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Sala Thai

  • $$$
  • Sushi, Thai
  • 2300 Washington Pl NE, Washington 20018 38.920936 -76.993915
  • (At Rhode Island Ave NE)
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  • (202) 754-8903
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Appetizers $4

Edamame steamed japanese soybean  
Green Salad with ginger dressing  
Seaweed Salad   
Avocado Salad   
Shrimp Crab Salad shrimp, crab, japanese mayo, old bay  
Miso Soup Tofu   

Special Appetizers

Sashimi Salad tuna, salmon, escolar, special ponzu sesame sauce, tomato, orange, cucumber scallion and sesame seeds  
Tuna Tataki seared tuna, scallions, sesame seeds, masago, cucumber with ponzu sauce  
Tuna Lover seared tuna steak, seaweed salad, cucumber, scallions, sesame seed, masago with special homemade ponzu wasabi mayo sauce  
Spicy Tuna Dip spicy tuna, chips, masago, scallion, sesame seed, avocado  
Yellow Tail Campaji japanese yellow tail, special spicy rice, vinegar, cucumber, sesame seeds  
Salmon Capaccio thinly sliced salmon with special sauce  
White Capaccio thinly sliced escolar with special sauce  
Spicy Conch & Octopus Salad conch, octopus, ponzu, sesame sriacha, masago, scallion, sesame seed, orange, tomato  

Nigiri Or Sushi


Magura tuna    6.00
Toro fatty tuna  
Escolar white tuna    5.00
Sake salmon    5.00
Smoked Salmon     5.00
Hamachi yellowtail    6.00
Tamago sweet egg omlet    4.00
Tobiko flying fish roe    5.00
Masago smelt fish roe    5.00
Ama Ebi sweet shrimp    6.00
Ebi cooked shrimp    4.00
Hotategai scallop    5.00
Tako octopus    4.00
Unagi eel    6.00
Ikura salmon roe    6.00
Inari fried tofu skin    3.50
Uni sea urchin  
Ika squid    4.00
Hokkigai surf clam    4.00
Saba mackerel    4.00
Kani crab stick    4.00
Conch     4.00

Spicy Crunchy Rolls

Inside Out 6pcs.

Tuna Or Salmon Or Crab     7.00
Shrimp Or Escolar     6.00

Sushi Sashimi Set

No Substitutions; All Sets Served With Miso Soup.

Unagi don eel over rice    18.00
Regular Sushi 5pcs of sushi & california roll    16.00
Deluxe Sushi 8ps of sushi & california roll    20.00
Regular Sashimi 9pcs of mixed fresh fish    18.00
Chef's Sashimi Choice 15pcs of mixed fresh fish    26.00
Sushi Sashimi Combo 3 sushi, 6 sashimi & cali roll    22.00

Small Rolls

Seaweed Out 6pcs.

Tuna Or Salmon Or Escolar Or Shrimp     5.00
Yellowtail Or Eel     6.00
Crab Stick     4.50
Tamago sweet egg omlet    4.00
Avocado Or Asparagus Or Cucumber     4.00

Regular Rolls

California Roll crab, cucumber, avocado inside out with masago sesame seed    6.00
Salmon California Roll salmon, avocado and cucumber inside out with masago, sesami    8.00
J.B. Roll (seaweed out) salmon, cream cheese and scallion    8.00
Veggie Roll (seaweed out) cucumber, avocado, asparagus, carrot    6.00
Tuna Avocado inside out    7.00
Salmon Avocado inside out    7.00
Escolar Avocado inside out    7.00
Yellow Tail Avocado inside out    7.00
Eel Avocado inside out    7.00
Shrimp Avocado inside out    6.00
Tamago Avocado inside out    5.00

