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Uncle Liu's Hot Pot

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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
    $$$$$Greater than $25
    $$$$$18.01 - $25
    $$$$12.01 - $18
    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Chinese, Vegetarian-Friendly
  • 2972 Gallows Rd, Falls Church VA22042 38.8726082 -77.2270843
  • (Btwn Porter & Wendell Howard Rd)
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  • (703) 560-6868
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A1. Vegetable Spring Roll   (2) 2.50
A2. Green Onion Pancake    3.95
A3. Sesame Ball    3.95
A4. Shrimp Tempura   (4) 4.95
A5. Fried Wonton   (8) 5.95
A6. Spicy Wonton*    4.95
A7. Vegetable Or Meat Dumpling steamed or fried  (6) 5.95
A8. Cho Cho Marinated Chicken On Stick   (4) 4.95
A9. Beef & Beef Tendon#* with szechuan sauce   7.95
A10. Sliced Pork# with garlic sauce   6.95
A11. Delightful Cold Wooden Ear Mushroom Salad    5.95
A12. Chengdu Spicy Cold Noodle#*    5.95
A13. Five Spicy Pressed Bean Curd    6.95
A14. Dan Dan Noodle#*    6.95
A15. Mini Wonton Chicken Broth    5.95
A16. Spicy Szechuan Dry Beef#*    6.95
A17. Fried Dry Fish with peanut   6.95
A18. Spicy Bean Jelly#    5.95
A19. Duck Feet#* with green pepper   7.95
A20. Half Smoked Duck Szechuan Style    14.95
A21. Cold House Chicken with peanuts   7.95
A22. Bang Bang Chicken#*    6.95
A23. Hot Sour Potato Noodle w. intestinal   7.95
A24. Cucumber Salad    6.95


SU1. Egg Drop Soup    1.75
SU2. Wonton Soup    1.75
SU3. Hot & Sour Soup*    1.75
SU4. Chicken Com Soup    5.95
SU5. Vegetable Tofu Soup    5.95
SU6. Chicken with pickled vegetable soup   5.95
SU7. Sea Food Soup    7.50
SU8. Sea Food Bean Curd Soup    7.50
SU9. Triple Delight Soup    7.50
SU10. Hot & Sour Sea Food Soup*    7.50
SU11. Fish with pickled vegetable soup   7.50
SU12. West Lake Beef Soup    7.50

Seafood Combination

S1. Hunan Shrimp*    10.95
S2. Shrimp with broccoli   10.95
S3. Shrimp with black bean sauce   10.95
S4. Shrimp with vegetable   10.95
S5. Szechuan Shrimp*    10.95
S6. Kung Pao Shrimp*    10.95
S6a. Sweet & Sour Shrimp    10.95
S7. Shrimp with lobster sauce   12.95
S8. Scallops* with hot garlic sauce   12.95
S9. Scallops with vegetables   12.95
S10. Scallops & Shrimp In Hot Garlic Sauce*    12.95
S11. Seafood Combination    12.95
S12. Triple Delight shrimp, beef chicken & vegetables in brown sauce   10.95
S13. Kung Pao Chicken And Shrimp* shrimp and chicken with green pepper onion and peanuts in a special plum sauce   10.95
S14. Beef And Scallops scallops & sliced beef with fresh vegetables in house special sauce   12.95
S15. Family Delight chicken, beef, shrimp, roast pork, scallop, vegetables in brown sauce   12.95
S16. Kung Pao Triple Delight* chicken, beef & shrimp with green pepper, onion, sauteed in rich plum, sauce with peanuts   12.95
S17. Fish Or Beef Or Chicken#* with vegetable in peppery broth (spicy)   12.95
S18. Fish & Bean Curd#* with spicy sauce   12.95
S19. Fresh Fish Filet    12.95
S20. Sweet & Sour Fish Filet    12.95
S21. Garlic Flavor Fried Flounders    12.95
S22. Steamed Flounders Filet    12.95
S23. Steamed Whole Fish with ginger & green onion   20.95
S24. Whole Fish* with bean jelly   22.95
S25. Whole Fish#* with spicy bean sauce   20.95
S26. Braised Fish#* with bean curd   21.95
S27. Special Hotpot Sauce#* with fresh fish   22.95
S29. Jade Jumbo Shrimp    12.95
S30. Chengdu Salt & Pepper Jumbo Shrimp    12.95
S31. Lobster with ginger & green onion   
S33. Sauteed Lobster with ginger and scallion and scallion   
S34. Lobster with crab yolk   
S35. Fresh Squid with black bean sauce   12.95
S36. Stir Fried Squid* with pickled pepper   12.95
S37. Cumin Beef, Lamb, Fish And Ribs*#    12.95
S38. Frog Any Style frog with wild mushroom, frog with hot spicy sauce. frog with picked peppers and fresh bamboo shoots   20.95
S39. Eel Any Style stir-fried eel, eel with fresh bamboo shoots, eel with green bean thread, poach eel in hot chili oil   24.95
S41. Pickled Vegetable* with whole fish   22.95
S42. Whole Fish with scallion sauce   20.95
S40. Crispy Calamari    12.95


