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Present Restaurant

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  • Vietnamese, Vegetarian-Friendly
  • 6678 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church VA22042 38.869712 -77.175152
  • (At Annandale Rd)
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  • (703) 531-1881
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Khai Vi


1. Goi Cuon green paradise spring roll. prawn and pork freshly rolled in rice wrapper with mint and chive, served with peanut sauce.   4.50
2. Cha Gio Tom Cua blue paradise summer roll. a mixture of shrimp, crabmeat and minced pork and vegetables rolled in a thin rice wrapper and fried until crispy served with fish sauce.   4.50
3. Cha Gio Re silken shawl imperial autumn roll. intricately hand-made rice thread wrapper filled with marinated minced prawn and minced pork, slowly fried until crispy served with fish sauce.   4.95
4. Banh Beo Chen rainbows white cloud. steamed rice cake in shallow cup topped with shredded dried shrimp served with sweet fish sauce.   5.95
5. Banh Da Xuc Hen smokey petal. baby clams sauteed, ground beef in special spices and herbs.   11.95
6. Goi Du Du Gan Chay jewel-green papaya. shredded green papaya salad, top with beef and liver jerky, roasted peanuts served with special sauce.   10.95
7. Goi Ngo Sen lotus flower garden. shredded lotus stalks with pork and shrimp tossed in vinaigrette dressing with roasted peanuts.   9.95
8. Goi Hai San Trai Thom treasure from the sea. a salad made with fresh pineapple julienne carrot, sweet onion, lemongrass, fried garlic, roasted peanut, tiger shrimp, and ivory calamari on a bed of half-cut pineapple.   14.95
9. Sup Mang Tay Cua seaside asparagus. jumbo lump crabmeat and asparagus in a thick broth.   4.95
10. Tom Chein Dua Xu phoenix shrimps. four crispy jumbo tiger shrimps hanging in a cocktail glass served with chef's coconut sauce   9.95
Tom Com Xanh dragon shrimps. four crispy jumbo tiger shrimps coated with corn flakes dragon skin served with sweet sauce.   9.95
Muc Rang Muoi red sea calamary. slices of center cut calamari with chef's special seasoning with salt and black pepper served on top of fresh watercress with sweet onions.   12.95

Cac Mon Canh

Soups. Lg.

61. Canh Chua Ca (Tom) open field in the sunset. our famous vietnamese sweet and sour soup choice of filleted fish or shrimp with bean sprouts, tomatoes, pineapple and a combination of green vegetable.   13.95
62. Canh Ca Thi La on the way home. our popular northern vietnamese dill and fish soup, using fresh herbs, tomatoes and filleted fish.   12.95
63. Canh Dau Hu He tolling in the morning. soup of silken tofu cubes and sweet chive with minced pork.   12.95
64. Canh Xa Lach Xoong being here and now. watercress with minced pork soup   12.95
65. Canh Khoai Mo sweet home. our popular southern vietnamese purple yam soup with minced pork and shrimp and fresh herbs.   12.95


Rice Vermicelli

11. Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio country banquet vermicelli. rice vermicelli with grilled marinated pork or chicken top with crispy summer roll and bean sprouts, chopped lettuce, shredded cucumber and peanuts served with fish sauce on the side.   9.95
12. Cha Ca La Vong la vong vermicelli. hanoi-style marinated fish filet, vermicelli served with whole basil leaves, mint roasted peanut, dill, fish sauce, hanoi shrimp paste, and sesame rice cracker.   13.95
13. Banh Hoi Chao Tom silky shrimps in the wavy sea. special thin vermicelli top with grilled shrimp paste on sugar cane, served with fresh lettuce, bean sprouts, mint, pickles carrots, radish and herbs dipped in fish sauce   14.95
14. Banh Xeo rich folk golden crepes. saigon-style crepe with pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, green onion served with fresh lettuce, herbs and fish sauce   10.95
15. Bun Tom Nuong seaside banquet vermicelli. rice vermicelli with grilled marinated jumbo shrimps served with bean sprouts, chopped lettuce, shredded cucumber and peanuts served with fish sauce   14.95
16. Mi Do Bien Xao Gion gift from the sea on a haystack. jumbo lumps of crabmeat, tiger shrimp, scallop and calamari sauteed with fresh vegetable served over crunchy egg noodle   14.95
17. Mi Do Bien Xao Mem gift from the sea on a fresh haystack. jumbo lumps of crabmeat, tiger shrimp, scallop and calamari sauteed with fresh vegetable served over freshly made egg noodle.   14.95
18. Mien Xao Cua mosaic pathway. chef's signature jumbo lump crabmeat and cellophane noodle sauteed with fresh ingredients. bamboo shoots, mushroom, onion, chives, bean sprouts, carrot and celery.   13.95