Special Rolls

Sala Thai Roll giant eel, sesame, seed & eel sauce topped on cali roll    17.00
First Love Roll shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese and asparagus topped with escolar, masago and spicy rice vinegar sauce    13.00
Volcano Roll baked seafood, masago, sesame seeds on topped cali roll with eel sauce    13.00
Super Spider Roll soft-shell crab tempura, asparagus, avocado, masago top with eel sauce    12.00
Salmon Pink shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese & asparagus topped with salmon and eel sauce    13.00
Beautiful Roll lump crab crunchy, cucumber, avocado topped with fresh salmon baked, masago and spicy mayo    13.00
Rainbow Roll tuna, salmon, white fish and avocado topped on cali roll    12.00
J.B. Tempura Roll tempura-style inside with salmon, cream cheese and scallion topped with eel sauce    10.00
Sushi Bomb tempura-style inside with tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado and asparagus top with finger sauce    13.00
Green Dragon shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese and asparagus topped with avocado and eel sauce    13.00
Red Dragon shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese and asparagus topped with tuna, avocado and eel sauce    13.00
Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll yellow tail, jalapeno and special sauce top on spicy crab roll    13.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll shrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado inside out with sesame seed and eel sauce    10.00

Chef's Signature Dishes

Kao Na Gai marinated chicken with grandma's recipe special brown sauce served over white rice.    11.95
Pattaya Curry ** beef stir-fried with potato, carrot and onion in yellow curry sauce    13.95
E-Sarn Steak * grilled steak thai northeastern style served with hot and sour tamarind sauce and sticky rice    14.95
Goong Ma Karm crispy fried battered shrimp and steamed vegetables topped with sweet and sour tamarind sauce    14.95
Phuket Paradise shrimp, squid, scallop and mussels stir-fried with house-made curry peanut sauce    17.95


1. Tom Yum Goong Soup * shrimp, mushroom, and tomato in hot and sour lemongrass soup    5.25
2. Tom Klong Talay Soup * a southern thai style lemongrass soup with shrimp, squid, scallop, mussel, red onion, dried chili and basil leaves    5.95
3. Tom Kha Soup * chicken or shrimp, mushroom in hot sour coconut milk soup    5.25
4. Woon Sen Gai Soup minced chicken, glass noodle, onion, cilantro and celery in light chicken broth    4.50
5. Wonton Soup marinated minced chicken in wonton wrappers, onion, scallion and green leaves in light chicken broth    4.50


6. Chef Special Salad fresh green salad, shredded carrot, onion and tomatoes with chef's special sesame dressing topped with crispy noodle    5.95
7. House Salad fresh green mixed salad served with house peanut dressing    4.95
8. Yum Nua * grilled sliced flank steak tossed with scallion, onion, cilantro and tomato in spicy lemon dressing    8.95
9. Larb Gai * minced chicken mixed with thai spices, scallion, red onion, cilantro, roasted rice powder and lemon juice    6.95
10. Papaya Salad J ** green papaya tossed with garlic, hot chili, string beans, tomato, peanut and lime dressing    6.95
10. Papaya Salad J shrimp    7.95
11. Yum Woon Sen * spicy cellophane noodles tossed with shrimp, minced chicken, scallion, hu-nu mushroom and celery in spicy chili lime dressing    7.95
12. Yum Ped Krob * sliced crispy roasted duck tossed with shredded carrot, red onion and cilantro in lemon chili dressing served on lettuce    7.95
13. Pla Goong * shrimp tossed with lemongrass, onion, cilantro and chili lime dressing    7.95
14. Yum Talay * shrimp, squid, and scallop mixed with thai spices, scallion, celery, carrot, shallot, hot chili and lemon sauce    9.95


15. Spring Roll (Veggie) crispy fried vegetable rolls filled with cellophane noodle, cabbage, and carrot served with sweet and sour sauce    5.95
16. Sala Thai Crab Cake deep fried crab meat and minced chicken wrapped in bean curd skin served with chili sweet and sour sauce    6.95
17. Pla Muek Tod deep fried calamari served with spicy sweet and sour lemon sauce    7.95
18. Pinky In The Blanket deep fried shrimp in spring roll wrapper served with a mild spicy sauce    6.95
19. Tod Mun fried curried fish cake served with cucumber, peanut in sweet and sour sauce    6.95
20. Sala Thai Dumpling steamed crabmeat, shrimp and minced pork wrapped in wonton skin served with vinegar soy sauce    6.95
21. Satay grilled marinated chicken or shrimp on sticks with peanut dipping sauce and cucumber sauce    6.95
22. Hoi Obb * steamed fresh mussels with thai herbs served with hot chili lemon sauce    7.95

Main Dish

Choice Of Meat (Select 1): Chicken, Pork & Beef Add $1. All Entrees Served With Steamed Rice.

