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Rice Paper

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  • Vietnamese, Vegetarian-Friendly
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Khai Vi


1. Oc Nhoi steamed escagot raw susage, black mushroom, ginger, onion stuff in the shell   9.00
2. Oc Len Xào Du'a snails with cream coconut   11.00
3. Cha Gio 2 rolls. crispy spring rolls with ground pork, crab meat, shrimp served with nuoc cham sauce and fresh vegetables   4.00
4. Goi Cuon 2 rolls. fresh garden rolls with shrimp, pork, basil leaves, rice vermicelli noodles served with special dipping peanut sauce   4.00
5. Bi Cuon 2 rolls. steamed rice paper rolls with shredded pork, pork skin   4.00
6. Cha Gio 3 rolls. crispy spring rolls with seafood, taro, jicama   5.00
7. Nem Nu'o'ng steamed rice paper rolls with vietnamese pork blended with asian spices, lettuce, pickled vegetables, mint served with peanut sauce   4.00
8. Bò Nu'o'ng Lá Nho grilled vietnamese style ground beef flavored with garlic, spices wrapped in grape leaf served with lemon fish sauce   10.00
9. Chim Cút Quay quails marinated, roasted and layered with lettuce, served with lime juice  (5pcs) 10.00
10. Hen Xuc Banh Da baby clams with pork sautéed with special spices, herbs served with sesame rice crackers  (4pcs) 7.00
11. Cánh Gà Chiên Nu'o'c Mam deep-fried chicken wings sauteed with fifi sh sauce   7.00
12. Coconut Shrimp Tempura coconut covered shrimp tempura served with sweet chilli sauce  (2pcs) 5.00
13. Vietnamese Rocket Shrimp jumbo shrimp wrapped in taro, rolled in vietnamese rice crisps and lightly fried, served with tempura sauce  (2pcs) 6.00



14. Goi Ngó Sen Tôm Thit young lotus stem salad with shrimp and pork   10.00
15. Goi Oc steamed escargot served with lettuce, scallions, onions and asian vinaigrette   11.00
16. Goi Ðu Ðu Thái Lan spicy green papaya salad with fresh lime juice, tomatoes, green beans, peanuts, dried shrimp   9.00
17. Bò Tái Chanh thinly sliced lime-cured beef salad   10.00
18. Goi Hai San fresh pineapple with carrots, sweet onion, lemongrass, roasted peanuts, shrimp, calamari, scallop tossed over a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, onions salad   13.00
19. Goi Gà cabbage salad with shredded chicken served with homemade vietnamese dressing of fish sauce and pepper   10.00
20. Goi Vit sweet tender duck meat on top of shredded banana blossom and morning glory   13.00
21. Goi Xoài Khô Cá Sac mango salad with dried fish charger   10.00
22. Goi Chân Vit Rút Xu'õ'ng boneless duck feet salad   10.00
23. Goi Hen baby clams with pork sauteed with special spices, herbs, peanuts on top of mixed vegetables served with sesame rice crackers   15.00
24. Muc Nu'o'ng Muoi Tiêu grilled sliced squid sauteé with salt and pepper top with salad   10.00

Cõ'm Dia

Rice Dishes

25. Cõ'm Tam Ðat Biet rice paper special combo rice platter with grilled pork chop, tofu stuffed with shrimp paste, shrimp, fried egg, shredded pork, shrimp rolls with sweet chinese sausage on broken rice, lettuce, tomatoes, fish sauce.   9.00
26. Cõ'm Tam Bi Su'o'n Cha shredded pork, grilled pork chop, egg custard on broken rice, lettuce, tomatoes, fish sauce   8.00
27. Cõ'm Tam Bi Su'o'n shredded pork, grilled pork chop on broken rice, lettuce, tomatoes, fish sauce   8.00
28. Cõ'm Tam Su'o'n Cha grilled pork chop, egg custard on broken rice, lettuce, tomatoes, fish sauce   8.00
29. Cõ'm Tam Bi Cha shredded pork, egg custard on broken rice, lettuce, tomatoes, fish sauce   8.00
30. Cõ'm Tam Su'o'n, Thit Nu'o'ng choice of grilled pork chop or grilled pork on broken rice, lettuce, tomatoes, fish sauce   8.00
31. Cõ'm Tam Su'o'n Lao Xu'o'ng grilled pork chop, sweet chinese sausage on broken rice, lettuce, tomatoes, fish sauce   8.00
32. Cõ'm Tam Tàu Hu Ky Lao Xu'o'ng Bi shrimp wrapped in tofu skin, sweet chinese sausage, shredded pork on broken rice, lettuce, tomatoes, fish sauce   8.00
33. Cõ'm Tam Thit Nu'o'ng Bi Cha grilled pork, shredded pork, egg custard on broken rice, lettuce, tomatoes, fish sauce   8.00
34. Cõ'm Bo Nu'o'ng Xa grilled lemongrass beef skewers on steamed jasmine rice, lettuce, tomatoes, fish sauce   9.00
35. Cõ'm Gà Nu'o'ng Chanh grilled lemon chicken on steamed jasmine rice, lettuce, tomatoes, fish sauce   8.00
36. Cõ'm Su'o'n Bo Ðai Hàn korean grilled beef short ribs on steamed jasmine rice   9.00
37. Cõ'm Su'o'n Kieu Thái Lan grilled spicy lemongrass spare ribs on special rice   9.00
38. Cõ'm Gà Xào Xa O't spicy stir-fried lemongrass chicken on jasmine rice   8.00
39. Cõ'm Gà Rôti vietnamese style oven-roasted chicken marinated in garlic on yellow rice   9.00
40. Cõ'm Chim Cút marinated roasted quails on jasmine rice   9.00
41. Cõ'm Bo Lúc Lac cubed beef sauteed with onion, tomato and oyster sauce served on a bed of greens   9.00
42. Cõ'm Tay Cam Ðat Biet combination of seafood with sweet chinese sausage baked in a clay pot with rice and vegetables   11.00
43. Cõ'm Tay Cam Hen baby clams baked in a clay pot with rice and vegetables   10.00

