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House of Fortune

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  • Chinese
  • 6715 Lowell Ave, McLean 22101 38.932544 -77.176022
  • (Btwn Emerson Ave & Old Dominion Dr)
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  • (703) 821-3779
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A1. Spring Rolls    (2) 3.50
A2. Veggie Spring Rolls    (2) 3.50
A3. Egg Rolls    (2) 3.50
A4. Honey Pecans     3.50
A5. Shrimp Purse flour skin stuffed with ground shrimp & then fried to a golden brown   (6) 5.95
A6. Pan Fried Or Steamed Dumplings    (6) 5.95
A7. Sweet & Sour Spareribs     5.95
A8. Beef Stick    (4) 5.95
A9. Chicken Stick    (4) 5.95
A10. Fried Chicken Wings In A Spicy Teriyaki Sauce    (6) 5.95
A11. Hot And Spicy Shrimp Wonton *    (6) 5.95
A12. Pu Pu Tray an assortment of shrimp purse (beef or chicken stick) spring rolls, dumpling spareribs   (for 2) 10.95


S1. Pork Wonton Soup    (2) 2.25
S2. Shrimp Wonton Soup    (3) 3.25
S3. Chicken Corn Soup     2.25
S4. Hot & Sour Soup *     2.25
S5. Seafood Chowder chopped shrimp, scallops, fish, peas, and mushrooms, cooked with egg whites in chicken broth   (for two) 7.95
S6. Hot & Sour Fish Chowder    (for two) 6.95
S7. Fish Chowder chopped fish and snow cabbage, cooked with egg whites in chicken broth   (for two) 6.95
S8. Beef Chowder    (for two) 6.95
S9. Vegetable Tofu Soup    (for two) 5.95

Fried Rice & Noodle

F1. Combination Fried Rice chicken, shrimp & beef    7.50  8.95
F2. Vegetables Fried Rice     8.95  7.50
N1. Combination Lo Mein chicken, shrimp & beef    8.95  7.50
N2. Vegetable Lo Mein Baby Corn     8.95  7.50
N3. Combination Pan Fried Noodle chicken, shrimp, and beef sauteed with broccoli, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and carrots, in oyster sauce, served over pan-fried noodles    13.95
N4. Pan Fried Seafood Noodle shrimp, scallops, and squid sauteed with broccoli, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and carrots, in oyster sauce, served over pan-fried noodles    15.95
N5. Singapore Rice Noodle chicken, and shrimp sauteed with cabbage, onions, green and red peppers, eggs, and curry power    9.95
N6. Pad Thai * rice noodles sauteed with onions, green and red peppers, eggs and peanuts in a tamarind paste sauce    9.95
N7. Spicy Szechuan Beef Noodle Soup * noodles & chunks of beef in a hot and spicy szechuan style beef broth    10.95
N8. Northern Chinese Style Noodle Soup shrimp, pork, napa, cabbage, bamboo shoots, mountain mushrooms, eggs, and noodles in chicken broth    8.95
N9. Pork And Pickled Cabbage Noodle Soup     8.95
N10. Cold Noodles cold noodles with cucumber and bean sprouts in a peanut butter sauce    7.95
N11. Black Bean Paste Noodles minced pork, bamboo shoots, and dry bean curd in black bean paste    8.95


Lunch $8.95 / Dinner $12.95. S1-S12 Choice Of Scallop, Squid, Fish Or Combination Additional $2

S1. Lemon Pepper Shrimp   
S2. Shrimp Broccoli with brown sauce  
S3. Hunan Shrimp *   
S4. Kung Pao Shrimp *   
S5. Hot Spicy Shrimp *   
S6. Shrimp * with black bean sauce  
S7. Shrimp In A Garlic Sauce *   
S8. Shrimp Oyster Sauce   
S9. Shrimp with snow peas in white sauce  
S10. Shrimp Nuts Chicken In A Plum Sauce   
S11. Vegetables Shrimp In Brown Sauce   
S12. Shrimp Chili Sauce *   
S13. Mongolian Shrimp   
S14. Shrimp Hot Peppers * with tomato sauce  
S15. Sweet And Sour Shrimp   
S16. Shrimp with lobster sauce  
S17. Fish Peppery Broth * with spicy sauce.   dinner 14.95