23. Ka Prow *** choice of meat sauteed with basil leaves, garlic and hot chili    11.95
24. Pad King choice of meat sauteed with fresh ginger, onion, scallion, and hu-nu mushroom in bean sauce    11.95
25. Pad Pik King ** choice of meat stir-fried with chili paste and fresh string beans    11.95
26. Preaw Waan choice of meat with cucumber, bell pepper, pineapple, onion, and scallion in sweet and sour sauce    11.95
27. Pad Kana your choice of meat stir-fried with white pepper, garlic and broccoli in light brown sauce    11.95
28. Pad Mah Kua ** choice of meat sauteed with eggplant, basil leaves in spicy black bean sauce    11.95
28. Pad Mah Kua shrimp    14.95
29. Pad Pak choice of meat sauteed with mixed vegetables in light garlic sauce    12.95
29. Pad Pak shrimp    14.95
30. Wild Pork ** stir-fried sliced pork with young pepper corn, tomato and fresh pepper in red curry sauce    11.95
31. Gai Him Ma Parn marinated chicken sauteed with cashew nuts and scallion in light brown sauce    11.95
32. Gai Ra-Yong *** crispy outer layer chicken breast topped with onion, hot chili and basil sauce served with mixed veggies    12.95
33. Wild Chic ** grilled chicken breast sauteed with asparagus in red curry sauce    12.95
34. Chicken Lemongrass sliced chicken sauteed with bell pepper, garlic, and lemongrass in yellow lemongrass sauce    12.95
35. Chicken Pineapple marinated chicken sauteed with fresh ginger, cashew nuts, pineapple chunks and scallion in a sweet and sour sauce    12.95
36. Sala Thai Curry Specials ** red or green curry with a choice of meat    11.95
36. Sala Thai Curry Specials ** red or green curry with shrimp    14.95
36. Sala Thai Curry Specials ** red curry roasted duck    14.95
37. Panang Curry * a popular dish of chicken or shrimp in our homemade curry peanut sauce    11.95
37. Panang Curry shrimp    14.95
38. Mussaman Curry * choice of meat in peanut, coconut brown mussaman curry with potato and onion    13.95
39. Nua Kra Ting Tone spicy beef with onion, garlic and parsley sauce    13.95
40. Nua Slam sauteed marinated sliced tender beef in sesame oil topped with fresh ginger, served with marinated veggies    14.95
41. Sala Thai Lamb grilled racks of lamb to your satisfaction served with green beans, broccoli with your choice of: sweet chili garlic basil sauce***, onion parsley sauce, coconut red curry sauce*    19.95
42. Ped Pad Ka Prow *** stir-fried sliced roasted duck with bamboo shoots, fresh pepper and basil leaves    14.95
43. Ped Ma Karm a chef's specialty fried boneless breast roasted duck topped with sweet and sour tamarind sauce served with mixed vegetable    16.95
44. Sala Thai Duck * crispy fried boneless breast roasted duck with a signature coconut red curry sauce served with mixed vegetables    16.95
45. Catfish Pad Phed ** fresh catfish filet sauteed with red chili paste, eggplant, rhizome, and young pepper corn    13.95
46. Tilapia * lightly battered fried. thai style fresh mango salsa sauce, coconut yellow egg curry sauce    13.95
47. Pad Phed Pla Muek ** stir-fried squid with red chili paste sauce and baby corn    13.95
48. Scallop Pad Phed ** scallop sauteed with hot chili, garlic and bamboo shoots    14.95
49. Shrimp Asparagus shrimp sauteed with asparagus in oyster sauce    14.95
50. Peppery Shrimp shrimp sauteed with white pepper and garlic    14.95
51. Pottery Shrimp shrimp with cellophane noodles, napa cabbage, celery, ginger and scallion    14.95
52. Goong Pik King ** fresh shrimp stir-fried with traditional thai chili paste and fresh string beans    14.95
53. Goong Krob Ka Prow *** crispy fried shrimp and steamed veggie topped with hot chili garlic sauce    14.95
54. Seafood Combination shrimp, squid, scallop, mussel and lump crab meat sauteed with your choice of: hot chili paste**, hot chili basil sauce***, spicy bean sauce*, sweet and sour sauce    17.95
55. Pu-Nim (Soft Shell Crab) Seasonal crispy fried soft shell crab and steamed vegetable with your choice of: hot chili and garlic sauce***, celery in curry sauce (egg contained)  
56. Catch Of The Day steamed or crispy fried whole fish. hot chili garlic basil sauce***, sweet and sour sauce  


