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Wok & Roll

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  • Chinese, Japanese, Sushi
  • 604 H St NW, Washington 20001 38.899543 -77.020386
  • (At 6th St NW)
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  • (202) 741-5447
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Appetizers from Kitchen

W46. Egg Roll 2 pieces.    3.95
W47. Veggie Egg Roll 2 pieces.    3.95
W48. Crispy Chicken Spring Roll     4.95
W49. Crab Meat Fried Wonton 8 pieces.    5.75
W50. Teriyaki Chicken Stick 4 pieces.    6.50
W51. Fried Chicken Wings 6 pieces.    7.35
W52. Steamed Veggie Dumplings 6 pieces.    6.95
W53. Pan Fried Veggie Dumplings 6 pieces.    6.95
W54. Steamed Pork Dumpling 6 pieces.    6.95
W55. Pan Fried Pork Dumpling 6 pieces.    6.95
W56. BBQ Ribs 4 pieces.    7.25
W57. BBQ Roast Pork     6.25
W58. Sample Platter for 2     11.95
W267. Cold Sesame Noodle     5.50
W289. Takoyaki     7.95


W38. Vegetable Salad     4.95
W39. Edamame     5.25
W40. Shrimp Avocado Salad     7.50
W41. Asparagus Salad     6.50
W42. Seaweed Salad     6.95
W43. Kani Salad     6.95
W44. Salmon Avocado Salad     6.95
W45. Sashimi Salad     8.95

Appetizers from Sushi Bar

W59. Gyoza Dumpling     5.95
W60. Agedashi Tofu     4.95
W61. Shrimp Tempura     6.95
W62. Vegetable Tempura     6.95
W63. Squid Tempura     5.95
W64. Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura     7.95
W65. Sushi Appetizer     8.50
W66. Sashimi Appetizer     9.95
W67. Spicy Tuna Cocktail     9.95
W68. Sunomono     6.95


W32. Miso Soup     2.95
W33. Hot and Sour Soup Hot and spicy.    2.95
W34. Egg Drop Soup     2.95
W35. Wonton Soup     2.95
W36. Vegetable Soup     2.95
W37. Seafood Bean Curd Soup     4.95

Noodle Soup

W81. Chicken Egg Noodle Soup     8.25
W82. Beef Egg Noodle Soup     8.95
W83. Vegetable Egg Noodle Soup     8.25
W84. Shrimp Egg Noodle Soup     8.95
W85. Roast Duck Egg Noodle Soup     10.50
W86. Combination Egg Noodle Soup     10.50
W87. Seafood Egg Noodle Soup     13.95
W88. Shrimp Wonton Soup Hong Kong Style     8.95
W89. Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup Hong Kong Style     8.95
W293. Fish Ball Egg Noodle Soup     8.95
303. Ramen Noodle Soup     10.50
304. Udon Noodle Soup     10.50

Udon and Ramen

W268. Beef Udon Noodle Soup     9.95
W269. Chicken Udon Noodle Soup     9.95
W270. Shrimp Udon Noodle Soup     9.95
W271. Vegetable Udon Noodle Soup     9.95
W272. Beef Ramen Noodle Soup     9.95
W273. Chicken Ramen Noodle Soup     9.95
W274. Shrimp Ramen Noodle Soup     9.95
W275. Vegetable Ramen Noodle Soup     9.95
W276. Vegetable Stir-Fry Japanese Udon Noodle     11.25
W277. Chicken Stir-Fry Japanese Udon Noodle     11.25
W278. Beef Stir-Fry Japanese Udon Noodle     11.95
W279. Shrimp Stir-Fry Japanese Udon Noodle     11.95
W280. Combination Stir-Fry Japanese Udon Noodle Chicken, beef and shrimp.    12.25
W281. Seafood Stir-Fry Japanese Udon Noodle     13.95

Fried Rice

W69. Chicken Fried Rice     9.95
W70. Vegetable Fried Rice     9.95
W71. Roast Pork Fried Rice     9.95
W72. Beef Fried Rice     10.95
W73. Shrimp Fried Rice     10.95
W74. Combination Fried Rice Shrimp, beef and chicken.    11.50
W75. Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice     13.95


