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Paradise Biryani Pointe

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  • 11274 James Swart Cir, Fairfax 22030 38.85526 -77.333771
  • (At Jermantown Rd)
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  • (703) 552-8798
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1. Chilly Stick Vegetables this tangy dish is made from minced vegetables put on a skewer and sauteed in a delectable sauce with chopped onions  
1. Chilly Stick Vegetables vegetable    7.00
2. Manchuria a traditional chinese food made indian way with aromatic spices and flavor  
2. Manchuria vegetable    6.50
2. Manchuria gobi    6.50
2. Manchuria chicken    7.50
3. Kati Rolls indian bread rolled with a tasty, spicy stuffing of your choice.  
3. Kati Rolls vegetable    6.50
3. Kati Rolls egg    7.00
3. Kati Rolls paneer    7.00
3. Kati Rolls chicken    8.00
4. Tidbits your choice of vegetables or chicken with indian spices baked in the tandoor on indian bread. a unique savory snack.  
4. Tidbits vegetable    6.00
4. Tidbits chicken    7.00
5. Mirchi Bajji mmmm, spicy...! any season, this flour battered and fried to golden brown appetizer gives a kick-start for a delightful food.  
5. Mirchi Bajji vegetable    6.00
6. Pakora very crispy outside and medium soft to crispy inside, flour battered, tastes so delicious.  
6. Pakora vegetable    6.00
6. Pakora paneer    6.50
6. Pakora chicken    7.50
7. Bonda boiled egg, flour battered and fried to golden brown, sliced into two, and sprinkled with masala on top  
7. Bonda egg    6.50
8. Chatpata need something spicy and tangy at the same time? this is the one for you . served with chickpeas.  
8. Chatpata vegetable    6.50
8. Chatpata paneer    6.50
9. Samosas most popular layered pastry dough filled with backed potato mixed with onions, and fried to golden brown  
9. Samosas vegetable    6.00
10. Apollo tilapia filet battered, fried and tossed in a sauce made with ginger, cayenne pepper and lime  
10. Apollo fish    10.50
11. Cut Mirchi another variation of mirchi bajji, cut into small pieces, dual fried, and served with lime dusted minced onions  
11. Cut Mirchi vegetable    6.00
12. Masala Wings demarcating from all others, our wings give you a tang of indian spice, with crispness outside, and juicy meat inside.  
12. Masala Wings chicken    8.50
13. Chilly this most popular indo-chinese spicy food is marinated with spices, deep fried and cooked on low heat in an exceptional sauce  
13. Chilly vegetable    6.50
13. Chilly paneer    7.00
13. Chilly chicken    8.50
13. Chilly fish    10.50
13. Chilly vegetable    10.50
14. Cut Mirchi Chat crunchy out mirchi, roasted peanuts, minced onions and with just the right spices  
14. Cut Mirchi Chat vegetable    7.00


