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Miu Kee

  • $$$
  • Chinese
  • 6653 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church 22042 38.869873 -77.174143
  • (At Annandale Rd)
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  • (703) 237-8884
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A1. Egg Roll    (1 pc) 1.75
A2. Shrimp Tempura    (4) 5.95
A3. Steamed Or Pan-Fried Meat Dumpling    (4) 4.95
A4. Shrimp Toast     5.75
A5. Chicken Wings    (6) 6.95


E1. Egg Drop Soup     1.25
E2. Wonton Soup Hong Kong Style     1.95
E3. Hot & Sour Soup     1.50
E6. Seafood With Bean Curd Soup    (2) 6.95
E7. Vegetable And Bean Curd Soup    (2) 5.25


Lunch / Dinner.

S2. Shrimp In Lobster Sauce     15.95  7.50
S3. Hunan Shrimp *    15.95  7.50
S4. Szechuan Shrimp *    12.95  7.50
S5. Kung Pao Shrimp *    12.95  7.50
S6. Shrimp In Garlic Sauce *    12.95  7.50
S7. Shrimp With Cashew Nuts     15.95  7.50
S8. Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp With Mied Vegetable     15.95  8.95
S9. Sweet And Sour Shrimp     15.95  8.95
S10. Deep Fried Spicy Shrimp, Scallop & Squid *   dinner 15.95
S12. Seafood Combination    dinner 15.95
S13. Jumbo Shrimp & Scallop     15.95  8.95
S14. Hunan Shrimp *    15.95  8.95
S15. Scallop In Garlic Sauce *    15.95  8.95


Lunch $7.50 / Dinner $10.95.

P1. Shredded Pork In Garlic Sauce *  
P2. Sweet And Sour Pork   
P3. Roast Pork With Snow Peas   
P4. Roast Pork With Mixed Vegetables   
P5. Moo Shu Pork   


Lunch $7.50 / Dinner $9.95

V1. Sauteed Mixed Vegetables   
V2. Braised Bean Curd With Vegetable   
V3. Ma Po Bean Curd * with or without meat  
V4. Eggplant In Garlic Sauce *  
V5. Sauteed Spinach In Garlic Sauce   


Lunch / Dinner.

D1. General Tso's Chicken *    12.95  8.95
D2. Orange Chicken *    12.95  8.95
D4. Hunan Chicken *    10.95  7.50
D5. Szechuan Chicken *    10.95  7.50
D6. Kung Pao Chicken *    10.95  7.50
D7. Chicken With Cashew Nuts     10.95  7.50
D8. Sweet & Sour Chicken     10.95  7.50
D9. Moo Goo Gai Pan     10.95  7.50
D10. Chicken In Garlic Sauce *    10.95  7.50
D11. Curry Chicken *    7.50  10.95
D13. Kung Pao Chicken & Shrimp *    12.95  8.95
D14. Chicken With Scallop     12.95  8.95


Lunch / Dinner.

B1. Orange Beef *    16.95  9.95
B2. Beef With Broccoli     12.95  7.50
B3. Beef With Green Pepper & Onion     12.95  7.50
B6. Hunan Beef *    12.95  7.50
B7. Szechuan Beef *    12.95  7.50
B8. Kung Pao Beef *    12.95  7.50
B9. Shredded Beef In Garlic Sauce *    12.95  7.50
B10. Mongolian Beef     12.95  7.50
B12. Beef & Scallop     13.95  8.95

Fried Rice & Lo Mein

FR1. Vegetable     8.95
FR2. Chicken     8.95
FR3. Roast Pork     8.95
FR4. Beef     8.95
FR5. Shrimp     9.95
FR6. Combination Fried Rice     9.95
FR7. Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice     13.95
FR8. Com Chien Tay Thi     13.95
FR9. Young Chow Fried Rice     10.95


C1. Chao Long congee with pork, pig's kidney & liver    6.75
C2. Chao Thit Heo, Muc, Dau Phong congee with pork, squid & peanuts    6.75
C3. Chao Thit Bo congee with sliced beef    6.75
C4. Chao Thit Ga congee with sliced chicken    6.75
C5. Chao Bo Vien, Heo Vien congee with twin-ball    6.75
C6. Chao Thit Bo Xay congee with sliced beef    6.75
C7. Chao Thit Heo, Trung Bac Thao congee with pork & preserved egg    6.75
C8. Dau Chao Quay fritters of twisted dough    3.50

Noodle & Rice Noodle In Soup $6.95

NS1. Mi Hoanh Thanh wonton & noodle in soup  
NS2. Mi Sui Cao shrimp dumpling & noodle in soup  
NS3. Hoanh Thanh Kieu Hong Kong wonton soup hong kong style  
NS4. Sui Cao Tom shrimp dumpling in soup  
NS5. Mi Ca Vien fish-ball & noodle in soup  
NS6. Mi Xa Xiu roast pork & noodle in soup  
NS7. Mi Bo Kho beef brisket & noodle in soup  
NS8. Mi Thit Heo Vien meat-balls & noodle in soup  
NS9. Mi Bo Vien beef-balls & noodle in soup  
NS10. Hu Tieu Bo Vien, Heo Vien twin-balls & rice noodle in soup  
NS11. Mi Vit Quay roast duck & rice noodle in soup  