Mi - Hu Tieu

Noodle Soups

19. Hu Tieu Present land of the great lake soup. clear chewy rice noodle soup with shrimp, pork   8.95
20. Mi Present present's yellow noodle soup. yellow egg-noodle soup with a shrimp, ground pork, barbecued pork, hog liver and heart   8.95
21. Mi Bo Kho resting steer on haystack. beef stew with egg noodles   8.95
22. Mi Vit Tiem sleeping duck on the golden pond. special egg-noodle soup with roast duck simmered with herbs ane exotic mushroom served in delightfully enriched broth   10.95
23. Bun Rieu fragrant river vermicelli. gumbo soup prepared with crap paste, shrimp patties, and thin rice noodles, topped with fried tofu and tomato wedges   8.95
24. Bun Bo Hue spicy "than kinh" beef vermicelli. traditional and famous imperial beef noodle soup-round rice noodles with sliced beef shank and pork pastries   9.95
25. Bangkok Connection saigon. seafood sour and spicy noodle soup with baby clams, shrimps, squid, mushroom, tomatoes, onions   9.95
26. Banh Canh Tom Cua Gio Heo pig at the seaside vermicelli. white thick noodle soup with shrimp, pork, and crabmeat.   9.95
27. Pho Tai Nam Bo Vein pho present. the most popular soup in vietnam. slices beef with rice noodle in a delicate beef broth.   9.95

Com Dia

Rice Dishes

28. Com Bi, Suon, Cha Trung life on the beach. center-cut grilled pork chop, shredded pork and   10.95
29. Com Chien Tom Cua pilgrim on the beach. present's signature fried rice with jumbo lumps crabmeat and tiger shrimp   13.95
30. Com Chien Duong Chau northern gentleman. present special duong chau-style fried rice with tiger shrimp, barbecued pork, chopped carrots, onion, scallion, coriander and topped with special fish sauce   12.95
31. Com Ga Hoang Gia imperial medallion chicken. half cornish hen rotisseries served with slight-stirred fried rice   12.95

Cac Mon Chinh

Main Entrees

32. Ga Xao Sa Ot gregarious lemongrass chicken. white meat chicken sauteed with fresh lemongrass, garlic, onion, spicy chili served with steamed rice.   12.95
33. Ca Ri Ga sophisticate golden chicken. roasted chicken, potato, yam, carrots simmered in curry, ginger, basil, coconut milk broth served with choice of steamed rice or rice noodle.   12.95
34. Vit Sot Me duck in tamarind basket. marinated duck roasted until crispy then top with chef's special tamarind sauce.   14.95
35. Vit Sot Cam country road. marinated duck roasted until crispy with chef's special orange sauce.   14.95
36. Thit Heo Kho Tieu warm heart piglet. caramelized slices of pork cooked in a clay pot.   12.95
37. Suon Heo Ram Man hard-working piglet. clay pot caramelized pork ribs cooked in a clay pot.   12.95
38. Bo Luc Lac cow on the open field. marinated tenderized tips shaken in high flames on top of fresh watercress and sliced onion.   14.95
39. Bo Dot Lua Hong basking in the summer sun. flaming beef in chef special sauce served with steamed rice.   24.95
40. Bo Nhung Giam adventurous bull. cooked at you table. slices of eye round beef, cooked with a vinegar based soup stock at your table you will cook the raw beef then rolls it with pineapple, young banana slices, herbs, fresh lettuce, vermicelli noodles in a rice paper wrapper dipped in shrimp paste sauce.   24.95
41. Ca Thu Chien Gion Nuoc Mam Xoai king in the mango grove. crispy deep fried mackerel steak served with young shredded mango and garlic fish sauce   13.95
42. Ca Chung Tuong fish going wild. whole steamed chesapeake rock fish (2-5lbs) served in black bean sauce, onion, scallion, and cellophane noodles served for 2 or moresm 34.95 md 39.95 lg 49.95
43. Ca Kho To fish in shallow water. caramelized fish fillets cooked in a clay pot.   12.95
44. Ca Hap fish on the steamboat. whole chesapeake rock fish (2-5lb) steamed with onion scallion and ginger in light soy sauce base served with steamed rice. with option to rolls with pineapple young banana slices herbs fresh lettuce bean sprout slices of cucumber vermicelli noodles in a rice paper wrapper dipped in shrimp paste sauce.sm 34.95 med 39.95 lg 49.95
45. Ca Chien Nuoc Mam Gung fish in emerald river. whole rock fish (2-5lb) deep fried until crispy served with chef's ginger fish sauce.sm 34.95 med 39.95 lg 49.95
46. Tom Rang Muoi shrimp in the fresh ocean. jumbo salted prawns sauteed with salt and black pepper on a pineapple bed.   18.95
47. Tom Rim Man shrimp at the seaside. jumbo tiger shrimp sauteed with garlic, onion, fish sauce and served with steamed rice.   18.95
48. Tom Rang Trung Muoi shrimp in the golden basin. jumbo shrimp's specialty of our chef. shrimp and eggs yolk fried then sauteed with fish sauce-based sauce.   18.95
49. Tom Xao Tau Xi far-traveled shrimp. jumbo shrimps sauteed in black bean sauce with mixed vegetables.   18.95
50. Tom Rang Me red tamarind path. shrimp fried with tamarind sauce served over a bed of watercress salad.   18.95
51. Muc Xao Chua Cay lightning squid. squid sauteed with garlic and hot and sour sauce with fresh pineapple, cucumber, celery, tomatoes onion and bell peppers   14.95
52. Cua Lot Sot Chanh wicked wishes. soft shell crabs (two) chef's special lemon sauce.   18.95
53. Cua Lot Rang Muoi basking on sandy beach. two jumbo soft shell crabs with chef's special seasoning with salt and black pepper served on top of fresh watercress with sweet onions.   18.95
54. Cua Lot Xao Sot Me rare pearl in the tamarind sea. two jumbo soft shell crabs dipped into chef's special tamarind sauce on top served with fresh watercress.   18.95

