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Li Ho

  • $
  • Chinese
  • 501 H St NW, Washington 20001 38.899997 -77.019113
  • (Btwn 5th & 6th St NW)
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  • (202) 289-2059
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Egg Roll    (2pcs) 2.40
Fried Wonton    (8pcs) 2.70
Fried Meat Dumpling stuffed with pork and vegetables   (6pcs) 3.95
Cold Noodle     4.50
Rice Pepper Wrapped Shrimp    (6pcs) 7.95


Egg Drop Soup     1.50
Wonton Soup     1.50
Vegetable Soup     1.50
Hot And Sour Soup     1.50
Chicken With Rice Soup     1.50
Bean Cake With Assorted Meats Soup     5.95
Pork With Watercress Soup     5.95
Roast Duck With Mustard Green Soup     5.95
Minced Beef And Egg Flower Soup     5.50
Vegetables With Assorted Meats Soup     5.95
Seafood With Bean Cake Soup     6.50


Moo Goo Gai Pan     7.50
Sweet And Sour Chicken     7.50
Chicken With Garlic Sauce     7.50
Kung Pao Chicken     7.50
Moo Shu Chicken     7.95


Pepper Steak     7.75
Beef Vegetable     7.95
Moo Shu Beef     8.50
Shredded Beef Szechuan     7.95
Beef With Broccoli     7.95
Beef With Vegetables     7.95
Beef With Oyster Sauce     7.95
Beef With Ginger And Scallion     7.95
Beef With Sour Cabbage     7.95
Beef With Garlic Sauce     7.95
Szechuan Beef     7.95
Hunan Beef     7.95
Orange Beef     7.75
Pepper Steak     7.75


Shrimp With Lobster Sauce     9.50
Kung Pao Shrimp     9.50
Shrimp With Vegetables     9.50
Sweet And Sour Shrimp     9.50
Shrimp Chow Suey     9.50
Triple Delight     8.95
Steamed Fish   
Squid With Black Bean Sauce     7.95
Shrimp With Hot Garlic Sauce     9.50
Hunan Shrimp     9.50
Sauteed Scallops With Hot Black Bean Sauce     9.50
Scallop With Hot Garlic Sauce     9.50
Baked Fresh Squid With Spicy Salt     12.95
Sauteed Shrimp, Hong Kong Style     9.50
Shrimp, Szechuan Style     9.50
Seasonal Seafood   
Seafood Combination     9.50
Shrimp With Broccoli     9.50


Moo Shu Pork     7.95
Double Cooked Pork     7.50
Sweet And Sour Pork     7.50
Roast Pork With Broccoli     7.50
Roast Pork With Bean Cake     7.50
Baked Salted Sparerib     8.50
Steamed Spareribs With Black Bean Sauce     7.95
Sweet And Sour Spareribs     7.75
Pork With Hot Garlic Sauce     7.25
Hunan Pork     7.25
Pork In Plum Sauce     7.25
Kung Pao Roast Pork     7.25
Pork With Satay Sauce     7.95

Lo Mein

Chicken     6.50
Roast Pork     6.50
Shrimp     6.50
Beef     6.50
House     7.95

Chow Foon Mein

House Special Chow Foon Mein     8.95
Seafood Chow Foon Mein     8.95
Beef Chow Foo Mein With Black Bean Sauce     6.95
Beef Chow Foon Mein With Broccoli     6.95
Beef Tendon Chow Foon Mein     6.95
Chow Mai Foon, Singapore Style     6.95
Chow Mai Foon, Har Moon Style     6.95
Beef Chow Foon     6.95
Beef Chow Foon With Satay Sauce     6.95
Combination Chow Mein     7.95
Shrimp With Mixed Vege, Chow Mein     8.50
Steamed Rice     1.50

Fried Rice

Shrimp     6.50
Roast Pork     6.50
Beef     6.50
Chicken     6.50
Vegetable     6.50
House     7.95

Barbecued And Soya Sauce Dishes

Crispy Roast Duck     8.50  4.50
Chicken Cantonese Style     4.50  8.50
Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork     4.95
Chopped Boiled Chicken     4.50