W107. Chicken with Broccoli     12.75
W108. Hunan Chicken Hot and spicy.    12.75
W109. Chicken with Mix Vegetable     12.75
W110. Cashew Chicken     12.75
W111. Kung Pao Chicken Hot and spicy.    12.75
W112. Szechuan Chicken Hot and spicy.    12.75
W113. Chicken with String Bean     12.75
W114. Chicken Teriyaki     14.95
W115. Chicken with Spinach     12.75
W116. Chicken with Black Bean Sauce     12.75
W117. Moo Shi Chicken     12.75
W118. Sweet and Sour Chicken     12.75
W119. Curry Chicken Hot and spicy.    12.75
W120. Orange Chicken Hot and spicy.    13.95
W121. General Tso's Chicken Hot and spicy.    13.95
W122. Sesame Chicken     13.95


W123. Beef with Broccoli     13.75
W124. Beef with Green Pepper and Onions     13.75
W125. Beef with Mix Vegetable     13.75
W126. Beef with Asparagus     14.75
W127. Hunan Beef Hot and spicy.    13.75
W128. Szechuan Beef Hot and spicy.    13.75
W129. Orange Beef Hot and spicy.    14.75
W130. Sesame Beef     14.75
W131. Szechuan Crispy Beef Hot and spicy.    14.75


W147. Sauteed Mix Vegetables     11.25
W148. String Bean Szechuan Style Hot and spicy.    11.25
W149. Eggplant with Garlic Sauce Hot and spicy.    11.25
W150. Broccoli with Garlic Sauce Hot and spicy.    11.25
W151. Sauteed Spinach with Fresh Garlic     11.25
W152. Ma-Po Bean Curd Hot and spicy.    11.25
W153. General Tso's Tofu Hot and spicy.    11.50
W154. Kung Pao Tofu Hot and spicy.    11.25
W155. Moo Shi Vegetable     11.25
W156. Sauteed Seasonal Chinese Vegetable     11.25
W301. Bean Curd Home Style     10.95


W138. Hunan Shrimp Hot and spicy.    14.25
W139. Szechuan Shrimp Hot and spicy.    14.25
W140. Shrimp with Broccoli     14.25
W141. Curry Shrimp Hot and spicy.    14.25
W142. Shrimp with Mixed Vegetable     14.25
W143. Kung Pao Shrimp Hot and spicy.    14.25
W144. Kung Pao Shrimp and Chicken Hot and spicy.    14.25
W145. Scallop Hunan Style Hot and spicy.    14.95
W146. Spicy Salt and Pepper Shrimp Hot and spicy.    14.95
W283. Pineapple Shrimp     14.75


W132. Hunan Pork Hot and spicy.    12.75
W133. Szechuan Pork Hot and spicy.    12.75
W134. Pork with Hot Garlic Sauce Hot and spicy.    12.75
W135. Moo Shi Pork Served with 4 pancakes.    12.75
W136. Double Cooked Pork     12.75
W137. Pork Chop with Spicy Salt and Pepper Hot and spicy.    12.95

Lo Mein

W76. Chicken Lo Mein Soft egg noodles.    10.25
W77. Beef Lo Mein Soft egg noodles.    10.95
W78. Vegetable Lo Mein Soft egg noodles.    10.25
W79. Shrimp Lo Mein Soft egg noodles.    10.95
W80. Combination Lo Mein Soft egg noodles.    11.50
W294. Pork Lo Mein Soft egg noodles.    9.95
W295. Seafood Lo Mein Soft egg noodles.    13.95

Chow Mein

W90. Chicken Chow Mein Pan-fried crunchy noodles.    11.25
W91. Beef Chow Mein Pan-fried crunchy noodles.    11.95
W92. Vegetable Chow Mein Pan-fried crunchy noodles.    11.25
W93. Shrimp Chow Mein Pan-fried crunchy noodles.    11.95
W94. Combination Chow Mein Pan-fried crunchy noodles.    12.75
W95. Seafood Chow Mein Pan-fried crunchy noodles.    13.95
W296. Roast Pork Chow Mein Pan-fried crunchy noodles.    10.95

Chow Foon

W96. Chicken Chow Foon Flat rice noodles.    10.50
W97. Beef Chow Foon Flat rice noodles.    10.95
W98. Vegetable Chow Foon Flat rice noodles.    10.50
W99. Shrimp Chow Foon Flat rice noodles.    10.95
W100. Combination Chow Foon Flat rice noodles.    11.95
W297. Roast Pork Chow Foon Flat rice noodles.    10.25
W298. Seafood Chow Foon Flat rice noodles.    13.95