Cõ'm Chiên

Fried Rice

44. Cõ'm Chiên Bo Lúc Lac rice paper special style fried rice with filet mignon, sweet chinese sausage, eggs served with fresh vegetables   15.00
45. Cõm Chiên Hai San Ðat Biet seafood combination fried rice   13.00
46.Cõm Chiên Du'õ'ng Châu combination fried rice   10.00
47. Cõm Chiên Cua crab fried rice   15.00
48. Cõ'm Chiên Cá Man sauted fish fried rice and chicken   10.00
49. Cõm Chiên Tôm shrimp fried rice   12.00

Cháo $9

Congee, Rice Porridge

50. Cháo Bò beef congee, rice porridge   
51. Cháo Cá fish congee, rice porridge   
52. Cháo Vit duck congee, rice porridge served with duck salad   
53. Cháo Lòng innards congee, rice porridge   
54. Cháo Gà chicken congee, rice porridge served with chicken salad   

Hu Tieu-Mi Khô Hoac Nu'O'c

Noodle With Or Without Soup.

55. Hu Tieu Hoac Mi ÐaT Biet your choice of egg or clear rice noodles with combo seafood and slice pork   9.00
56. Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Nam Vang your choice of egg or clear rice noodles with seafood and barbecued slice pork   8.00
57. Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Tôm Thit your choice of egg or rice noodles soup with slice pork and shrimp   8.00
58. Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Chim Cút your choice of egg or rice noodle soup with marinated roasted quails   9.00
59. Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Ðo Bien your choice of egg or rice noodles with seafood   9.00


Beef Noodle Soup. Traditional Vietnamese Soup Consisting Of Rice Noodles In A Delicate Beef Or Chicken Broth, Seasoned Aw With Star Anise, Cinnamon, Cloves, Served With Basil, Bean Sprouts, Lime.

60. Pho Ðat Biet * rice noodle soup with eye round steak, well done brisket, well done flank, meat balls   9.00
61. Pho Tái Chín * rice noodle soup with eye round steak and well done brisket   8.00
62. Pho Tái Bo Viên * rice noodle soup with eye round steak and meat balls   8.00
63. Pho Tái Nam * rice noodle soup with eye round steak and well done flank   8.00
64. Pho Gà rice noodle soup with chicken   8.00


Vermicelli Rice Noodle Soup. A Popular Southern Vietnamese Dish With Fresh Herbs, Bean Sprouts, Vegetables, Sprinkled With Crushed Roasted Peanuts Served With Rice Vermicelli And Fish Sauce.

65. Bún Ðat Biet combination of grilled shrimp, pork, crispy spring rolls, shredded pork   9.00
66. Bún Tôm Nu'o'ng grilled shrimp   9.00
67. Bún Thit Nu'o'ng grilled pork   8.00
68. Bún Chao Gio crispy spring rolls   8.00
69. Bún Thit Nu'o'ng Cha Gio grilled pork, crispy spring rolls   8.00
70. Bún Tôm Thit Nu'o'ng grilled shrimp, pork   9.00
71. Bún Gà Nu'o'ng Chanh grilled lemon chicken   8.00
72. Bún Bò Nu'o'ng Xã grilled lemongrass beef   9.00
73. Bún Bò Xào Xã thinly slices beef stired fried with onion, fresh lemongrass, pepper, onion, garlic   9.00
74. Bún Cha Hà Noi ha noi style pork slices marinated in lemongrass and chili mix, sprinkled with roasted peanuts served with fish sauce   9.00
75. Bun Mam Vinh Thuan rice vermicelli noodle soup with prawns, big cuts of fish, pork, squid   9.00
76. Bun Bo Hue hue-style spicy lemongrass beef noodle soup   9.00
77. Bún Riêu Oc rice vermicelli noodle soup topped with crab, snails, shrimp paste served in a tomato-based broth and garnished with bean sprouts, prawn paste, herb leaves, water spinach, chunks of tomato   
78. Bún Cá Rach Giá rach gia style rice vermicelli with fish, caramel shrimp   9.00
79. Bún Thái rice vermicelli tamarind soup with seafood   9.00
80. Bún Mãng Vit thth in rice noodles soup with tender duck meat, bamboo shoots served with duck salad   9.00
81. Mien Ga clear cellophane noodle soup with shredded chicken, sprinkled with scallions, coriander, ground pepper   9.00
82. Bánh Canh Tôm Cua fat rice noodle in thick soup with shrimp cake and crabmeat   9.00