Lunch $6.95 / Dinner $8.95

V1. Eggplant In Garlic Sauce *   
V2. Broccoli In Garlic Sauce *   
V3. Stir Fried Broccoli * with dry red pepper  
V4. Tofu Family Style * deep fried tofu sauteed with cabbage, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms in spicy brown sauce  
V5. Hunan Tofu * tofu, black beans, scallions, and fresh hot peppers sauteed in a spicy brown sauce  
V6. Kung Pao Tofu *   
V7. General Tso's Tofu   
V8. Ma Po Tofu * with beef. soft bean curd sauteed with minced beef in a hot chili sauce  
V9. Mixed Vegetables with tofu  
V10. Mixed Vegetables   
V11. String Beans Szechuan Style *   
V12. Sauteed Seasonal Vegetable    dinner 9.95


Lunch $7.50 / Dinner $10.95.

C1. Lemon Pepper Chicken   
C2. Chicken Hot Peppers In Tomato Sauce *   
C3. Chicken Broccoli In A Brown Sauce   
C4. Hunan Chicken *   
C5. Kung Po Chicken *   
C6. Curry Chicken *   
C7. Chicken * with black bean sauce  
C8. Chicken In A Garlic Sauce   
C9. Moo Shu Chicken   
C10. Chicken Spicy Plum Sauce *   
C11. Sha Cha Chicken *   
C12. Chicken Oyster Sauce   
C13. Chicken with snow peas in a white sauce  
C14. Cashew Nuts Chicken In Plum Sauce   
C15. Vegetable Chicken In A Brown Sauce   
C16. Chicken Chili Sauce*   
C17. Chicken String Beans In Brown Sauce   
C18. Sweet And Sour Chicken   
C19. Chicken In Peppery Broth * with spicy sauce  


Lunch $7.95 / Dinner $11.95.

B1. Lemon Pepper Beef   
B2. Beef Hot Peppers * with tomato sauce  
B3. Beef And Broccoli In A Brown Sauce   
B4. Hunan Beef *   
B5. Beef with green pepper in brown sauce  
B6. Kung Pao Beef*   
B7. Beef * with black bean sauce  
B8. Beef In A Garlic Sauce *   
B9. Moo Shu Beef   
B10. Beef Spicy Plum Sauce *   
B11. Sha Cha Beef * sliced beef sauteed with, celery, onion, carrot, mushroom, in a sha cha sauce  
B12. Beef Oyster Sauce   
B13. Beef with snow peas in brown sauce  
B14. Vegetables Beef In A Brown Sauce   
B15. Beef Chili Sauce * sauteed with green peppers, red peppers, and fresh hot peppers in spicy brown sauce  
B16. Mongolian Beef   
B17. Beef with string beans in brown sauce  
B18. Beef In Peppery Broth * with spicy sauce  


Lunch $7.50 / Dinner $10.95.

P1. Double Cooked Pork In A Spicy Plum Sauce   
P2. Pork Plum Sauce   
P3. Pork Hot Peppers * with tomato sauce  
P4. Hunan Pork *   
P5. Kung Pao Pork *   
P6. Pork * with black bean sauce  
P7. Pork In A Garlic Sauce   
P8. Shredded Pork * with dry bean curd  
P9. Moo Shu Pork   
P10. Pork Oyster Sauce   
P11. Pork with snow peas in brown sauce  
P12. Pork with mixed vegetables in brown sauce  
P13. Pork In Chili Sauce * sauteed with green peppers, red peppers, and fresh hot peppers in a spicy brown sauce  
P14. Mongolian Pork   
P15. Pork with string beans in a brown sauce  
P16. Sweet And Sour Pork   