B1. Hunan Beef*    10.95
B2. Beef with snow peas   10.95
B3. Beef with spring onion   10.95
B4. Beef with broccoli   10.95
B5. Beef with green pepper   10.95
B6. Beef with mixed vegetables   10.95
B7. Szechuan Beef*    10.95
B8. Crisp Beef* szechuan style   12.95
B9. Beef with string bean   10.95
B10. Kung Pao Beef*    10.95
B11. Shredded Beef with chinese celery   10.95
B12. Shredded Beef with pickled vegetable   10.95
B13. Shredded Beef w. fish baby bamboo shoots   12.95
B14. Braised Beef Tenderloin* with bamboo shoots   12.95
B15. Braised Beef Tenderloin* with beer sauce   12.95
B16. Fried Beef* with fresh chili pepper cheng du   14.95
B17. Ender Beef* with enoki mushroom in pepper broth   14.95
B18. Orange Beef*    12.95


Hunan Pork*    9.95
Pork* with hot garlic sauce   9.95
Pork with spring onion   9.95
Ground Pork* with vermicelli   9.95
Stir Fried Shredded Pork* with green hot pepper   9.95
Twice Cooked Pork* with fresh garlic leaves   9.95
Stir Fried Pork with wooden ear mushroom   9.95
with cucumber   9.95
Shredded Pork with chinese celery   9.95
with pickled vegetable   9.95
with dry bean curd   9.95
Salt & Pepper Pork Chop*    12.95
Spicy Sichuan Ribs*    12.95
Pork Blood* with vegetable   13.95
Shredded Kidney with vegetable   9.95
Intestines* with hot pepper   12.95
with soft bean curd   12.95
Pork Kidney In Pepper Broth*    10.95
Ground Pork* with pickled sting bean   9.95
Home Style Bacon* with leek   10.95
Cheng Du Style Pork*    10.95

Vegetarian's Choice

V1. Stir Fried Vegetables    7.95
V2. Bean Curd Vegetables    7.95
V3. Ma Po Tofu#*    9.95
V4. Home Style Bean Curd*    9.95
V5. Tender Tofu with duck egg yolk   10.95
V6. Stir Fried Potato & Green Pepper*    8.95
V7. Eggplant* with hot garlic sauce   8.95
V8. Pan Fried Eggs with bitter melon   8.95
V9. Stir Fried Bitter Melon*    8.95
V10. Stir Fried String Bean*    9.95
V11. Pan Fried Celery & Wooden Ear Mushroom    8.95
V12. Stir Fried Dry Bean Curd with chinese celery   9.95
V13. Tiger Skin Pepper*    9.95
V14. Stir Fried Shanghai Green & Black Mushroom    9.95
V15. Fried Spinach with fresh garlic   9.95
V16. Kung Pao Tofu*    9.95
V17. Fried Aa Lettuce    9.95
V18. Fresh Green Bean Leaves with garlic   
V19. Stir Fried Golden Com & Egg Yolk    10.95


C1. Sweet & Sour Chicken    9.95
C2. Hunan Chicken*    8.95
C3. Chicken with string beans   8.95
C4. Chicken with eggplant   8.95
C5. Chicken* with hot garlic sauce   9.95
C6. Chicken with broccoli   8.95
C7. Chicken with mixed vegetables   8.95
C8. Chicken with snow peas   9.95
C9. Chicken with cashew nuts   9.95
C10. Moo Goo Gai Pan    8.95
C11. Chicken with black bean sauce   8.95
C12. Curry Chicken*    8.95
C13. Szechuan Chicken*    8.95
C14. General Tso's Chicken*    9.95
C15. Sesame Chicken    9.95
C16. Orange Chicken*    9.95
C17. Chengdu Kung Pao Chicken#*    9.95
C18. Diced Chicken#* with hot peppers   10.95
C19. Shredded Chicken with pickled vegetable   9.95
C20. Fried Chicken#* with dry chili peppers   9.95
C21. Fried Chicken#* with spicy potato   10.95
C22. Diced Chicken with fresh lettuce   12.95
C23. Cheng Du House Chicken*    12.95

Lo Mein, Fried Rice, Noodle & Chow Mein

Rl1. Fried Rice Or Lo Mein choice of shrimp, beef, chicken b.b.q pork or vegetable   7.95
Rl2. Combination Lo Mein Or Rice    8.95
R1. Egg Fried Rice    7.95
R2. Yang Zhou Fried Rice    8.95
N1. Braised Beef Noodle Soup*    7.50
N2. Pork with pickled vegetable noodle soup   7.50
N4. Noodle* with brown meat sauce   7.50
N5. Singapore Style Rice Noodles*    9.95
N6. Beef Chow Fun    10.95
N7. Combination Noodle Soup choice of beef chicken, meatball   7.50
N8. Do Lu Noodle    8.95
# House Special Nump Or Ma La * Hot & Spicy
Uncle Liu's Hot Pot
2972 Gallows Rd
Btwn Porter & Wendell Howard Rd
(703) 560-6868
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