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  • 2250 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington 22201 38.890447 -77.085995
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Appetizers & Soup

1. Sa-Tay 4 grilled tender pieces of skewered chicken served with peanut sauce, cucumber sauce, and slices of toast    7.00
2. Spring Rolls 3 pieces of pork & shrimp or vegetarian spring rolls deep-fried and served with special sweet and sour sauce on the side    5.00
3. Ka-Nom-Jeeb (Dumplings) 5 pieces of minced chicken, shrimp and water chestnuts wrapped in wonton skin, served steamed or fried with chef's special sauce    8.50
4. Duck Roll * sliced deep-fried duck, cucumbers, green onions, mustard, bell peppers, and plum sauce wrapped with crispy roti    8.50
5. Tofu-Tod deep fried tofu served with spice sweet and sour sauce with crushed peanuts on top    6.00
6. Sesame Green Beans deep fried green beans served with chef's special sesame soy sauce on the side    6.00
7. Ner-Yang grilled sliced tender beef served with spicy dipping sauce on the side    8.50
8. Fried Calamari served with sweet and sour sauce on the side    8.50
9. Papaya Salad julienne green papaya, roasted peanuts, green beans, dried shrimp, and tomato mixed together in a spicy lime juice    8.00
10. Kao-Klook * spicy coconut rice. chef recommended coconut rice with ground pork, shrimp, peanuts, ginger, onion, and chinese parsley mixed into a spicy lime sauce with lettuce wraps on the side    8.50
11. Summer Rolls ground chicken, basil leaves, lettuce, sen-mee rice noodles, bean sprouts, cucumbers, and spring onions wrapped together in thin rice paper served with sweet chili sauce topped with crushed peanuts on the side    6.00
12. Sun Dried Beef marinated beef, deep fried and served with spicy hot dipping sauce on the side    8.00


13. Tom-Yam Soup *cooked with mushrooms in a spicy lime and lemon grass broth.  
13. Tom-Yam Soup choice of soft tofu or chicken    7.00
13. Tom-Yam Soup choice of shrimp    8.00
14. Tom-Kha Soup * cooked with mushroom in lemon grass, galangal and coconut milk broth.  
14. Tom-Kha Soup choice of soft tofu or chicken    7.00
14. Tom-Kha Soup chocie of shrimp    8.00
15. Wonton Soup cooked with mushroom in lemon grass, galangal, dried hot peppers and coconut milk broth top with cilantro    7.00
15. Wonton Soup choice of soft tofu or chicken    7.00

Chef Recommended

16. Ped-Kra-Pao ** crispy fried boneless duck topped with spicy basil sauce, bell peppers and garnished with steamed vegetables    17.00
17. Goong-Klur * 8 pieces of deep fried shrimp, stir fried with spicy garlic and bell peppers, garnished with steamed vegetables    17.00
18. Gai-Klur Fried Rice * deep-fried white meat chicken, stir fried with spicy garlic sauce and garnished with bell peppers and steamed mixed vegetables with fried rice with egg on the side    15.00
19. Angel Eggplant ** deep fried eggplant topped with juicy stir fried ground chicken, bell peppers, carrots, and spicy basil sauce    14.00
20. Beef Pepper Steak * sautéed marinated flank steak with bell peppers, onions, shitake mushrooms, scallions, and young peppercorn    16.00
21. Lamb Saffron Rice * lamb curry topped onto saffron rice in a clay pot    18.00
22. Sawatdee Seafood sautéed seafood combination of mussels, shrimp, squid, and scallops with shitake mushrooms, bamboo shoot, and mixed vegetables    18.00
23. Spicy Seafood Lemongrass * filet tilapia, shrimp, squid, onions, and bell peppers with spicy curry coconut and lemongrass sauce    19.00
24. Crispy Whole Fish crispy whole flounder served with your choice of chili basil or garlic sauce garnished with mixed vegetables  


25. Ga-Pow ** choice of meat sautéed with chili peppers, bell peppers, garlic, and fresh basil leaves in a spicy brown sauce  
26. Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables choice of meat with mixed vegetables stir fired in a light brown garlic sauce  
27. Pad-Pak * mixed vegetables. choice of meat with mixed vegetables stir fired in a light garlic sauce  
27. Pad-Him-Ma-Pan (Cashew Nut) * cashew nut. choice of meat sautéed with onions, scallions, bell peppers, dried hot peppers and cashew nuts in savory light brown gravy sauce  
28. Pad-Prik-King ** choice of meat sautéed with green bean in red curry paste  
29. Pad-Kra-Tiam choice of meat stir fried in a light garlic sauce and garnished with steamed mixed vegetables  
30. Pad-Ma-Keur ** choice of meat stir fried with eggplants and basil leaves in black bean sauce  
31. Pew-Wann Chicken deep fried white meat chicken with cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, onion, scallion, pineapples, and sweet & sour sauce  
32. Pad Brocoli choice of meat with broccoli in a light brown sauce  
33. Lemon Chicken crispy fried chicken breast topped with chef's special lemon sauce    12.00
34. Rama choice of grilled tofu or chicken breast topped with peanut sauce garnished with sen-mee rice noodles and mixed vegetables    13.00
34. Rama choice of beef topped with peanut sauce garnished with sen-mee rice noodles and mixed vegetables    14.00
35. Kana Crispy Pork * stir fried chinese broccoli with crispy pork in black bean sauce and hot chili pepper    14.00
36. Mango Chicken * deep fried chicken breast stir fried with mango sauce, cashew nuts, and bell peppers    13.00