House Special

You May Request For Brown Rice Instead Of Wine Rice An Additional $1

H1. Peking Duck slices of roasted duck served with scallions, plum sauce, and pancakes (whole duck served with 10 pancakes, half duck served with 5 pancakes   whole 32.95 half 16.95
H1. Peking Duck extra pancakes   ea 0.25
H2. Crispy Duck double cooked duckling, marinated in aromatic spices, first steamed, and then fried    16.95
H3. Lobster with ginger, scallions in a white sauce    29.95
H4. Lobster Szechuan Style *     29.95
H5. Lobster In A Black Bean Sauce *     29.95
H6. Lobster with mixed vegetables in a white sauce    29.95
H7. Shrimp In Sweet Cream Sauce with pecans    14.95
H8. Willow Shrimp shrimp tossed in batter, deep fried, then topped with shredded scallions, ginger & red peppers, served with sweet & sour wine sauce    14.95
H9. Salt And Pepper Shrimp * your choice of scallops squid    14.95
H9. Salt And Pepper Shrimp * combination additional    2.00
H10. Kingdom Pork Tenderloin chunks of pork tenderloin tossed in batter, deep fried, then sauteed with the chef's special sweet red vinegar sauce    13.95
H11. Salt And Pepper Pork Tenderloin *     13.95
H12. Basil Chicken Or Beef sauteed with basil, garlic, and ginger in a special brown sauce (served in a hot pot )    13.95
H13. Hawaiian Chicken coconut milk, green and red peppers, and pineapple in a sweet lemon sauce    13.95
H14. Chicken Lemon Sauce     13.95
H15. Crispy Spicy Chicken *     13.95
H16. Sesame Chicken     13.95
H17. General Tso's Chicken *     13.95
H18. Orange Chicken *     13.95
H19. Ginger Chicken     13.95
H20. Chicken with king oyster mushrooms in oyster sauce    13.95
H21. Kung Pao Chicken And Shrimp *     13.95
H22. Beef Tenderloin In Black Pepper Sauce     19.95
H23. Beef Tenderloin In A Lemon Pepper Sauce     19.95
H24. Orange Beef A Spicy Sweet Brown Sauce *     15.95
H25. Crispy Beef In A Spicy Sweet Brown Sauce *     15.95
H26. Hunan Crispy Whole Fish *     24.95
H27. Fish Fillet In A Chinese Wine Sauce *     16.95
H28. Chopped Fried Beans Fish Fillet * steamed chunks of fish fillets topped with chopped fried beans saute in a spicy sauce    16.95
H29. Szechuan Fish Fillet * steamed chunks of fish fillets topped with spicy szechuan sauce    16.95
H30. Steamed Fish Fillet     16.95
H31. Garlic Steamed Fish Fillet     16.95


D1. Lychees     3.00
D2. Sesame Banana     4.95
D3. Ice Cream     2.00

Lunch Box

Served With Egg Roll, White Rice Or Fried Rice And Soup Monday-Saturday: 11:30am-2:30pm (Please Order By Number) * Spicy Dishes

1. Chicken Chow Mein     7.50
2. Chicken Broccoli     7.50
3. Hunan Chicken *     7.50
4. Lemon Pepper Chicken     7.50
5. Chicken Black Beans Sauce *     7.50
6. Kung Pao Chicken *     7.50
7. Hawaiian Chicken     7.50
8. Chicken Garlic Sauce *     7.50
9. Sweet & Sour Chicken     7.50
10. General Tso's Chicken *     8.95
11. Sesame Chicken     8.95
12. Beef Broccoli     7.95
13. Hunan Beef *     7.95
14. Lemon Pepper Beef     7.95
15. Beef Spicy Plum Sauce *     7.95
16. Beef Black Bean Sauce *     7.95
17. Shrimp Chow Mein     7.95
18. Shrimp Broccoli     8.95
19. Hunan Shrimp     8.95
20. Sweet & Sour Shrimp     8.95
21. Shrimp In Cream Sauce     8.95
22. Shrimp Mixed Vegetable     8.95
23. Shrimp Garlic Sauce *     8.95
24. Pork Garlic Sauce *     7.50
25. Sweet & Sour Pork     7.50
26. Pork Black Bean Sauce *     7.50
27. Mixed Vegetables     6.95
28. Sauteed String Beans     6.95
29. Hunan Tofu *     6.95
30. Kung Pao Tofu *     6.95

Exotic Polynesian Drinks

Pina Colada     6.00
Mal Tai     6.00
Suffering Bastard     6.00
Planter's Punch     6.00
Strawberry Daiquiri     6.50
Scorpion     6.00
Chi Chi     6.00
Banana Daiquiri     6.00

Non Alcoholic

Soft Drinks     1.50
Fruit Punch     3.00

Mixed Drinks

Mixed Drinks     5.50
Brand Name Drinks     6.50


Brand Name Wine     6.00
Table Wine     5.00
Wine    (1/2 lt) 10.95 (1lt) 18.95


Imported Beer     4.95
Domestic Beer     3.95


House of Fortune
6715 Lowell Ave
Btwn Emerson Ave & Old Dominion Dr
(703) 821-3779
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