Rice Noodles

W101. Singapore Style Rice Noodles Angel hair noodles with egg, shrimp, and roast pork. Hot and spicy.    10.25
W102. Chicken Rice Noodles Angel hair noodles.    10.50
W103. Beef Rice Noodles Angel hair noodles.    10.95
W104. Vegetable Rice Noodles Angel hair noodles.    10.25
W105. Shrimp Rice Noodles Angel hair noodles.    10.95
W106. Combination Rice Noodles Angel hair noodles.    11.50
W299. Roast Pork Rice Noodles Angel hair noodles.    9.95
W300. Seafood Rice Noodles Angel hair noodles.    13.95

Chef's Specials

W157. Combination Seafood and Bean Curd Clay Pot Sauteed combination seafood with vegetables and bean curd in light brown wine sauce.    15.95
158. Eight Treasure Clay Pot     15.95
W160. Shrimp and Scallop in Hot Garlic Sauce Jumbo shrimp and scallops dipped in hot spicy garlic sauce. Hot and spicy.    15.25
W161. Triple Delight Combination of shrimp, beef and shrimp with mixed vegetables and brown sauce.    15.25
W162. Stir Fried Sea Bass Fillet with Mixed Greens Sauteed sea bass fillet with fresh bok choi in a touch of oyster sauce.    15.95
W163. Steak with Black Pepper Sauce Tender flank steak in aromatic black pepper sauce. Hot and spicy.    15.25
W165. Soft Shell Crab with Ginger Sauce Big jumbo soft shell crab in ginger scallion sauce.    22.95
W166. Half Cantonese Roast Duck Roasted with the traditional Cantonese style. Bone in.    16.50
W167. Whole Cantonese Roast Duck Roasted with the traditional Cantonese style. Bone in.    29.50
W168. Half Peking Duck Traditional way of ancient China. Served with pancake, fresh onion and a dip of hoisin sauce.    16.50
W169. Whole Peking Duck Traditional way of ancient China. Served with pancake, fresh onion and a dip of hoisin sauce.    30.50
W170. Hunan Crispy Whole Fish Quality fresh water catch dipped in the far hunan village tradition. Hot and spicy.    16.95
W284. Fish Fillet with Spicy Salt and Pepper Fry sea bass fillet with chef's spicy ingredients. Hot and spicy.    15.75
W285. Quail with Spicy Salt and Pepper Bone in marinated quail stir fried with delight pepper and a touch of spicy salt. Hot and spicy.    15.75
W286. Teriyaki Salmon Sauteed sliced of tender steak with mixed vegetables in light wine sauce.    16.95
W158. 8 Treasure Clay Pot     14.95
W159. Eggplant and Ground Pork Clay Pot     14.95
W164. House Special Steak with Vegetable     14.95

Nigiri Sushi and Sashimi

W171. Tuna Sushi Maguro. 2 pieces.    6.50
W172. Salmon Sushi Sake. 2 pieces.    5.50
W173. Yellowtail Sushi Hamachi. 2 pieces.    6.25
W174. Smoked Salmon Sushi 2 pieces.    5.50
W175. White Fish Sushi 2 pieces.    5.25
W176. Octopus Sushi Tako. 2 pieces.    5.25
W177. Mackerel Sushi Saba. 2 pieces.    4.95
W178. Eel Sushi Unagi. 2 pieces.    6.50
W179. Squid Sushi Ika. 2 pieces.    5.25
W180. Surf Clam Sushi Hokkigai. 2 pieces.    5.25
W181. Flying Fish Roe Sushi Tobiko. 2 pieces.    5.25
W182. Salmon Caviar Sushi Ikura. 2 pieces.    5.95
W183. Scallop Sushi Hotategai. 2 pieces.    5.95
W184. Shrimp Sushi Ebi. 2 pieces.    4.95
W185. Sweet Shrimp Sushi Amaebi. 2 pieces.    7.95
W186. Spicy Tuna Cup Sushi Hot and spicy. 2 pieces.    5.25
W187. Crab Sushi Kani. 2 pieces.    4.50
W188. Sweet Egg Sushi Tamago. 2 pieces.    4.50
W189. Tofu Skin Sushi Inari. 2 pieces.    4.50
W190. Sea Urchin Sushi Uni. 2 pieces.    7.95
W191. Avocado Sushi 2 pieces.    4.50
W192. Shiitake Sushi 2 pieces.    4.50
W193. Tuna Sashimi Maguro. 2 pieces.    6.50
W194. Salmon Sashimi Sake. 2 pieces.    5.50
W195. Yellowtail Sashimi Hamachi. 2 pieces.    6.25
W196. Smoked Salmon Sashimi 2 pieces.    5.50
W197. White Fish Sashimi 2 pieces.    5.25
W198. Octopus Sashimi Tako. 2 pieces.    5.25
W199. Mackerel Sashimi Saba. 2 pieces.    4.95
W200. Eel Sashimi Unagi. 2 pieces.    6.50
W201. Squid Sashimi Ika. 2 pieces.    5.25
W202. Surf Clam Sashimi Hokkigai. 2 pieces.    5.25
W203. Flying Fish Roe Sashimi Tobiko. 2 pieces.    5.25
W204. Salmon Caviar Sashimi Ikura. 2 pieces.    5.95
W205. Scallop Sashimi Hotategai. 2 pieces.    5.95
W206. Shrimp Sashimi Ebi. 2 pieces.    4.95
W207. Sweet Shrimp Sashimi Amaebi. 2 pieces.    7.95
W208. Spicy Tuna Cup Sashimi Hot and spicy. 2 pieces.    5.25
W209. Crab Sashimi Kani. 2 pieces.    4.50
W210. Sweet Egg Sashimi Tamago. 2 pieces.    4.50
W211. Tofu Skin Sashimi Inari. 2 pieces.    4.50
W212. Sea Urchin Sashimi Uni. 2 pieces.    7.95
W213. Shiitake Sashimi 2 pieces.    4.50