37. Yellow Curry Chicken With Roti * dark meat chicken and potatoes marinated in spicy yellow curry and coconut milk served with a side of crispy roti    14.00
38. Red Curry ** red curry paste cooked with coconut milk, bamboo shoot, thai eggplants, and sweet basil leaves  
38. Red Curry choice of duck    17.00
39. Green Curry ** green curry paste cooked with coconut milk, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, thai eggplants, and green beans  
39. Green Curry choice of duck    17.00
40. Panang ** choice of meat sautéed with pananag curry paste  


41. Pad Thai Noodle stir fried thin vermicelli noodles with choice of meat, bean curd, bean sprouts, scallions, and eggs with sides of crushed peanuts and limes  
42. Drunken Noodle ** choice of meat stir fried with fresh flat rice noodle, onions, hot chili peppers, basil leaves, bell peppers, and vegetables  
43. Lad Na Noodle choice of meat stir fried with fresh flat rice noodle, onions, hot chili peppers, basil leaves, bell peppers, and vegetables  
44. Pad-Si-Ew Noodle* choice of meat stir fried with fresh flat rice noodle with chinese broccoli (may be substituted for regular broccoli), egg, and soy sauce  

Fried Rice

45. Kao-Pad stir-fried rice with onion, scallion, tomato and egg  
46. Kao-Pad-Ga-Pow ** basil fried rice. stir-fried rice with hot pepper, bell pepper and basil leaves  
47. Crabmeat Fried Rice stif-fried rice with crabmeat, egg, scallion, tomato and onion    19.00
49. Pineapple Fried Rice * choice of meat cooked with stir fried rice, raisins, pineapple, cashew nuts, scallions, onions, carrots and eggs.  

Side Orders

49. Brown Rice or Saffron Rice     3.00
50. Steamed White Rice     2.00
51. Fried Rice choice of eggs or no eggs    5.00
52. Steamed Mixed Vegetables     7.00
53. Peanut Sauce     6.00
54. Garlic Sauce * lemon sauce, panang curry sauce or spicy basil sauce    5.00
55. Spring Roll Sauce sauce spring roll, sauce dumpling, sauce cucumber, small sauce peanut   (4oz) 1.00

Condiments & Hot Sauce $0.50

Chilli Red Vinegar   
Green Vinegar   
Fish Sauce   
Chili Power   


56. Thai Custard with sweet rice    7.00
57. Fried Bananas     6.00
58. Ice Cream coconut milk    5.00
59. Fried Banana with coconut ice cream    9.00
60. Mango with sweet rice. seasonal    7.00
61. Taro Ball In Coconut Cream     5.00

Non Alcoholic

Orange Juice     3.00
Pineapple Juice     3.00
Cranberry Juice     3.00
Fruit Punch     3.50
Lemonade     2.00
Soda     2.00
Thai Ice Tea     2.50
Thai Ice Coffee     2.50
Unsweet Ice Tea     2.00
Hot Tea jasmine    2.00
Perrier sparkling mineral water    3.50
Bottle Water     2.00


Cosmopolitan wodka, cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice    10.50
Long Island Iced Tea rum, vodka, gin, tequila, sour mix, coke    9.00
Mai Tai ru, dark rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, sour mix, grenadine    8.50
Singapore Sling gin, cherry-flavored brandy, sour mix, pineapple    8.50
Hurricane rum, dark ru, orange juice, lime juice    8.50
Scorpion rum, brandy, orange juice    8.50
Sex On The Beach black raspberry liquor, melon liquor, vodka, pineapple juice, cranberry juice    9.00
Pink Pussy Cat rum, pineapple juice, grenadine    8.50
Zombie rum, dark rum, sour mix, orange juice, pineapple juice    8.50
Melon Ball melon liquor, vodka, pineapple juice    8.50
Margarita (salt or no salt). tequila, triple sec, sour mix, lime juice    8.50
Fuzzy Navel peach schnapps, vodka, orange juice    8.50
Pina Colada cocolopez, pineapple chunks, rum, half & half    9.50
Blue Hawaiian blue liquor, rum, cocolopez, pineapple juice, half & half    10.00
Mango Daiguiri rum, mango, mango juice. seasonal    9.50
Strawberry Daiguiri rum, strawberry, pineapple juice    9.50

Imported Beer $5

Amstel Light   

Domestic Beer $4

Miller Lite   
Samual Adams   

Draft Beer

Supporo     6.00
Blue Moon     6.50

House Wine

Walnut Crest Carbenet Sauvignon   
Walnut Crest Merlot   
Walnut Crest Chardonnay   
Walnut Crest Pinot Grigio   
Vendarge White Zinfandel   
Takara Plum Wine    gl 8.00

White Wine

Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling     8.00
Saint M. Riesling     9.50
Sartori Pinot Grigio     8.25
Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio     8.50
Pedroncelli Sauvinon Blanc     9.50

Red Wine

Yellow Tall Merlot     8.00
Lindeman Shiraz     8.50
Georages Duboeuf Beaujolais Villages     8.00


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