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Plaza Azteca

  • $$$
  • Latin American, Mexican, Southwestern
  • 10430 Auto Park Ave, Bethesda 20817 39.026991 -77.145524
  • (At Westlake Ter)
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  • (301) 365-1770
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Desayuno Latino     8.95
Huevos Picados Con Chorizo     8.95
Carne Deshilada Con Huevo     8.95
N.Y. Steak Ranchero     11.95
Omelette vegetales con queso    9.95
Omelette camaron    11.95
Trio Los Panchos Desayuno     7.95
Huevos Rancheros Desayuno     8.50

A La Carta

A La Carte

Pupusas con horina de malz. corn flour    1.85
Pupusas con harina de arroz. salvadorean original, big fat rice flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of pork, cheese, beans or loroco. you can even combine all of the above. served with marinated cabbage    1.95
Crab Meat served with marinated cabbage    2.99
Cebollitas Al Carbon grilled scallions    2.95
Pastel De Carne beef patty    1.85
Tamal De Pollo chicken tamale    1.85
Tamal De Elote sweet com tamale served with sour cream    1.85
Taco Suave soft taco. your choice of: shredded beef, shredded chicken, beef tongue, grilled chicken or grilled beef    2.50
Enchilada Mexicana mexican enchilada. beef, chicken, cheese    1.85
Enchilada Salvadorena salvadorean enchilada. beef, chicken    2.50



Coctel De Camarones shrimp cocktail. seasonal  
Alas De Pollo Con Papas Fritas chicken wings with fries    6.55
Yuca Con Chicharron fried yucca cassava served with fried pieces of pork & marinated cabbage    7.95
Abi Fiesta pupusa, small nacho, a rolled crisp taco, cheese quesadilla and chicken wings    10.95
1. Ceviche Mixto ** en copa y regular. seasonal. mix ceviche served in a glass or an a dish: fish, shrimp, squid & baby octopus marinated in lemon juice  
2. Boquitas Chapinas grilled sausage, chichaman & fried tortillas    9.95
3. Queso Fundido Con Chorizo melted cheese & sausage    5.95
3. Queso Fundido Con Chorizo without sausage    4.25
4. Nacho Supreme chicken or beef on top pf corn chips, topped with lots of stuff  
4. Nacho Supreme with meat    8.75
4. Nacho Supreme without meat    6.95
5. Camarones Al Ajillo shrimp in garlic butter sauce    7.95
6. Tacos Dorados rolled crisp chicken taquitos with guacamole and sour cream    6.50
7. Platanos Fritos served with abi beans & sour cream    5.95
8. Alacranes jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese    4.95

Sopas Y Ensaladas

Soups & Salads

9. Sopa De Res oxtail or beef and veggies. made daily    10.25
10. Sopa De Gallina free range raised bowl soup with veggies    10.25
11. Sopa De Mondongo made with coe feet. honey comb tripe and veggies    10.25
12. Sopa De Mariscos made to order. creamy soup with lots of seafood. only shrimp or only fish    12.95
13. Sopa De Langosta Con Camaron lobster soup with shrimp  
14. Ensalada Verde abi's green salad    4.50
14. Ensalada Verde with grilled chicken or grilled beef    9.95
15. Ensalada De Camarones shrimp salad: jumbo shrimp over a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, sauteed onions, cucumbers    13.95
16. Tostada Abi taco salad: 12" tortilla shell filled with grilled chicken or grilled beef, beans, lettuce, tomatoes & onions, topped with sour cream, shredded cheese and guacamole    9.95
17. Tostada vegetariana vegetarian taco salad: 12" tortilla shell filled with abi beans, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese: topped with sliced avocado    7.95