Vietnamese Hot Pot Soup. Cook Table Side With Portable Burner.

83. Lau Thái spicy thth ai style soup served with a combination of seafood, rice noodles, tofu, chinese watercress   35.00
84. Lauthap Cam special hot pot with shrimp, mussels, squid, fish balls, beef, tofu served with fresh vegetables   35.00
85. Lau Cha Cá Thát Lác assorted fish cakes   35.00
86. Lau Ðuôi Bo ox tail, spicy beef broth   35.00
87. Lau Chua Cá Rô Phi, Cá Kèo fish, vegetables, tomatoes, bamboo, bananas blossoms, okra, alocasia odora, mushroom and celery   35.00
88. Lau Mam spicy lemongrass soup with prawns, big cuts of fish, pork belly and squids   40.00
Extra ($3 Each): Soup, Vermicelli, Vegetables

Mi Xao Don, Mem, Pho Ap Chao, Hu Tieu

Your Choice Of Soft Or Crispy. Yellow Egg Noodles, Rice Noodles, Or Flat Wide Rice Noodle.

89. Gà chicken & mixed vegetables stir-fried in brown sauce   12.00
90. Bò beef & mixed vegetables stir-fried in brown sauce   13.00
91. Thap Cam combination of chicken, beef, seafood & mixed vegetables stir-fried in brown sauce   14.00
92. Ðo Bien seafood & mixed vegetables stir-fired in white garlic sauce   14.00
93. Mien Xao Cua clear cellophane noodle with crab, scallions, coriander, ground pepper   15.00

Ðo Chay


94. Rau Xào Chay sweet & mildy spicy sauce over sauteed tofu pieces stir-frfr ied with mixed vegetables   10.00
95. Ðau Hu Chiên Don Xa O't spicy crispy tofu with lemongrass   11.00
96. Mi Xao Chay (Don Hay Mem) stir-fried tofu & mixed vegetables on your choice of crispy or soft egg noodles   11.00
97. Hu Tieu Áp Chao Chay pan-fried rice noodles topped with mixed vegetables and fried tofu   11.00
98. Bánh Xèo Chay vegetarian crispy crepe   9.00
99. Cà Ri Chay curry vegetables, tofu, coconut milk, pepper   10.00

Cuon Voi Rau Và Bánh Tráng

Lettuce & Rice Paper Wraps

100. Rice Paper Combo Platter grilled seafood, grilled pork, grilled ground beef wrapped in grape leaves served with thin vermicelli patties   15.00
101. Bánh Hoi Bo Nu'o'ng Lá Nho grilled ground beef wrapped in grape leaves served with rice vermicelli & rice paper   12.00
102. Bánh Hoi Bo Nu'o'ng Xa grilled lemongrass beef served with steamed thin vermicelli   13.00
103. Bánh Hoi Tom Thit Nu'o'ng grilled shrimp and grilled pork skewers served with steamed thin vermicelli   13.00
104. Bánh Hoi Con Ðiep & Tôm Nu'o'ng grilled scallop & shrimp skewers served with steamed thin vermicelli   14.00
105. Bánh Hoi Heo Quay roasted pork served with steamed thin vermicelli   12.00
106. Bánh Xèo southern crepe stuffed with shrimps, pork, mung beans, onion, bean sprouts   9.00
107. Bánh Hoi Chao Tôm grilled prawn paste on sugar cane served with steamed thin vermicelli patties   12.00
108. Bánh Hoi Thit Nu'o'ng grilled pork skewers served with steamed thin vermicelli   12.00
109. Bánh Hoi Gà Nu'o'ng Chanh grilled lemon chicken skewers served with steamed thin vermicelli   12.00
110. Bánh Hoi Tôm Nu'o'ng grilled shrimp skewers served with steamed thin vermicelli patties   13.00
111. Cha Cá Thi Là grilled dill, tumeric fish served with steamed thin vermicelli   15.00