57. Pad Thai a thai specialty of noodles sauteed with shrimp, fresh bean sprout, egg scallion, red tofu, and ground peanut    12.95
58. Mai Fah transparent noodles sauteed with shrimp, pork, egg, celery, onion, carrot and black mushroom    12.95
59. Pad Gai wide rice noodle stir-fried with chicken, green onion with thai seasoning soy sauce    11.95
60. Pad See Ew flat rice noodle sauteed with choice of meat, egg and broccoli in thai sweet soy and black bean sauce    11.95
61. Kee Mao ** flat rice noodle with a choice of meat sauteed with garlic, onion, bell pepper, hot chili and basil leaves    11.95
61. Kee Mao seafood    14.95

Fried Rice

62. Fried Rice chef's special fried rice with your choice of meat with egg, onion, tomato, scallion, peas, and carrot    10.95
62. Fried Rice crab meat or shrimp    12.95
63. Spicy Basil Fried Rice *** chef's special fried rice with shrimp, squid, scallop with onion, bell pepper, in hot chili and basil leaves    14.95
64. Yellow Curry Fried Rice * choice of chicken, pork, or beef in yellow curry fried rice with onion    11.95
65. Pineapple Fried Rice chef's special fried rice with shrimp and chicken, egg, carrot, onion, scallion, peas, tomato, raisin, and pineapple    12.95

Vegetarian Soups $4.50

66. Tom Yum Veggies * mixed veggies in hot and sour lemongrass soup  
67. Tom Kha Pak Tofu * tofu and mixed veggies in hot and sour coconut milk soup  
68. Tofu Soup J sliced tofu with onion, and scallion in a light broth  

Vegetarian Appetizers

69. Garden Roll (Fresh) a mixture of cucumber, carrots, green leaf, scallion, tofu, cilantro, basil leaves, and bell pepper in rice wrapper served with sweet plum sauce    5.25
70. Larb Tofu * diced steamed silky tofu tossed with thai spices and chili lemon dressing    5.95
71. Tofu Tod deep fried bean cured served with sweet and sour peanut sauce    5.95
72. Vegetable Tempura deep-fried assortment of veggies served with sweet and sour sauce    5.95

Vegetarian Entrees $9.95

73. Pad Mah Kuah J ** sauteed eggplant and mushroom with basil leaves in spicy black bean sauce  
74. Tofu Snow Peas stir-fried deep fried tofu with snow peas, baby corn, mushroom, and tomatoes in light garlic sauce  
75. Tofu Preaw-Waan deep fried tofu sauteed with mixed vegetables in sweet and sour sauce  
76. Pad King Tofu deep fried tofu sauteed with fresh ginger, onion, scallion and mushroom in bean sauce  
77. Pad Pak Ruam Mit deep fried tofu sauteed with mixed vegetables in light garlic sauce  
78. Pad Pik King Tofu ** deep fried tofu sauteed with chili paste and fresh string beans  
79. Panang Tofu * fried tofu in spicy curry peanut sauce  
80. Ka Prow Tofu *** fried tofu sauteed with mixed vegetables in hot chili, garlic and basil leaves  
81. Vegetable Curry ** red or green curry with fried tofu, mixed veggies, and basil leaves  

Vegetarian Noodle & Fried Rice $9.95

No Egg Contained.

82. Pad Thai J specialty of thai noodles sauteed with fried tofu, scallion, fresh bean sprout, and mixed veggies topped with ground peanut  
83. Pad See Ew J flat rice noodle sauteed with fried tofu and mixed veggies in thai sweet soy and black bean sauce  
84. Kee Mao J *** drunken noodles. stir-fried flat rice noodles, veggies, and fried tofu with hot chili, basil, and garlic sauce  
85. Veggie Fried Rice J traditional thai fried rice sauteed with fried tofu and mixed veggies  

Side Orders

Jasmin Rice     1.00
Brown Rice     2.00
Mixed Veggies     2.50
Steamed Noodle     2.50


Sala Thai
2300 Washington Pl NE
At Rhode Island Ave NE
(202) 754-8903
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