with Garlic Sauce*    dinner 8.95
V9. Crispy Eggplant with Black Bean Sauce*    dinner 8.95
V10. Eight Treasure Eggplant diced eggplant, bean curd, string bean, pepper, shiitake mushroom, stir fried with special ginger sauce    6.95  8.95
V11. Mixed Vegetable Four Season fried tofu with all our vegetable and mushroom stir fried with brown sauce    6.95  8.95
V12. Tofu In Garlic Sauce*     6.95  8.95
V13. Moo Shi Vegetable    dinner 8.95
V14. Broccoli & Water Chestnuts In Garlic Sauce*     8.95  6.95
V15. General Tso's Tofu*     8.95  6.95
V16. Broccoli String Bean Brown Sauce     8.95  6.95
V17. Steam Your Choice of Vegetable     8.95  6.95

Beef - Veggie Beef

Lunch / Dinner, Served With Rice, Vegetarian Version Available

B1. Shredded Beef, Szechuan Style* beef with carrot, celery and spring onion plum chili tangy sauce   dinner 15.95
B2. Beef Snow Peas & Shitake Mushroom slices of beef stir fried with water chestnut, bamboo shoots, carrot in light brown sauce    7.95  9.95
B3. Beef with Red & Green Pepper chef's black beef sauce, can be spicy    7.95  9.95
B4. Beef String Bean sliced beef stir fried with string bean in ginger brown sauce    7.95  9.95
B5. Beef Broccoli and Snow Pea with Mushroom tender sliced beer crunchy broccoli in special brown sauce    7.95  9.95
B6. Hunan Beef* sliced beef broccoli, bamboo shoots, mushroom with garlic hunan sauce hot    7.95  9.95
B7. Mongolian Beef sliced beef, spring onion, bamboo shoots with plum bean sauce    7.95  9.95
B8. Veggie Orange Beef*    dinner 10.95
B9. Veggie Sesame Beef    dinner 10.95
B10. Veggie Sweet And Sour Pork Chop    dinner 10.95


Served With Rice, Vegetarian Version Available

GR1. Beef Steak Teriyaki tender sirloin steak with homemade teriyaki sauce. served with vegetable    13.95
Gr5. Bake Vegetable Curry (Available With Meat) broccoli, potato, carrot, onion, green pepper, string bean, mushroom, herbs and spices, asian favorite dishes    11.95


Sesame Banana     5.00


Mix Drink     6.00
Fruit Juice     2.00
Soft Drink    gl 1.25
Tea     3.50
Water     1.50


Imported     3.95
Domestic     2.95

Wine By The Glass

Glass     3.50
Half Carafe     10.00
Full Carafe     19.50
Chardonnay     4.95
Blush     3.95
Sake Wine     6.95
Plum Wine     5.95


Harmony Cafe
3287 1/2 M St NW
At 33rd St NW
(202) 338-3881
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