Các Món Ãn


112. Canh Chua Cá Hoac Tôm vietnamese sweet & sour tamarind soup with okra, pineapple, bean sprouts and tomato with your choice of shrimp or fish   13.00
113. Canh Ðuoi Bo ox tail soup with mixed vegetables   15.00
114. Canh Chân Gà Thái spicy and sour chicken feet soup   15.00
115. Rau Xào Thap Cam, Tôm, Bõ mixed vegetables stir-fried with garlic of your choice of combination, shrimp, beef   13.00
116. Cá Kho Tô caramelized fish in clay pot   13.00
117. Tôm Rim Man caramelized shrimp   13.00
118. Tôm Rang Muôi, Tôm Rang Me your choice of baked & salted shrimp or fried shrimp with tamarind-based sauce   
shrimp with shells   13.00
shrimp without shells   17.00
119. Mu'c Xào Chua Ngot sweet & sour squid with mixed vegetables   13.00
120. Cua Lot Rang Muoi Chiên Bõ crispy salted & spiced soft shell crabs served over watercress, tomatoes, onions.   22.00
121. Su'o'n Rang Man caramelized short ribs in clay pot   13.00
122. Ga Xao Xa O't chicken sauteed with lemongrass & curry chili   13.00
123. Ðuoi Bo Xao Sa Te sate spicy ox tails stir-fried   15.00
124. Ðo Bien Rang Muoi crispy salted & spiced assorted seafoods   15.00
125. Ruot Heo Chiên Don, Ruot Heo Xào Cà Chua crispy pig intestine or pig intestine with sour mustard   15.00
126. Bo Luc L.C shaky beef - marinated cubed beef served over a bed of fresh watercress, tomatoes, and onions with lime dip   15.00

Tráng Mieng


Kem ice cream   4.00
Chuoi Chiên fried banana topped with honey, vanilla ice cream, seasonal fruit   6.00
Xôi Xoài sticky rice & mango with coconut milk & sesame seeds   

Giai Khát


Nu'o'c Ngot soft drinks. coke, diet coke, sprite, sunkist, orange soda.   2.00
Su'a Ðau Nành soy bean drink   3.00
Nu'o'c Du'a Tu'õi young coconut & juice drink   3.00
Soda Chanh freshly squeezed lemonade with club soda   3.00
Soda Xí MuoI preserved salted plum with club soda   3.00
Soda Su'A Hot Gà beaten egg soda   4.00
Ðá Chanh freshly squeezed lemonade   3.00
Rau Má pennywort drink   3.00
Trà Nóng hot jasmine tea   1.00
Cà Phê Ðen Ðá, Nóng vietnamese black coffee iced, hot   4.00
Cà Phê Su'A Ðá, Nóng vietnamse coffee with condense milk iced, hot   4.00
Trà Thái thai iced tea   3.00

Sinh To $4

Fruit Smoothies

Sinh To Bõ avocado smoothies   
Sinh To Mít jackfruit smoothies   
Sinh To Mang Cau soursop smoothies   
Sinh To Du'a coconut smoothies   
Sinh To Sau Riêng durian smoothies   

Domestic Beers $4

Yueng Ling    
Miller Light    

Imported Beers

Corona    4.00
Heineken    4.00
Light Heineken    4.00
Tsingtao    4.00
"33"    5.00
Saigon    5.00

Wine By The Glass


Ruta22 Malbec a dark fruit flavors of blackberry, blueberry, black raspberry, and supple tannins   8.00
Mondavi Merlot a velvety smooth layers of black cherry, blackberry and chocolate character with just a hint of oak   6.00
Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley, California) juicy black cherries and italian plums, seamlessly transitioning to fl avors of ripe dark frfrfr uit   6.00
Deloach Pinot Noir (California) cherry and cranberry flavors with notes of smoke and black pepper   7.00


Mondavi Chardonnay (California) a pleasant medium-bodied wine with hints of tropical fruits, and clean finish   6.00
Pinot Grigio pighin   9.00
Lagaria Pinot Grigio a very fruity, almost peach juice-like wine with layers of honeydew melon and apricot   7.00
Sauvignon Blanc - The Crossing aroma of passionfruit and pungent citrusy   8.00
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc a lemony aroma with hints of tropical fruit, gooseberry, and coconut. medium to full bodied with herbal, citrus and ripe peach flavors with a slightly cream.   8.00
Oyster Bay Chardonay meyer lemon, peach and tangerine flavours are ripe and intense, offering a juicy core, fleshy texture and long finish   8.00


* Contains Or May Contain Raw Or Uncooked Ingredients. Consuming Raw Or Undercooked Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Shellfififish, Or Eggs May Increase Your Risk Of Food Borne Illness, Especially If You Have Certain Medical Conditions
Rice Paper
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