Egg Foo Young $6.50

Roast Pork   

Clay Pot

Eggplant With Minced Pork In Clay Pot     7.95
Simmered Fish Head In Clay Pot     8.95
Brisket Of Beef With Veg In Clay Pot     7.95
Duck Feet With Black Mushroom In Clay Pot     7.95
Pork With Dried Cabbage In Clay Pot     7.95
Beef Tripe With Five Spices In Clay Pot     7.95
Tung Kong Bean Cake In Clay Pot     7.50
Sizzling Chicken In Clay Pot     7.95
Sparerib With Ginger And Scallion In Clay Pot     7.95
Seafood Combination With Bean Curd In Clay Pot     9.95

Noodle In Soup

Shrimp With Ground Pork Wonton     4.95
Shrimp With Group Pork Wonton Noodle In Soup     4.95
Kingdom Noodles With Meat Sauce     4.95
Seafood Combination Noodle In Soup     5.95
Meat Combination Mai Foon     5.50
Beef Tripe Mai Foon     4.95
Beef Tendon Mai Foon     4.95
Roast Duck Noodle In Soup     4.95
Black Mushroom Noodle In Soup     6.95
Young Chow Noodle In Soup     9.00

Assorted Rice

Beef Tendon Rice     5.25
Young Chow Fried Rice     5.25
Beef And Chinese Vegetable Rice     5.25
Chicken Cantonese Style Rice     5.25
Roast Pork Rice     5.25
Squid And Pepper With Black Bean Sauce Rice     5.25
Chopped Beef With Green Peas Rice     5.25
Roast Duck Rice     5.25
Meat Combination Rice     6.25
Chef's Special Rice     6.50
Chicken And Duck Rice     6.25


Orange Chicken     7.95
Hunan Chicken     7.50
Steamed Chicken With Veg     9.50  5.95
Chicken With Ginger And Scallion     9.50  5.95
Chicken With Walnuts     7.50
Chicken With Mushroom     7.50
Curry Chicken     7.50
Szechuan Chicken     7.50
Ma La Chicken     7.50
Chicken With Spring Onion     7.50
Braised Duck With Assorted Meats     10.95
Braised Duck With Mixed Vege     10.95
Webbed Duck Feet With Mixed Vege     8.95
Webbed Duck Feet With Oyster Sauce     5.50
Shredded Duck With Bamboo Shoots     7.95
General Tso's Chicken     7.75

Special Recommendation

Rice Pepper Wrapped Chicken tender chicken marinated with chinese wine, ground ginger root, green onion and spice, wrapped in rice paper, then deep - fried till golden brown    7.95
Barbecued And Soya Sauce Dishes Special this famous cantonese dish includes crispy roast duck, soyed fresh chicken and honey glazed barbecued pork, served with special sauce    7.75
Li Ho Food Clay Pot combination of seafood, pork, chicken, duck, bean curd and vegetables in chef's special soup base    8.50
Stuffed Chinese Puff chinese puff stuffed with shrimp, deep fried till golden brown, then sauteed with leek, chinese mushroom and green onion    8.95
Crispy Stuffed Bean Curd bean curd stuffed with ground shrimp, deep fried to perfection, served with chef's special sauce    6.75
Kingdom Sparerib marinated spareribs deep - fried then sauteed with house special sauce    7.95
Triple Delight In Black Bean Sauce green pepper, eggplant and bean cake stuffed with shrimp paste in black bean sacue    8.95
Clam With Black Bean Sauce fresh tender clam sauteed with black bean sauce    8.95

Bean Cake And Vegetable

Bean Cake With Assorted Meats     8.95
Braised Bean Cake With Mushrooms     7.50
Bean Cake With Roast Pork     7.50
Sauteed Chinese Spinach     7.50
Broccoli With Oyster Sauce     7.50
Sauteed Watercress     7.50
Vegetable With Black Mushroom     9.50
Stewed Vegetables, Lo Hon Style     7.50
Bean Cake With Mixed Vegetables     7.50
Eggplant With Hot Garlic Sauce     7.95
String Bean Szechuan Style     7.50


Li Ho
501 H St NW
Btwn 5th & 6th St NW
(202) 289-2059
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