18. Parrillada Abi Para Dos ** grilled ny steak, chicken breast, pork chops, spanish sausage, shrimp skewer, served with rice, beans, salad    24.95
19. Plato Tipico ** ny steak with avocado, cuajada & fried plantain, served with rice & beans    14.50
20. Carne Asada ** ny steak grilled to your choice, served with rice, beans and chimol    13.50
21. Milanesa De Carne ** pan fried breaded steak served with 2 eggs any style, served with rice, salad and fried plantain    13.95
22. Carne Encebollada ny steak sauteed with onions & white wine, served with rice, beans & salad    13.50
23. Carne Picada strips of beef sauteed with onions, green peppers, tomatoes & wine with rice & beans    13.50
24. Steak Ranchero ** ny steak grilled and served with two eggs any style, topped with ranchero sauce, rice and beans    13.95
25. Carne A La Mexicana strips of beef sauteed with hot peppers, tomatoes and onions, served with rice and beans    13.50
26. Lomo Saltado strips of beef sauteed with potatoes, tomatoes & onions, served with white rice & salad    13.50
27. Chuletas De Cerdo Entomatadas O Asadas pork chops sauteed with tomato or grilled, served with rice & beans    11.95
Steak Veracruz steak sauteed with green onions, served with rice and salad    13.50



28. Pollo Entomatado chunks of chicken sauteed in tomato sauce, served with rice and beans    12.25
29. Pollo Encebollado 1/4 chicken sauteed in onions and white wine, served with rice, beans, salad    12.25
30. Milanesa De Pollo ** breaded breast of chicken served with two eggs any style, plantain, salad and rice    12.95
31. Arroz Con Pollo strips of chicken sauteed with rice, garlic and white wine, served with salad    12.25



32. El Fredy ** grilled steak, shrimp, chorizo, avocado, cuajada and fried tortilla. you can substitute any meat with chicken    16.95
33. Paella Salvadorena ** rice sauteed with shrimp, mussels, clams, sausage, chicken and steak    16.50
34. Arroz Combinado ** rice sauteed with strips of steak, chicken and shrimp in shrimp sauce served with salad    13.95
35. Costilla Asada Con Camaron ** grilled rib with shrimp served with rice and salad    16.95
36. Chile Relleno bell pepper stuffed with minced pork and vegetables, served with rice, beans and chimol    12.50
37. Mar Y Tierra ** grilled ny steak topped with jumbo shrimp served with rice and salad    14.95
38. Carne Adobada ** pan-fried marinated pork steak served with rice, beans & chimol    11.95
39. Especial De La Abuela ** grilled ny steak served with sauteed shrimp & scallop, with rice on the side    14.95
40. Lengua Guisada beef tongue sauteed in tomato sauce, served with rice and beans    12.25
Fettuccine with mushrooms in a cream sauce  
Fettuccine chicken    10.95
Fettuccine shrimp    12.95

Sizzling Fajitas

All Come With Sizzling Vegetables, Served With Beans, Sour Cream, Chimol & Guacamole On The Side

41. Fajita Abi marinated strips of beef, chicken & shrimp. served also with rice    18.95
42. Fajita De Res Y/O Pollo marinated strips of beef or chicken    13.50
43. Fajitas Del Mar large shrimp and scallops sauteed in garlic sauce    15.95
44. Fajita De Pescado tilapia fajita with mushroom sauce    12.95



45. Camarones Al Ajillo jumbo shrimp sauteed in garlic & white wine, served with rice and salad    14.95
46. Camarones En Crema jumbo shrimp sauteed with tomatoes, onions and green peppers, in a delicious cream sauce, served with rice    14.95
47. Camarones Entomatados jumbo shrimp sauteed with tomatoes, green peppers and onions, served with rice    14.95
48. Langosta Rellena seasonal. broiled whole lobster stuffed with crab meat  
49. Pargo Frito seasonal. pan seared large red snapper. seasoned with herbs and spices, served with rice and salad  
50. Mojarra Frita whole tilapia pan seared in vegetable oil served with rice & salad    12.95
50. Mojarra Frita with shrimp    15.95
51. Arroz Con Camarones rice sauteed with shrimp    12.25
Filete De Tilapia Al Horno broiled tilapia fillet served with rice & vegetables with mushroom sauce    12.95
Salmon Relleno seasonal. broiled salmon fillet stuffed with crab meat. served with rice & vegetables with mushroom sauce  
Trucha A La Plancha grilled trout served with white rice and salad    11.95

Combinaciones Para Almuerzos

Lunch Combinations. Combinations Are Served With Rice And Beans. They Are $5.95 Except For #52 Which Is $6.95. Monday-Friday After 2pm And Weekends They Are $8.95 And #52 Is 9.95.