W214. Wok and Roll     6.95
W215. California Roll     5.50
W216. Great California Roll     6.50
W217. Eel Cucumber Roll     6.95
W218. Eel Avocado Roll     6.95
W219. Eel Asparagus Roll     6.95
W220. Philadelphia Roll     5.95
W221. Shrimp Tempura Roll     7.95
W222. Salmon Avocado Roll     5.50
W223. Maryland Roll     8.95
W224. Salmon Skin Roll     5.25
W225. Tuna Roll     5.50
W226. Salmon Roll     4.95
W227. Yellowtail Roll     5.50
W290. Tuna Avocado Roll     5.95

Spicy Rolls

W228. Spicy Tuna Roll Hot and spicy.    6.50
W229. Spicy Salmon Roll Hot and spicy.    5.95
W230. Spicy Yellowtail Roll Hot and spicy.    6.50
W231. Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Roll Hot and spicy.    7.95
W232. Spicy California Roll Hot and spicy.    5.95
W233. Spicy Scallop Roll Hot and spicy.    8.95

Vegetarian Rolls

W234. Mixed Veggie Roll Avocado, cucumber and asparagus.    4.95
W235. Cucumber Roll     4.50
W236. Avocado Roll     4.50
W237. Asparagus Roll     4.50
W238. Shiitake Roll     4.50
W239. Oshinko Roll     4.50

Special Rolls

W240. Dragon Roll Crab meat and cucumber with eel and avocado on top.    10.95
W241. Spider Roll Soft shell crab tempura, tobiko and teriyaki sauce.    10.95
W242. Rainbow Roll Crab meat and cucumber with avocado, tuna, salmon, shrimp and red snapper on top.    10.95
W243. Hawaiian Roll Shrimp tempura and avocado with spicy tuna, crunchy and tobiko on top.    14.00
W244. Sakura Roll Tuna, salmon, yellowtial, kani, tobiko and avocado wrapped with bean seaweed.    16.00
W245. Flying Dragon Roll Eel lover choice, kani, avocado and cucumber decorated with eel and tobiko.    18.00
W246. Tuna Lover Roll Spicy tuna and avocado inside with fresh tuna and tobiko outside.    13.00
W247. Salmon Lover Roll Baked eel and cream cheese inside with fresh salmon, avocado and ikura on top.    13.00
W248. Tiger Skin Roll Spicy scallop inside with shrimp and avocado on top.    10.00
W249. Dynamite Roll Kani, cucumber and avocado inside with baked spicy scallop on top.    11.00
W250. Futomaki Roll Combination of asparagus, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese and sweet egg.    9.00
W251. Fireball Roll Spicy scallop with a touch of spicy tobiko.    9.95
W252. Market Roll 5pc Shrimp tempura, eel cream cheese and avocado in special sauce.    11.00
W253. Rising Sun Roll Spicy shrimp and cucumber inside with fresh salmon, a variety of tobiko and spicy mayo on top.    11.95
W254. New York Roll Salmon, avocado and cucumber inside with fresh ikura on top.    8.95
W255. Bamboo Roll Baked eel and cucumber inside with avocado on top.    10.50
W256. Crunchy Salmon Avocado Roll Fresh salmon and avocado inside and rolled with crunchy.    7.95
W287. Sunset Roll Crab meat, avocado and cucumber inside with fresh salmon, a variety of tobiko and spicy mayo on top.    11.95