Fresh Roast

R1. Com Xa Xiu roast pork on rice    7.95
R2. Com Heu Quay roast pig on rice    7.95
R3. Com Vit Quay roast duck on rice    7.95
R4. Com Bo Kho beef brisket on rice    7.95
R5. Com Tom Trung baby shrimp egg on rice    7.95
R6. Xa Xiu roast pork    11.95
R7. Thit Heo Quay crispy roasted pig    11.95
R8. Ga Xi Dau soyed chicken   half 11.95
R9. Vit Quay roasted duck   half 11.95

Rice Noodle, Noodle On Dishes

N1. Mi Xao Don Do Bien Kieu Hong Kong seafood pan fried noodle cantonese style    13.95
N2. Hu Tieu Xao Do Bien Thap Cam assorted meats & seafood chow foon    13.95
N3. Hu Tieu Xao Thit Bo Cai Lan beef with chinese broccoli thap cam    12.95
N4. Hu Tieu Ap Chao Thit Bo beef chow foon    12.95
N5. Hu Tieu Xao Thit Heo shredded pork chow foon    12.95
N6. Bun Xao Kieu Tan Gia Ba * rice noodle singapore style    12.95
N7. Bun Xao Sot Ngot rice noodle hamon style    12.95
N8. Mi Xao Don Thit Ga shredded chicken pan fried noodle    12.95
N9. Mi Xao Don La Han lo-hon vegetable pan fried noodle    12.95
N11. Mi Nuoc Thit Vit Cai Chua rice noodle with shredded duck and pickled cabbage in soup    13.95
N12. Mi Nuoc Duong Chau young, chow noodle in soup    13.95
N13. Mi Xao Kho Nam Soi Lon e-fu noodle    13.95
N14. Mi Nuoc Cua Soi Lon e-fu noodle with king crab in soup    13.95
N15. Mi Nuco Do Bien Thap Cam seafood combination noodle in soup    13.95
N16. Hu Tieu Xao Oc Huong Va Bong He rice noodle with conch & chives    18.95

Chef's Recommendation

* Hot & Spicy.

SP1. Do Nuong 2 Mon barbecue platter 2 selections    13.95
SP2. Do Nuong 3 Mon barbecue platter 3 selections    16.95
SP3. Ga Hap Muoi baked salted chicken   half 13.95
SP4. Ha Hap Rau Cai steamed chicken with vegetable    13.95
SP5. Ga Hap Gung Hanh chicken in ginger & scallion sauce   half 13.95
SP6. Bo Quang Dong steak mignon cantonese style    16.95
SP7. Peking Duck *   half 16.95
SP8. Suon Heo Rang Muoi Tieu * deep fried spicy pork chop    13.95
SP9. Suon Heo Kinh Do kingdom pork chop    13.95
SP10. Heo Xao Chua Ngot Kieu Hong Kong sweet & sour pork, hong kong style    13.95
SP11. Dau Hu Chien Nhoi Tom deep fried bean curd stuffed with minced shrimp    13.95
SP12. Tom Hum Xao Gung Hanh lobster with ginger & scallion  
SP13. Ngheu Xao Tuong Den sauteed clams in black bean sauce    14.95
SP14. Oc Huong Xao He Vang sauteed conch with chives    25.95
SP15. Oc Huong Xao Rau Thap Cam sauteed conch with vegetable    25.95
SP16. Tom Rang Muoi * deep fried spicy shrimp with shell    15.95
SP17. Tom Hap Co Vo steamed shrimp with shell    15.95
SP18. Tom Hap Sot Toi steamed shrimp in garlic sauce    15.95
SP19. Hao Xao Gung Hanh sauteed oyster with ginger & scallion    21.95
SP20. Ca Flounder Hap Gung Hanh steamed flounder fish with ginger & scallion  
SP21. Ca Flounder Xao Rau sauteed flounder fish with vegetable  
SP23. Ca Chien Sot Tuong Dac Biet pan-fried ling fish with special bean sauce    23.95
SP27. Ca Filet Xao Cai Ngot sauteed fish filet with vegetable    23.95
SP30. To Hun Quang Dong lobster cantonese style  
SP31. Tom Hum Hap Bo baked lobster with butter sauce  
SP32. Hao Hap Tuong Den steamed oyster in black bean sauce (with shell)    21.95
SP33. Ech Xao He Vang sauteed frog with chives    20.95
SP34. Hai Sam Xao Rau sea cucumber with vegetable    20.95


Miu Kee
6653 Arlington Blvd
At Annandale Rd
(703) 237-8884
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