52. Tres Enchiladas one cheese, one beef and one chicken  
53. Dos Tacos choice of chicken, beef or cheese  
54. Dos Pupusas choice of cheese, pork and cheese, beans, beans and cheese or loroco  
56. Dos Tamales choice of chicken or sweet corn  
57. Un Taco, Una Enchilada choice of chicken or beef taco and cheese, chicken or beef enchilada  
58. Un Taco, Una Pupusa choice of chicken or beef taco & a pupusa made with cheese, pork and cheese, beans, beans and cheese or loroco  
59. Un Taco, Un Tamal choice of chicken or beef taco and chicken or sweet corn tamale  
60. Una Pupusa, Una Enchilada choice of a pupusa made with cheese, pork and cheese, beans, beans & cheese or loroco and a chicken, beef or cheese enchilada  
61. Una Enchilada, Un Tamal choice of chicken, beef or cheese enchilada, a chicken or sweet corn tamale  
62. Una Enchilada, Un Tamal choice of a pupusa made with cheese, pork & cheese, beans, beans & cheese or loroco & a chicken or sweet corn tamale  
Enchiladas De Cangrejo two crab meat enchiladas with rice & beans    10.95

Esquina Mexicana

Mexican Corner

63 Agua Negra a burrito made with grilled chicken breast, black beans & rice with sour cream    8.95
64. Burrito Vegetariano our classic refried beans, rice & avocado    7.95
65. Burrito De Camarones stuffed with shrimp and vegetables, beans & guacamole on the side    13.95
66. Burrito De Chicharrones made with pieces of fried pork, rice, beans, guacamole & sour cream on the side    8.95
67. Burrito Abi choice of chicken or beef, rice & beans, served with guacamole & sour cream    8.95
68. Burrito Compadre stuffed with grilled steak, rice, beans, guacamole on the side    8.95
69. Burrito Fajita stuffed with choice of beef or chicken and vegetables, beans and guacamole on the side    8.95
70. Los Gemelos two small burritos, one chicken and one beef burrito served with guacamole and sour cream    8.95
71. Chimichanga Abi chicken or beef, rice & beans, guacamole and sour cream on the side    8.95
72. Chimichanga Vegetariana made with beans and rice served with avocado    7.95
73. Tacos Al Carbon choice of grilled steak, chicken or beef tongue, served with chimol and guacamole    8.95
74. Tacos Placeros choice of steak, chicken or beef tongue over rice with beans & chimol    8.95
75. Quesadilla Mexicana 12" flour tortilla folded in half stuffed with cheese and your choice of grilled chicken or beef, served with sour cream and guacamole on the side    10.95
75. Quesadilla Mexicana with shrimp or crab meat    13.50
Trio Azteca three enchiladas: one shrimp, one fish and one crab. topped with green sauce and cheese, served with black beans and white rice    12.95
Tacos De Pescado three fish tacos served with rice, black beans, chimol & guacamole   (3) 12.95


Kids' Menu. Served With Choice Of Rice, Beans Or French Fries. Children 12 And Under Only.

One Pupusa     3.95
One Cheese Quesadilla     3.95
Kid's Cheese Pizza     3.95
Mac & Cheese     3.95
Chicken Nuggets     3.95
Chicken Tenders with french fries    4.95
Kid's Pizza     3.95
Kid's Steak     7.95
Kid's Chicken     6.95
Kid's Burrito beef or chicken with french fries    4.50

Extras & Side Orders

Guacamole     3.50
Cuajada     1.65
Avocado     1.95
Sour Cream     1.65
Tortilla     1.10
Rice Or Beans     2.25



Horchata tamarindo, maranon  
Cebada ensalada de frutas  
Jugos juices. orange, cranberry, pineapple, apple, tomato, chocolate milk, strawberry milk  
Sodas coke & diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, orange  
Liquados shakes. strawberry, mango or strawberry & banana  


Plaza Azteca
10430 Auto Park Ave
At Westlake Ter
(301) 365-1770
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