1. Biryani rice cooked with veggies or meat and more than 30 spices  
1. Biryani vegetable    10.00
1. Biryani egg    10.50
1. Biryani chicken    11.00
1. Biryani lamb/goat    12.50
1. Biryani shrimp    13.00
2. 65* this unique dish made with ginger, cayenne pepper and lime, has been favorite to many  
2. 65* vegetable    10.00
2. 65* paneer    10.50
2. 65* chicken    11.00
2. 65* shrimp    13.00
3. Kadai diced paneer/chicken cooked in a traditional kadai (wok) on very high heat with tomatoes, onions, ginger, fresh herbs and spices.  
3. Kadai vegetable    10.00
3. Kadai paneer    10.50
3. Kadai chicken    11.00
3. Kadai egg    12.50
4. Tikka Masala this traditional indian dish consists of grilled paneer/chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, simmered in a rich tomato-cream sauce.  
4. Tikka Masala paneer    10.50
4. Tikka Masala chicken    11.00
5. Chops lamb chops soaked in plain yogurt with whole spices, grilled to perfection to the indian ishtyle. served with your choice of naan/roti  
5. Chops lamb/goat    14.50
6. Pepper Fry chicken/lamb soaked in a variety of spices and cooked to get the tenderness for the best flavor  
6. Pepper Fry chicken    11.00
6. Pepper Fry lamb/goat    12.50
7. Curry this very notable indian food flavored with coriander power, cumin, black pepper, and turmeric makes it unique in flavor, and tastes outstanding  
7. Curry vegetable    10.00
7. Curry egg    10.50
7. Curry chicken    11.00
7. Curry lamb/goat    12.50
7. Curry shrimp    13.00
7. Curry fish    13.00
8. Spicy Tandoori this is what a redefined version of the most popular tandoori is can be made to suit your taste buds  
8. Spicy Tandoori chicken    12.00
9. Butter chicken/paneer cooked in butter with bay leaves, yogurt, red onions, and lime. can be made to suit your palate. perfect meal for curry lovers  
9. Butter paneer    10.50
9. Butter chicken    11.00
10. Hariyali thinking green try our mouthwatering hariyali (green) dish made with cilantro, mint, and other distinctive flavors  
10. Hariyali vegetable    10.00
10. Hariyali paneer    10.50
10. Hariyali chicken    11.00
10. Hariyali lamb/goat    12.50
11. Vindaloo very well known as the spicy indian food on menu. this traditional goan dish is made in coconut, vinegar, red chillies, and tomato sauce along with chunks of potato  
11. Vindaloo chicken    11.00
11. Vindaloo lamb/goat    12.50
12. Chettinad traditional south indian dish is cooked in distinct ingredients with tomato, poppy seeds, cardamom pods, and red chilies with lots of sauce and is a spicy treat  
12. Chettinad vegetable    10.00
12. Chettinad chicken    11.00
12. Chettinad lamb/goat    12.50
13. Goat Sukha tender goat meat cooked on a show flame with a touch of exotic spices  
13. Goat Sukha lamb/goat    12.50
14. Kolhapuri a spicy and tandy dish made with onions, green peppers and spices  
14. Kolhapuri vegetable    10.00
14. Kolhapuri chicken    11.00
14. Kolhapuri lamb/goat    12.50
14. Kolhapuri shrimp    13.00
14. Kolhapuri fish    13.00
15. Fried Rice this very popular item is made from rice stir-fried in a wok with other ingredients such as eggs/vegetables/chicken  
15. Fried Rice vegetable    10.00
15. Fried Rice     10.50
15. Fried Rice chicken    11.00
16. Malar Kofta a perfect vegetarian allermative for meatballs made with cream, paneer, and minced veggies ina a cream sauce  
16. Malar Kofta vegetable    10.00
17. Mirch Ka Salan a classic hyderabadi curry with chilies plunged into lightly tangy and subtly spiced creamy gravy made with tomatoes and spices  
17. Mirch Ka Salan vegetable    10.00
18. Bacara Baingan a traditional indian curry made of slit eggplants with ginger, garlic, roasted peanuts, roasted sesame and coriander powder  
18. Bacara Baingan vegetable    10.00
19. Chole Batura fried indian bread, served puffed along with chickpeas curry  
19. Chole Batura vegetable    10.00
20. Dahi Ki Kadi slot fried dumplings imbued in thich yogurt, turmeric and chili powder based sauce  
20. Dahi Ki Kadi vegetable    10.00
21. Biryani Pointe Dal Fry our special dal fry is well cooked dal with cumin seeds, green/red chillies, onions and last but not the least a touch of ghee  
21. Biryani Pointe Dal Fry vegetable    10.00
22. Okra Fry/Tindora Fry this fry offers cut okra-sliced tindora sauteed with spices, onions and red chillies  
22. Okra Fry/Tindora Fry vegetable    10.00


1. Roti/Plain Naan/Butter Naan     2.00
2. Garlic Naan     2.50
3. Onion Kulcha/Alod Paratha     3.00
4. Masala Naan     3.00


1. Tikka paneer/chicken/shrimp marinated with yogurt and indian spices, cooked to perfection in the tandoor  
1. Tikka paneer    7.00
1. Tikka chicken    8.50
1. Tikka shrimp    11.00
2. Shashlik paneer/chicken/shrimp marinated with turmeric, mint and other spices and cooked in the tandoor  
2. Shashlik paneer    7.00
2. Shashlik chicken    8.50
2. Shashlik shrimp    11.00
3. Malai Kabob chicken marinated in a cream based marinade. flavor rich and moist  
3. Malai Kabob chicken    8.50
4. Seekh Kabob minced chicken marinated with spices and grilled on skewers in the tandoor  
4. Seekh Kabob chicken    8.50

Desserts $4.50

1. Qubani Ka Meetha any meal is incomplete without this delicious hyderbadi dessert made with apricots and topped with vanilla ice cream  
2. Double Ka Meetha hot crisp roundels of bread, soaked in saffron and cardamom flavored syrup, topped with cream  
3. Ganga Jamuna fried dumplings in warm cardamom flavored syrup with a scoop of vanilla ice cream  
4. Faluda a refreshing combination of ice creams, nuts and roohafza  


1. Soft Drinks/Iced Tea     2.00
2. Hyderabadi Irani Chai     2.50
3. Mango Lassi     3.00
4. Masala Salt Lassi     3.00


Paradise Biryani Pointe
11274 James Swart Cir
At Jermantown Rd
(703) 552-8798
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