Sushi Bar Entrees

W257. Sushi Platter 5 pieces chef's selected sushi and California roll. Served with choice of side.    12.95
W258. Spicy Roll Combo Spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll and a spicy California roll. Served with choice of side.    16.50
W259. Vegetarian Combo Cucumber roll, avocado roll and asparagus roll. Served with choice of side.    12.50
W260. Delight Platter Chef's selected 10 pieces sushi and a California roll. Served with choice of side.    18.95
W261. Sashimi Platter 15 pieces of chef's selected fresh sashimi of the day. Served with choice of side.    19.95
W262. Wok and Roll Combo 8 pieces chef's selected sushi, California roll, salmon roll, shrimp tempura and seaweed salad. Served with choice of side.    29.50
W263. Family Platter for 2 Shrimp tempura roll, rainbow rolls, chef selected 10 pieces sushi and 12 pieces sashimi. Served with choice of side.    56.95
W264. Tekka Don Fresh tuna on top of seasoned sushi rice. Served with choice of side.    17.95
W265. Chirashi Assorted raw fish over seasoned sushi rice. Served with choice of side.    17.50
W266. Unagi Don Baked eel with special sauce over seasoned sushi rice. Served with choice of side.    16.95
W291. Sake Don Fresh salmon on top of seasoned sushi rice. Served with choice of side.    15.50

Lunch Specials

W1. Singapore Rice Noodle Lunch Special Hot and spicy.    6.95
W2. Chicken with Broccoli Lunch Special     6.95
W3. Szechuan Chicken Lunch Special Hot and spicy.    6.95
W4. Chicken with Mix Vegetable Lunch Special     6.95
W5. Curry Chicken Lunch Special Hot and spicy.    6.95
W6. Pork with Garlic Sauce Lunch Special Hot and spicy.    6.95
W7. Sauteed Mix Vegetable Lunch Special     6.95
W8. String Bean Szechuan Style Lunch Special Hot and spicy.    6.95
W9. Ma-Po Bean Curd Lunch Special Hot and spicy.    6.95
W10. Bean Curd Home Style Lunch Special     6.95
W11A. Chicken Fried Rice Lunch Special     6.95
W11B. Roast Pork Fried Rice Lunch Special     6.95
W12A. Chicken Noodle Soup Lunch Special     6.95
W12B. Vegetable Noodle Soup Lunch Special     6.95
W13. General Tso's Bean Curd Lunch Special Hot and spicy.    7.95
W14. General Tso's Chicken Lunch Special Hot and spicy.    7.95
W15. Orange Chicken Lunch Special Hot and spicy.    7.95
W16. Sesame Chicken Lunch Special     7.95
W17. Sweet and Sour Chicken Lunch Special     7.95
W18. Beef with Broccoli Lunch Special     7.95
W19. Hunan Chicken Lunch Special Hot and spicy.    7.95
W20. Pepper Steak Lunch Special     7.95
W21. Kung Pao Chicken and Shrimp Lunch Special Hot and spicy.    7.95
W22. Beef Chow Foon Lunch Special     7.95
W23A. Beef Fried Rice Lunch Special     7.95
W23B. Beef Lo Mein Lunch Special     7.95
W23C. Shrimp Fried Rice Lunch Special     7.95
W23D. Shrimp Lo Mein Lunch Special     7.95
W24A. Beef Noodle Soup Lunch Special     7.95
W24B. Shrimp Noodle Soup Lunch Special     7.95
W25A. Combination Fried Rice Lunch Special     7.95
W25B. Combination Lo Mein Lunch Special     7.95
W26. Japanese Lunch Combo A Miso soup and California roll with two pieces of salmon sushi and white fish sushi.    8.95
W27. Japanese Lunch Combo B Miso soup and California roll with an avocado and cucumber roll.    8.95
W28. Japanese Lunch Combo C Miso soup and California roll with a salmon and avocado roll.    8.95
W29. Japanese Lunch Combo D Miso soup, spicy tuna roll and a California roll.    8.95
W30. Japanese Lunch Combo E Miso soup and Philadelphia roll with two pieces of shrimp sushi and kani sushi.    8.95
W31. Vegetarian Lunch Combo Miso soup, an avocado cucumber roll and a vegetable roll.    8.95
W302. 2 Rolls Lunch Special Choice of 2 rolls. Served with miso soup.    8.95


Soda     2.95
Thai Tea     3.50


Wok & Roll
604 H St NW
At 6th St NW
(202) 741-5447
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