Can Mon Xao

Mixed Vegetables

55. Taom Xao Cai Shanghai Th shanghai tip sauteed with jumbo shrimp in chef's special garlic sauce.   18.95
56. Bong Cai Xao Vai Toi, Bo, Hoac Ga roosting in cauliflower basket. cauliflower and broccoli sauteed with choice of garlic, chicken or beef   12.95
57. Ca Tim Nuong Mo Hanh sunning in the tropics. eggplant grilled until tender-served with fish sauce.   12.95
58. Mang Tay Xao Vai Toi, Bo Hoac Ga green enchanting flutes. asparagus sauteed with choice of garlic, chicken, or beef   12.95
59. Dau Sugar Snap Pea Xao Voi Toi, Bo, Hoac Ga green lantern festival. sugar snap pea sauteed with choice of garlic, chicken or beef.   12.95
60. Dau Tay Xao Vai Toi, Bo, Hoac Ga springfield green harvest. green beans sauteed with choice of garlic, chicken, or beef.   12.95

Cac Mon Chay

Vegan Corners

66. Goi Cuon Chay frugally green spring roll. fresh lettuce and mint leaves rolled in rice paper, served with peanut sauce.   3.95
67. Dau Hu Chien Rang Muoi calling the mountain dewdrops. fried bean curd stir fried with chef's special seasoning, salt and black pepper served on top of fresh lettuce accommodated with onions, sweet and sour sauce on the side.   10.95
68. Mi Xao Chay haystack in the field. specially stir-fried egg-noodle with assorted vegetables.   11.95
69. Rau Xau Tha P Cam harvesting vegetarian. assorted vegetables sauteed with tofu in chef's special sauce.   10.95
70. Ca Tim Nuong basking in the tropical sun. eggplant grilled until tender-served with soy based sauce.   10.95
71. Dau Hu Xao Sa Ot strolling in a lemongrass field. fried bean curd sauteed with spicy lemongrass, jumbo sweet onion.   11.95
72. Com Chien Chay hidden oasis. white fried rice with diced tofu and mixed vegetable.   10.95
73. Mien Xao Chay vegan mosaic pathway. chef's signature julienned tofu and cellophane noodle sauteed with eggs, fresh ingredients. bamboo shoots, mushroom, onion, chives, bean sprouts, carrot and celery.   12.95

Cac M On Tr Ang Mi Eng


Cha Gio golden tropical orchard winter roll   5.95
Banh Flan caramel custard   4.95
Chuoi Chien Nuoc Cot Dua banana fritters with coconut cream   6.95
Kem ice cream. green tea, coconut, ginger, espresso, mango   3.95

Thuc Uong


Tra Da iced tea   1.95
Tra Gung-Tra Xanh ginger/green tea   1.95
Tra Hoa Lai Nong hot jasmin tea  ind 1.95
Nuoc Cam Vat fresh squeezed orange juice   3.75
Da Chanh (Soda Chanh) fresh squeezed lemonade   3.25
Da Chanh Muoi lightly salted lemonade   3.50
Nuoc Dua Tuoi young coconut juice   3.25
Ca Phe Den Nong/Da iced/hot vietnamese espresso   3.95
Ca Phe Sua Da/Nong iced/hot vietnamese coffee with milk   3.95
Nuoc Khoang-Nho/Lon s. pellegrino mineral water  4.50 7.00
Present Restaurant
6678 Arlington Blvd
At Annandale Rd
(703) 531-1881
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